The Girl of Fire and Thorns

[PDF] The Girl of Fire and Thorns | by ↠ Rae Carson - The Girl of Fire and Thorns, The Girl of Fire and Thorns Once a century one person is chosen for greatness Elisa is the chosen one But she is also the younger of two princesses the one who has never done anything remarkable She can t see how she ever will
  • Title: The Girl of Fire and Thorns
  • Author: Rae Carson
  • ISBN: 9780062026484
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] The Girl of Fire and Thorns | by ↠ Rae Carson, The Girl of Fire and Thorns, Rae Carson, The Girl of Fire and Thorns Once a century one person is chosen for greatness Elisa is the chosen one But she is also the younger of two princesses the one who has never done anything remarkable She can t see how she ever will Now on her sixteenth birthday she has become the secret wife of a handsome and worldly king a king whose country is in turmoil A king who needs the chosen one not a faO [PDF] The Girl of Fire and Thorns | by ↠ Rae Carson - The Girl of Fire and Thorns, The Girl of Fire and Thorns Once a century one person is chosen for greatness Elisa is the chosen one But she is also the younger of two princesses the one who has never done anything remarkable She can t see how she ever will
  • [PDF] The Girl of Fire and Thorns | by ↠ Rae Carson
    472Rae Carson
The Girl of Fire and Thorns

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  1. I write books about teens who must do brave things I m originally from California, but I now live in Arizona with my husband, who is the smartest and therefore sexiest man I know My books tend to contain lots of adventure, a little magic and romance, and smart girls who make mostly smart choices I especially love to write about questions I don t know the answers to.

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  1. If you caught even just a couple of my updates I think it would ve been plainly obvious that I didn t enjoy this book It s disappointing, really, because I think Carson was attempting to create a heroine that many girls could relate to Elisa is overweight, unsure of herself, overshadowed by her prettier and skinnier sister, and chosen for something she s not sure she s worthy of It sounds like the beginning of a compelling story, but ultimately Elisa only proves her worthiness by changing everyt [...]

  2. Running in a 25k marathon.In 4.8 inch heels.In the rain.With an STD.While hungover.And getting passed by a 93 year old man,Who s wearing a very form fitting polyester purple leopard print body suit.Would have been better than this book.

  3. I feel torn about The Girl of Fire and Thorns.On the one hand, there s not much room to accuse this book of being slow the action is constant, zipping along from a bloody battle, to a lusty encounter PG 13, of course , to another dramatic reveal, to a kidnapping Elisa s life spins off in a crazy new direction that starts with her marriage to a King of a nearby country in chapter one, and the pacing never slows down after that.Elisa is a 16 year old princess and was born the bearer of a Godstone [...]

  4. 2.5 starsMy ARC has the old version of the cover and it is super pretty, the blue tones of it are gorgeous I am glad the publishers changed it though At the very least this book will be spared accusations of whitewashing and weightwashing The heroine of this novel Princess Elisa of Orovalle describes herself as dark, brown and also as a big, bloated sausage and pig Clearly, the cover doesn t quite match these adjectives.Now onto the novel itself 16 year old princess Elisa has a gift from God a m [...]

  5. And God raised up for Himself a champion Yea, once in every four generations He raised him up to bear His mark What better way to take a break from stupid reality things like essays and demanding classes than a YA fantasy book about war, prophecy, an unlikely heroine and mouth watering food Ladies and gentlemen, I am pleasantly surprised Lucero Elisa Heavenly light, chosen of God His words suffocate me as surely as his embrace All my life, I ve been reminded that I am destined for service Destin [...]

  6. 1.5 stars All in all incredibly underwhelming and somewhat both idiotic and infuriating Trust me, I would love to tell you that my distaste only revolves around personal matters as a strong case of it s not the book but me , let s say but in all honesty, I really don t think that and the problems I had with The Girl of Fire and Thorns were way too numerous to be left ignored You must not lose faith, child No matter what Do not doubt God or his choosing of you He knows infinitely than we can ima [...]

  7. DEAR EVERYBODY YOU NEED TO READ THIS Seriously, what Rae Carson does with this book is brilliant and extremely refreshing Everything is so honest and genuine and I loved every moment of it.

