A Beautiful Dark

[PDF] A Beautiful Dark | by ☆ Jocelyn Davies - A Beautiful Dark, A Beautiful Dark On the night of Skye s seventeenth birthday she meets two enigmatic strangers Complete opposites like fire and ice Asher is dark and wild while Devin is fair and aloof Their sudden appearance sends
  • Title: A Beautiful Dark
  • Author: Jocelyn Davies
  • ISBN: 9780061990656
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] A Beautiful Dark | by ☆ Jocelyn Davies, A Beautiful Dark, Jocelyn Davies, A Beautiful Dark On the night of Skye s seventeenth birthday she meets two enigmatic strangers Complete opposites like fire and ice Asher is dark and wild while Devin is fair and aloof Their sudden appearance sends Skye s life into a tailspin She has no idea what they want or why they seem to follow her every move only that their presence coincides with a flurry of strange events SoOn the night [PDF] A Beautiful Dark | by ☆ Jocelyn Davies - A Beautiful Dark, A Beautiful Dark On the night of Skye s seventeenth birthday she meets two enigmatic strangers Complete opposites like fire and ice Asher is dark and wild while Devin is fair and aloof Their sudden appearance sends
  • [PDF] A Beautiful Dark | by ☆ Jocelyn Davies
    100Jocelyn Davies
A Beautiful Dark

About Author

  1. Jocelyn Davies is a children s book editor in New York City, where she was born and raised She studied English and theater at Bates College in Maine A New Yorker at heart, she currently lives in Brooklyn She is also the author of the A Beautiful Dark series, and has never been struck by lightning at least not literally Visit Jocelyn online at JocelynDavies and follow her on Twitter JocelynDavies.

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  1. Ugh, guys Just ugh.I really really disliked hated this book I ended up skimming through most of it because it was justh That one word practically sums it up I would ve given it of a chance if it weren t for the fact that it had NO ORIGINALITY I m serious, NONE I ve seen this exact same storyline in other books series dozens of times.Let s see We have the unsuspecting Mary Sue heroine that goes in denial when she finds out about her powers, and stubbornly wants a normal life And she has two card [...]

  2. Skye Hey I am your typical YA protagonist And I cause guys to fall head over heels in love with me smiles nonchalantly Asher I am THE bad boy yo.Devin I am the brooding one.Asher I am cocky And a flirt.Devin I am the good guy broods Asher I love me some Skye.Devin Ditto.Asher Devin We both are incredibly hot glare at each other Skye Ooh la la who do I choose confused Ian I am a mere mortal BUT I LOVE SKYE BECAUSE IT WOULD BE SO STUPID IF ONLY 2 GUYS WERE IN LOVE WITH HER Love triangle is a thing [...]

  3. This book went something like this He put forth his hand as he introduced himself, his dark eyes barely visible against the night.I shook his hand, and the skin on skin contact sent a rush of electricity through my body My heart beat faster What was happening to me Oh, how utterly romantic.You knowYou know a book is crappy if the first 30 pages or so are bad Poor female protagonists, broody, moody male characters, insta love, and love triangles

  4. I sure hope this is not another vampire book UPDATE 6 19 So I should have updated this review , like a comment really, when I saw the cover and the synopsis I think when I added this book to my wishlist and made my comment I only had the title to go by What came to mind when I saw the Dark part of the title was my comment above I usually associate the word dark with Vampires Thankfully this book is going to be an angel book I love angel books Plus I never should have doubted this book HarperTee [...]

  5. This cover is gorgeous Man it s so pretty with the shiny words and girl at the front pulling a whole Rose in Titanic pose All she really needs is a Jack, but in this case, Sky does not get 1 admirer not just 2 either but 3 guys who want her How do I know this from only reading approximately 44.5 pages into the book Well that s just the problem, A Beautiful Dark is painfully predictable Most of you may not know, but I put off marking this as unfinishable because I was dreading the review, I could [...]

  6. Hmmmm Did I hate it Nope Did I love it Not really There s just a lot that s been tackled before in Beautiful Dark like, say the presence of three boys who are into the same girl for a variety of reasons Or a girl caught between two opposing sides Or say a girl unable to make her mind up on whom to choose The one thing that had me giggling was their names there s a Skye, an Asher and a a Devyn It s like when I read historical romances there s always a Lady or Lord or Viscount something or other o [...]

