ê Tigana ↠ Guy Gavriel Kay - Tigana, Tigana Tigana is the magical story of a beleaguered country struggling to be free It is the tale of a people so cursed by the dark sorceries of the tyrant king Brandin that even the very name of their once b
  • Title: Tigana
  • Author: Guy Gavriel Kay
  • ISBN: 9780451457769
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Paperback

ê Tigana ↠ Guy Gavriel Kay, Tigana, Guy Gavriel Kay, Tigana Tigana is the magical story of a beleaguered country struggling to be free It is the tale of a people so cursed by the dark sorceries of the tyrant king Brandin that even the very name of their once beautiful home cannot be spoken or remembered But years after their homeland s devastation a handful of men and women set in motion a dangerous crusade to overthrow their coTigana is the magica ê Tigana ↠ Guy Gavriel Kay - Tigana, Tigana Tigana is the magical story of a beleaguered country struggling to be free It is the tale of a people so cursed by the dark sorceries of the tyrant king Brandin that even the very name of their once b
  • ê Tigana ↠ Guy Gavriel Kay
    441Guy Gavriel Kay

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  1. Guy Gavriel Kay is a Canadian author of fantasy fiction Many of his novels are set in fictional realms that resemble real places during real historical periods, such as Constantinople during the reign of Justinian I or Spain during the time of El Cid Those works are published and marketed as historical fantasy, though the author himself has expressed a preference to shy away from genre categorization when possible.

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  1. 4.5 5 StarsI have this belief that 90% of the time, standalone high fantasy just won t satisfy me I still stand by it, but Tigana luckily is not one of those cases Memories and names, something that breathes life into the people and possessions we lost Both of these can be summed up as the fabric of identity Despite all the war, deaths, sex, hardships, betrayal, magic, deception, subterfuge, the main essence of Tigana is reclaiming your freedom, home, memories and the implication of holding on t [...]

  2. While reading this book over the past month, I thought a lot about the differences between youth and adulthood, between young beliefs and mature ones And I think that maybe our youth is the only time that we can hold simple, firm convictions Maybe it s the only time that it s possible to believe completely that love will conquer all, or that there are good guys and bad guys, or that if we try hard enough, we can achieve anything we dream about In our youth, we can say things like, I would never [...]

  3. I hated this book, but I m an oddity in fact, virtually every other human being seems to love it unconditionally So if you stumble upon it, give it a try, chances are you ll find it awesome.So what didn t I like about it Well, pretty much everything.This book, in short, tells about the vengeful crusade of a group of refugees from the once great city of Tigana, destroyed years before by the mage Brandin.Cool, uh Nope.For starters, nobody cares about the destruction of Tigana In fact, the protagon [...]

  4. Springtime morning in AvalleI don t care that the priests say I m going down to the river todayOn a springtime morning in Avalle.When I m all grown up, come what mayI ll build a boat to carry me awayAnd the river will take it to Tigana BayAnd the sea even further away from AvalleBut wherever I wander, by night or by dayWhere water runs swiftly or high trees sway, My heart will carry me back and awayTo a dream of the towers of AvalleTwenty years ago, the nine quarrelling city states of the Penins [...]

  5. oh Tigana 20 years ago, the warring lands of the peninsula known as The Palm were invaded and conquered by two opposing Tyrants, and split into two during this time of war and magic, one land was punished, transformed, forgotten 20 years later, a band of men and women fight to reclaim that land, its history, their memories oh Tigana SPOILERS FOLLOWmemories of a distant life can be a strange and beautiful and sorrowful thing i can remember places, scenes, people in the land where i was born, far [...]

  6. 4.66 A Buddy Read with the Fantasy Buddy Reads Group, because we wanted a stand alone for a changeHow do I even start on writing a review for this book I think, just as most everyone else has done, I have to begin with the style of writing It is a throwback to a time long past, it carries a lyrical magic which simmers in every sentence, and without being in itself overly flowery, it conveyed a sense of Gothic melodrama, which made me feel as if a bard of old was telling the story of an even olde [...]

  7. The greatest strength of Tigana Guy Gavriel Kay s masterpiece is the ambiguity of his characters ethics Fantasy, as a genre, suffers from the widespread simplicity of its expressions of good and evil Kay consistently transcends this genre weakness, and Tigana marks his first and greatest break with the good vs evil tradition Tigana is full of characters who struggle with their decisions and the impact those decisions have on others Alessan, the hero of the piece, enslaves a wizard to his cause a [...]