  8. God s will How many times have I heard someone declare their understanding of this thing I find so indefinable Sometimes it s fascinating how authors can synthesize their own books in just one sentence strategically hidden in the books themselves Hats off One of the main complaints readers usually have when it comes to this book is the main character In all honesty, Elisa may be difficult to stand, especially because, especially at the beginning, her way of thinking is strictly linked to her bei [...]

  9. I don t know.I liked some parts of it, but it was weird draggy preachy in parts, too Guess I ll settle on 3 stars First off, the whole stone in the belly button thing was sort of strange eventually when she tried to dig it out off putting for me.I justewNow, supposedly, she was given the stone by God to help her do something special, but the records of the previous Stone Bearers seemed sketchy at best Some of them accomplished something, some of them died young, and most of them faded into obscu [...]

  10. 10 12 17Help, I feel nothing.You know when you can t say you hated or loved a book because you can t even remember what went on That s how I feel right now I don t remember half the characters much less the plot because I was so bored and I ve only finished it just a few hrs ago Pray you don t feel the dread of indifference, my friends because a lack of any emotion towards a book is far worse than hating it At least then you still feel something.However, all s not doom and gloom because I m not [...]

  11. Oh, my goodness.A heroine who actually thinks for herself A heroine who doesn t get swayed by hot men A heroine who overcomes her fears realistically and courageously A heroine who is perfect in her imperfections A heroine who is flawed yet so real A FANTASY STORY WHERE THE ROMANCE IS ACTUALLY NOT CENTRAL Ooh La Freaking La.To say that I enjoyed this book is an understatement.It s been a while since I finished a book in one sitting Seriously, recently, it takes me 3 5 days max to finish a single [...]

  12. 3.5 starsThis book was weird It so boring at times yet somewhat enjoyable The only reason I was able to enjoy this was because of that romance Seriously, what the fuck happened, I m still screaming.Here are some reasons why I liked this book We don t have a skinny MC I love how Elisa wasn t a skinny heroine and what she looks like shouldn t matter She was smart, brave, thought and extremely fucking annoying at times and I loved it I loved how Humberto treated her He fell in love with her because [...]

  13. AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING.This book has a very strong female character.And guess what SHE IS DIFFERENT FROM OTHER FEMALE CHARACTERS.Probably one of the firstmaybe only books that have a girl who isn t that skinny, and perfect little ordinary girl.No, this book has a wonderful girl who loves sweets AND WILL ACTUALLY EAT THEM DAILY BECUZ SHE LOVES THEM, NOT BECUZ SHE WANTS TO BECOME A SKELETON.So to all u peoples out there u is beautiful So screw body image, eat all the cake ya wantBut besid [...]

  14. I am ridiculously in love with this book I ve been gnawing at fantasies like a fiend lately and FINALLY I found this one which is a unique, and b feministic, and c incredibly adorable and charming and heart warming WELL Apart from the moments when my heart was breaking This author does NOT spare her characters AHHH WHERE EVEN TO BEGIN It s an incredible rich fantasy world, which was gorgeous to eat My only single complaint was that it was a bit hard to pin point all the countries and who was at [...]

  15. This was one of those books I have a hard time rating, simply because some elements were very well done, and others very poorly done.The Girl of Fire and Thorns is the story of Elisa, princess to the country of Oravalle and bearer of the Godstone, a jewel implanted in her navel that signifies she is marked by god as one who will do a Service Elisa has no idea what her Service will be, and can t imagine herself ever being useful to her country She is merely the overweight, shy younger daughter of [...]

  16. I recommend this for fans of Tamora Pierce, Kristin Cashore, and my own high fantasy This is a transformation story that teens and adults can believe in Never condescending.

  17. I LOVED THIS BOOK So freaking epic Elisa is just one of those characters you fall in love with.

  18. I reeeeeeeeally liked this This was such a refreshing YA fantasy I didn t realize how much I needed something like this The premise was interesting and unique and I felt many different feels while reading this story I would also like to note that for me anyway the synopsis does not do this book justice at all I really expected this to be of a fluff fantasy and I ended up putting it off for so long because of it Very much looking forward to continuing

  19. DNF at 50% I understand why it is better to die from my service than never complete it at all Far, far better Homer and Damian never profited from their acts of heroism everyone who followed did In the same way, I may never reap the benefits of mine, should I complete it But that doesn t matter, because God placing his stone in my belly was never about me I firmly believe a new genre should be carved out just for The Girl of Fire and Thorns Religious Fantasy Lord, is it preachy just look at some [...]