  7. I think it s safe to say that I was disappointed by this book Very disappointed with it.Things that I liked The title, although I didn t really see much relevance to the book The cover Despite the ranting that s about to go down, it was enjoyable and considering that I actually managed to finish it, I think that s a good sign It was hardback, which meant that when I through it across the room in anger, it didn t damage it much Things that I didn t like The plot I mean, seriously Angels are cool [...]

  8. Let s get one thing straight This story needs some original ideas, pronto.Two opposing godly sides Well, that would have been okay, if it weren t for the fact that they re both supposedly hot males who aren t supposed to fall in love with the main girl character ooh la la, it s forbidden but you know, they end up anyways And since they re from opposing sides, well, the girl gets fought over Not romantic at all.And adding in the fact that the girl is a self unknown supernatural Special and uniqu [...]

  9. Looks like this might be another infuriating love triangle paranormal romance w a heroine who s largest decision is who she wants to screw er I mean be in true love with But we ll see.

  10. Disclaimer This review is based off the Uncorrected Proof available on Net Galley This is a debut novel so I will attempt to curb my ire because I know how difficult it is to compose a story, especially if it is the first time you are doing so There will be no vitriol, no vituperation Simply a statement of my reaction and perhaps a mini rant when it is unavoidable.This book is about angels Just so you know and are prepared But before we get to the plot, let s talk about the writing It is extreme [...]

  11. Posted on bookpassionforlife All of a sudden he d taken two giant steps towards me, and before I knew it, had taken my face into his hands and taken me into the darkness of his wings, and he was kissing me and I was kissing him and we were kissing each other in my little bedroom, in my little house, in my little town, while the mountains soared into the sky Wow What a beautiful cover, don t ya think When I first seen this book a few months ago, I was instantly drawn to it because of the cover bu [...]

  12. More of a 4.5, but I rounded up A Beautiful Dark focuses on Skye, a seventeen year old orphan living with her Aunt Jo Her life is going great, she is a straight A student and champion of the ski team But everything changes when she meets Asher and Devin, two mysterious boys who have turned up out of nowhere Yes, it might sound cliche, but it takes the love triangle in a different direction than most do, in my opinion Soon enough, Skye realizes just what the two boys are and what she really is I [...]

  13. I don t know about you guys but when boyf 2 stabs you and tries to kill you, you don t usually want to date them after that Or am I just totally out of the loop teamdeath boyf1isstupidtoo

  14. Most authors have their own creative spin on their own tale and I definitely enjoyed A Beautiful Dark The novel starts out slow The mystery behind Asher and Devian is unique in the way that they don t reveal everything at once That to me was frustrating because I like to know everything at once.Skye is an orphan teenager living with her mom s best friend On the eve of her 17th birthday, her best friends throw her a surprise birthday party There she meets a handsome yet cocky boy named Asher She [...]

  15. I am finally done reading this book It seems like it too k me forever to read it It is okay I am not sure if I am going to read the rest of the series If I do then I hope it is way better than this book.

  16. Just finished but I need my Zzzzz s, so review to come tomorrow My reviews don t contain spoilers This book confused me a little at the beginning because of the amount of new characters that were introduced all at the same time We first see Skye as she enters a cafe and she s immediately surrounded by people and friends and then we also meet the two boys in the same chapter I just thought the characters should have been seeped in a little slower at the beginning Once I got over that initial infl [...]

  17. NNNNNOOOOO This is not how this book is going to leave me hanging How am I going to wait for the next book I m utterly speechless and in awe of how this book has left me feeling From the moment I started reading A Beautiful Dark I could not put it down and needed to finish it I needed to know what was going on in Skye s life and why had all this happened to her and who she is and what she is capable of The story kept me captivated, intrigued and wanting I desperately needed the puzzle pieces to [...]

  18. When I first started this book, I read the first chapter and decided I didn t need to finish it Two days later, I went back to it and didn t put it down until I finished It s one of those books that has a girl find out she s a supernatural creature and has two equally attractive boys from opposing sides try to win her over If you re not a fan of those, don t read this book I was in the mood for something simple to read and this was simple enough Some of the characters were really annoying view s [...]