  8. Imagine a state that ceased to exist It has been swallowed on the map by hungry neighbours, swept away by winds of history and not even an empty space remains to bear witness to what once was Things like that have happened before Take Poland, partitioned by her three neighbours and for 123 years disappearing from the face of the world But where the state had vanished, the people survived And so the people of Poland cultivated their language, their arts, their traditions, their culture They nurtu [...]

  9. Full review now posted Original review can be found at Booknest.The best books in any genre are the ones that move you And I just found a new one in my very favorite genre There are no wrong turnings Only paths we had not known we were meant to walk I don t think I m exaggerating when I say that I ve read hundreds of fantasy books in my lifetime I ve taken so many adventures through extravagantly strange worlds with casts of immensely varied characters on a multitude of nigh impossible quests Fa [...]

  10. This is a review with pictures in it I see people doing this, and I want to as well I can haz cats also, yes Anyway, this ye old secondary world fantasy, with maps and kingdoms princes and things and everything No, not like that, silly It is Deep and Melancholy and Meaningful Like this Do you SEE It is FUZZY and PASTEL COLORED and there is BOOBS That means it is PROFOUND Women in this book are not marginalized onto these pedestals replete with bizzaro stupid sexualization for no discernable reas [...]

  11. It s been long time since I read standalone fantasy book.So far I mostly avoided Kay for no particular reason and I came into possession of this book almost by accident What a happy accident it was as this turned out to be wonderful and pretty unique book.I already encountered combination of heroic fantasy characters in grimdark setting from another Canadian author, Steven Erikson, but Kay does it with his own unique flavor.World building in this book is just wonderful.Without too detailed descr [...]

  12. The Peninsula of the Palm is a place divided but not against itself Its nine provinces are occupied territory, under the power of foreign wizards Brandin of Ygrath holds the east, while Alberico of Barbadior holds the west Each state has been allowed to maintain its identity except for one, cursed to oblivion But a few people remember They are determined to get their home back and to free the entire Palm in the process.Before I can say anything else, I have to gush about the writing in this book [...]

  13. 3.85 this book is epic believe all the hype starsTigana is a book that will put you through all the emotions that exist I am seriously exhausted in a good way Reading this book was a great experience Some of the best characters that I have read in a long time The story build up is awesome, to epic proportions By the time the book reached its climax I was all clammy palmed stuttering heart hanging from the edge of my seat no,fingernails not bitten to stubbs at all BUTSomething fell a notch short [...]

  14. I m giving this book a 4 rating despite not being sure until the very last chapter about if it would be a 3 s or 3.5 s or 4 s I was pretty sure by the time I finished up the book that it was a solid 3 s but I then read the author s afterword and he states all of his influences and what he wanted to achieve with the book and I decided that this had to be a 4 book because I totally understood where he was coming from and it really resonated true with me.This book certainly feels a lot historical [...]

  15. Before reading Tigana, it was inconceivable for me to picture a stand alone fantasy book without any intention or hope of a series I often wondered how it would be possible to create a whole new world in just one book and give it a satisfactory ending When I read this book, I finally understood Tigana is not a book It is a journey A journey through the lives of men and their emotions A journey of wonder, a journey of pain and a journey of understanding Rarely do you come across a book as this in [...]

  16. I really liked the ideas behind this story the power of names in the face of colonialism, in the face of enforced forgetfulness but there was just too much in the writing that worked against my enjoyment of it Kay s style has improved from what it was in the Fionavar series, but it s still clunky and laboured and desperately in need of some commas , while the world building is pedestrian and two dimensional Many of the better drawn characters are unengaging, and most of the cast are such clich s [...]

  17. Reading Tigana was like sipping liquid chocolate Exquisite I found myself many times deeply and profoundly moved Kay was able to communicate the profound sense of loss felt by a dispossessed people and without the aid of music or even lyrics bring the music within the book alive to touch the imagination I felt the mournful tones of the pipes, and the heart wrenching voice of Devin as he sings Kay makes us imagine what it would be like if the memory of your home is removed not only from your own [...]

  18. This is the first book by Kay I ve ever read, and one of only three books on my shelves signed by the author one of only two signed specifically to me, and the only one I actually got myself Its size is daunting if you re not a regular fantasy reader, but it s a stand alone novel and would be disappointing if it were any shorter Tigana is about a great many things, but the central plot and theme of the novel is the subjugation of the people of the Peninsular of the Palm modelled after Italy , it [...]