  20. 3.5 stars Crappy Review Time This takes place in a sort of reimagined Spanish country with a big splash of desert terrain mixed in So you ve got the adobe villas along with camels and sand storms The background is religious every century, God it seems to be a Catholic y god, but is also kind of undefined , chooses a bearer to wear a magic stone in their belly button The stone appears in infancy and is attached until death We aren t really sure what the stone does for awhile, but it has magic, an [...]

  21. 3.5 stars SPOILER ALERTWell I don t think I ve ever read a book where both the heroines love interests die who will she spend forever with now The storyline of this book is basically about a princess trying to find out what her role is as a bearer and trying to find a way to save her country from inland enemies who want access to the port for whatever reasons and will stop at nothing to get it It was never answered why the enemy wanted a complete collection of godstones or why they so desperatel [...]

  22. I really enjoyed this one It didn t pull me in right away but I quite enjoyed the second half of the book Moving along to COE right away

  23. WE NEED DIVERSE BOOKSThere is a special place in my heart for fantasy novels I love getting lost in a world that exists only because one person dreamed it There s nothing exciting than starting a new book that feels different from anything you ve read before Immediately, I knew that The Girl of Fire and Thorns was one such book As it opens, the protagonist, Elisa, is worried about fitting into her wedding dress, and praying that her husband will be ugly because she s so worried she ll disappoin [...]

  24. 5 9 16 2.99 on hereI will preface that I was a little worried about this book when I started It seemed like there would be some religious intonations and sometimes that can get a bit preachy and be a total turn off for me I will say that wasn t the case at all The Godstone is a part of the story but Elisa is the story I can truthfully say I never felt preached to or at.The book starts out with the wedding of a princess to a prince But she isn t your normal princess or heroine in books She is ti [...]

  25. DNF at 9% I really wanted to like this book It s just sad is I begun reading there was just something missing I don t know what it was I just didn t really care that much about what happened And I know I did not read very far but I just didn t care too It s not a terrible book persay From where I got to it she s not particularly interesting And maybe I can t judge because I didn t get part all but I just didn t care It wasn t like I hated it or anything I don t know I definitely wanted to like i [...]

  26. 7 out of 10 This review on my blog Living A Thousand Lives please use Chrome Yandex browser or Android IOS to see the page otherwise, spoiler tags I use to make my post compact may not work Short Soundtrack Fyre Away From HomeKatie Melua The FloodLes Friction FirewallGenre high fantasy, YAStuff ugly duckling, Spanish tune, court intrigues, dessertFail too much religion and fat talksWOW MC s transformation POV 1st person, femaleLove Geometry seeming, almost zeroQuote Core I loved and lost and sur [...]

  27. How many fat, introverted, intellectual princesses do we have in YA fantasy lit or any fiction, for that matter I appreciate that Rae Carson went to the effort of writing against type Despite noble efforts, though, this book is just a pile of fail.What made me angry with this book Let me count the ways 1 Fat hate I m sure that overweight readers especially those who have issues with binging will identify with Elisa, but I m really fucking exhausted of every overweight central character in any bo [...]

  28. I have put off this review long enough It should be telling enough that to this day I preserve a place in my heart that severely abhors this book it has left that much of an impact on my anger me.The reason I read this I wanted to read a high fantasy book that would be reminiscent of Stolen Songbird, a recent favorite of mine, and wanted to relive the experience but in a different book Actually screw it imma go right out and say that the sole reason I read The Girl of Fire and Thorns was because [...]

  29. So, I wanted to like this so much than I did, because it was recommended by a dear person who is usually right on with her recommendations for me I was really excited about it, because I think the premise is interesting, and I wanted to see how Carson would develop this idea and her character However, I didn t like it Carson suffers from showing and not telling She tells the reader everything, and this is really frustrating She doesn t immerse you in the world, and I so badly wanted to fall int [...]

  30. I loved and lost and survived Me, not the stone in my navel I didn t think I d enjoy reading this book so much.The first half of the book is kind of confusing and maybe even too complex to comprehend,but the second half of the book is so good I finally connected with the main character,Elisa,and her story.I also really liked Ximena,Cosme and Lord Hector crushing hard on him .However,I didn t expect this book to be soligious.I m not so sure how I feel about that but if the story is good and if th [...]

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