  19. Oh, how I loved this book Fascinating new mythology, terrific characters I literally couldn t put it down

  20. To be perfectly honest, this book was just OK for me I just really wasn t a huge fan I m not sure if it s the genre, but sometimes I feel like if you ve read one fallen angel book you ve pretty much read them all Now yes, there are some that are better than others, for example I loved Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick but then I wanted to hurl Fallen by Lauren Kate against a wall A Beautiful Dark falls somewhere in between those two extremes for me.The biggest let down in this book for me was the [...]

  21. When I m fully engaged in what I m reading and it s all cute and exciting, I have this thing where I can t stop smiling and I m in a good mood and a little bit random Yes, I m weird, I know One brother looks at me like I m crazy, the other tells me to be quiet not so politely and my dad just says, She s off again in a tone that says he doesn t expect anything less by this point But the point is, I ve been in kind of a haze lately, like my brain was full of cotton wool and though I was enjoying s [...]

  22. I can t remember the last time I felt so strongly about a book ending like I am about this one Not that I didn t enjoy other book endings But this one really got to me It got to me so much that I had to seek out someone who read the book so I can talk about it But unfortunately I can t share much about the ending without spoiling it So I ll have to work around it I absolutely loved this read and can t wait to hear from other readers on their thoughts of this book Skye begged her friends not to g [...]

  23. I was fortunate to be able to preview this title via netgalleySkye s parents died on her 6th birthday So birthday s aren t Skye s favorite day On the evening of her 17th birthday, two boys, cousins, enter her life Blond, blue eyed, very reserved Devin and brooding, dark haired, dark eyed Asher they are polar opposites and they are on Skye like white on rice Along with these two strangers start a series of very strange events Skye isn t sure what is going on and who to believe.I had such high hop [...]

  24. Skye is changing When she s upset or emotional, her grey eyes become silver And sometimes she can make heaters get really hot Maybe it has something to do with the new boys at school Asher is dark and playful while Devin is blond and polite Very quickly, Skye thinks she feels something for Asher, which is weird because she hasn t felt anything special for a boy since dating Jordan Also weird Skye may be feeling something for Devin, too Why wouldn t she Devin is shy, quiet and kind so unlike Ashe [...]

  25. Realmente nunca me dieron ganas de leer este libro, pues como pueden ver, la sinopsis te hace entender que la chica estar en medio de dos chicos y bueno, estoy algo o muy cansada de los tri ngulos amorosos.Pero la cosa es que le una opini n que me convenci y me dije Por qu no Despu s de todo, no tengo nada que perder.La historia comienza con Skye, una chica de 17 a os, ella es la t pica chica buena del libro, la cual hace todo bien y todo ese tipo de cosas En realidad, me cay bastante bien Es ag [...]

  26. Probably a 3.5 cause while the story held my attention not much of anything happens Basically Skye just turned 17 and realizes she has some freaky silver eyes and powers Her parents died when she was six and she lives with her Mom s best friend Now two new boys are in town, dark confident sarcastic bad boy rebel Asher, and nice quiet calm shy good listener guardian Devin, who appear to be cousins that are fighting over her And that is the whole book The two of them reveal themselves to be angels [...]

  27. 3.5I really enjoyed this one, but there wasn t anything that completely made it original I mean, I connected with Skye, and I liked the tension with the triangle being Devin and Asher I personally liked Asher a lot because he is dark, handsome, and the banter and on the other hand the tender moments they have Devin just never really seemed to get his chance to really shine, and though they have moments they seem to come too late after Skye and Asher connected.But Skye is conflicted so there is [...]

  28. 1.5 stars Source I stupidly spent money on a copy of this book 17 year old Skye suddenly has every bloke in a ten mile radius falling over himself to be with her because she s such a freaking goddess.Give me a break.And once again I fall victim to a pretty cover, with a rubbish book behind it.I didn t like any of the characters in this book, they were either dull, irritating, or downright stupid, and I really could not care less what happened to them.The storyline in this just really didn t do i [...]

  29. Let s get one thing clear, people I am reading this book for a reason Not because I actually feel like reading another shitty love triangle.I m reading this because the first paragraph of the surmise sounds similar to the first part of the plot of one of the drafts I m writing Two twins who are complete opposites are following a girl with powers Of course, in my story, they re following her because they re both trying to use her as a weapon of either mass destruction or resurrection in a dictato [...]

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