  19. Tigana is the first book I have read by Guy Gavriel Kay.I have heard of Tigana book from Brandon Sanderson He recommends lists of books to his fans to read Tigana is one of lists he has recommended.I love this book so much Alhamdulillah I am surprise that Guy Gavriel Kay s books aren t well recognized and I really love his writing style too Alhamdulillah There is a few authors who I love their writing style J.R.R TolkienGuy Gavriel KayRobert JordanBrandon SandersonI would be interested to read G [...]

  20. I first heard about Guy Gavriel Kay shortly after joining , and have just finally managed to get around to reading my first book It won t be the last Tigana was a wonderful reading experience Complex, nuanced characters captured my heart and I hoped against hope that everyone could somehow be saved in the end It was beautiful and tragic, full of loss, hope and redemption I wanted to spend time in the aftermath and follow them all home It finished too soon.

  21. I really can t decide whether to rate this a 4 or 5 star, but I ll go with 5 There is that I like about this book than dislike.Overall, I love the story It is quite the epic, and it seems a waste of great worldbuilding to contain it to one volume On the other hand, it is good to see such a marvelous work that stands on its own, without a dozen sequels, prequels, and hard to find novellas In fantasy, that is a rare treat.Still, this is a world I d like to visit again someday The story itself doe [...]

  22. It says that I read this back in January 2000 It would be accurate to say that I ve read this book since January 2000 I ve read this book no less than ten times I own the 10th Anniversary Edition as well now, because I expect my first one to fall apart very soon It s lost at least one cover being passed around among all my friends throughout high school.One day I will write a real review of this Just can t put my thoughts together yet.

  23. This story is, at its essence, about how the past influences the present The protagonists are driven to reclaim their homeland not just from a conquering army, but from a magical spell that prevents others from remembering or even hearing their homeland s name, Tigana Within a generation any knowledge of their land, its history and culture will be forever lost.Instead of a fast paced, sword and sorcery story, Tigana is rather reflective There are several POV characters that spend a good deal of [...]

  24. If had half stars, I would have dropped this to only 4 1 2, but on that below.Tigana is among the handful of fantasy novels that can make me wonder whether Tolkien is as good as I remember him, or as good as his reputation It has been many years since I read Lord of the Rings, and I almost never re read books, so I might never find out Perhaps Tolkien is like Shakespeare it is easy to convince oneself that it is just hype, that he really can t be all that astonishingly good but I ve been throug [...]

  25. 3.5 stars When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love have always won There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall Think of it always Mahatma GandhiDon t let my 3.5 rating fool youis book was written by an amazing storyteller It s a book that I can t possibly do justice in a review, and I encourage you to read some of the other reviews written by those who are eloquent with words.I was hesitan [...]

  26. This book has been sitting on my bookshelf for coughcough six years And then, wouldn t you know it, but I don t even read it, but instead download an audiobook Because knitting I do that a lot, actually This is my second GGK novel, and I liked this one quite a bit than I liked the first one, though apparently that makes me a heathen or something I DID like The Lions of Al Rassan, but I just didn t love it Jeez I m not sure that I necessarily loved this one either, but it spoke to me much than [...]

  27. Tigana offers a story about memory How important is it to remember the past and how dangerous is it to overdo it This also relates to the question of freedom Is freedom really the ultimate goal Is it worth every sacrifice, or is there are line where the price becomes too high.Guy Gavriel Kay asks this questions enveloped in a beautiful gown of lyrical prose and mythical tale Most prominently featured are the young musician Devin and Dianora, a courtesan of the powerful wizard king Brandin.They a [...]

  28. Review from TenaciousReader tenaciousreader 2015 04.5 starsIf you have not read anything by Guy Gavriel Kay, I really encourage you to His prose is beautiful without being flowery or ostentatious It just flows and and leaves both wonderful images and reflections in its wake And to make the deal even sweeter, the audiobook is narrated by Simon Vance If you haven t listened to a book narrated by Simon Vance, your life is just not as fulfilled as it could be His voice is just magic, and pair that v [...]

  29. A stand alone fantasy story a very difficult task to achieve successfully And Tigana accomplished that The story is unique there is sorcery and there is fighting and the prologue is to die for The prose was fantastic possibly the best part of the book.The characters also were really good some excellent and some less interesting Which makes the book realistic when was the last time you liked every single person you met and or found them interesting The book will also try to squeeze some tears fr [...]

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