Pegasus and the Fight for Olympus

[PDF] Pegasus and the Fight for Olympus | by ☆ Kate O'Hearn - Pegasus and the Fight for Olympus, Pegasus and the Fight for Olympus Reborn as the Flame of Olympus Emily must embrace her new powers and responsibilities But all she wants is to return to her world where her father remains a prisoner of the sinister government agenc
  • Title: Pegasus and the Fight for Olympus
  • Author: Kate O'Hearn
  • ISBN: 9780340997413
  • Page: 439
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Pegasus and the Fight for Olympus | by ☆ Kate O'Hearn, Pegasus and the Fight for Olympus, Kate O'Hearn, Pegasus and the Fight for Olympus Reborn as the Flame of Olympus Emily must embrace her new powers and responsibilities But all she wants is to return to her world where her father remains a prisoner of the sinister government agency the CRU [PDF] Pegasus and the Fight for Olympus | by ☆ Kate O'Hearn - Pegasus and the Fight for Olympus, Pegasus and the Fight for Olympus Reborn as the Flame of Olympus Emily must embrace her new powers and responsibilities But all she wants is to return to her world where her father remains a prisoner of the sinister government agenc
  • [PDF] Pegasus and the Fight for Olympus | by ☆ Kate O'Hearn
    439Kate O'Hearn
Pegasus and the Fight for Olympus

About Author

  1. She started her career in the fashion industry, spending several years working in the showroom of a large accessory firm in New York, then top management at the Calvin Klein corporation and then to Oleg Cassini in Toronto Canada From there she moved into film and television and finally into writing books There is a wonderful song that I feel best describes me I was born under a wandering star.This is true I was indeed born under a wandering star Coming from Canada, I was mostly raised in New York City Although we did live in other cities such as Chicago, Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles, San Francisco and several small towns along the way But I guess New York City was the closest I came to actually calling any one place home.For me, all these cities and places were one big adventure after another I can remember one particular occasion when my parents were moving us out west from New York to LA We stopped in Galveston Texas just after a hurricane had blown through Our hotel was on the beach, and right across the street was a large carnival that had been abandoned because of the storm Unable to resist the temptation, my three brothers and I snuck out of our hotel and entered the fairgrounds We had the whole place to ourselves The rides, the fun houses, games and prizes were all ours to play with What surprised us all the most was the popcorn still in the machines while seaweed, sand and shells covered the whole area Our time in that Play Park was a child s dream come true and one of my fondest childhood memories.It was adventures such as these that fuelled my active imagination and love of everything different So many times I would be in New York and walking down 5th Avenue, imagining that I was actually soaring among the city s canyons on the back of a wild dragon Then when we lived in Florida, we would go down to the sea and I was suddenly living amongst the whales Laughing and breaching in the sea heavy swells.Then driving through a west Texas night, a star studded sky was yet another undiscovered playground When we moved to England, and then toured Europe, I was exposed to all the exciting and rich history of the area So much so, that my imagination spilled over and I started to write And although I have had many unusual jobs and careers, it has always been writing that has given me the most pleasure.All these things came together in me They added to my love of reading and the fantastic stories my parents told us on our long journeys It wasn t long after that I was making up my own stories filled with strange and wonderful characters that I came to care deeply for.Now I want to share that pleasure with everyone Tell stories of wild adventures in strange lands but filled with people who are just like you and me And of families who face terrible dangers and come together as they fight for a common goal.

One thought on “Pegasus and the Fight for Olympus

  1. 4 Stars I have to say this one was a little bit better than the first one I thought it was interesting and excitement to the story It was also detailed I can t wait to see what happens in the next book.

  2. I am thrilled with the conclusion of Kate O hearn s second book to her Olympian World Pegasus Olympus at War The second book grew much darker, and the sense of heroism grew bigger The ending left me with chills without giving any spoilers in this review I feel this book must be enjoyed without knowing fully the contents within the magical writing and world building Kate s world building is becoming stronger and intense.There were some scenes in the beginning that were lagging with ideas and see [...]

  3. I love Emily, I really do, but she can be stupid at times Very stupid I understand she loves her dad, but if my Mom were there I would find a plan that makes sure she makes it out alive, not do some impromptu run I do understand she was desperate but still Emily, hun, you gotta control yourself.I do love the book, I just didn t find the spark that I feel when I m reading a book that draws me closer to it Not my favorite and it s not something that I would go all Gaga for.

  4. I ve read the first book of this series called Pegasus The Flame of Olympus and this first book showed a lot of promise The lead heroine Emily was a can do girl and nothing will stop her from protecting what she believed is right and her friends and family I gave this first book a lot of slack especially with the lack of villain complexity the villains were very black and white to a cartoony level and lack of depth in the story and characters as not only is this a first book of a series but one [...]

  5. The second book of Pegasus, Olympus at war, is about a girl named Emily who is the Flame of Olympus Ever since Pegasus first landed on Emily s apartment roof her world changed forever The olympian gods are real In Emily s and Pegasus s first adventure the olympians where losing a war between the Nirads and were soon defeated Emily, with the help of her new friends Joel and Paelen, they defeated the Nirads and freed Olympus Now everyone is at peace, but not Emily, she s anxious to go back to eart [...]

  6. I didn t think that I would come to love these books as much as Rick Riordan s books Just pick up these books and readdddddddddddddddd

  7. This is a review for my 1 Year, 100 Books Challenge For info visit herePegasus and the Fight for Olympus by Kate O Hearn is the sequel to Pegasus and the Flame and if you haven t read my review for that read it here at individualbutnothipster 2012 01 1 year 100 books challenge pegasus andml because I don t want to repeat stuff.The Characters Emily Stayed pretty much the same as she was at the end of Pegasus and the Flame She s got some new troubles now because of her new status She didn t have [...]

  8. This might spoil what has happened in Pegasus 1 The Flame Of Olympus Be aware of this I have finally got the second book of the Pegasus series I am so happy I have got it because it is a book worth buying Emily has been on Olympus with Joel and Paelen Emily s father is in the CRU The CRU is trying to get information on Emily from Emily s father by touring him for it Like how they did to Joel, Paelen, Emily and even Diana Daughter of Jupiter and the Goddess of hunt and many other things And Emily [...]

  9. Synopsis Reborn as the Flame, Emily has saved Olympus from destruction The Olympic flame now burns strong, and peace has been restored But not for long When the gruesome Nirads begin a new invasion, Emily and her friends become entangled in the conflict as old grudges are unearthed and new enemies are discovered And all the while, Emily yearns for her father, still a prisoner of the sinister CRU, somewhere in New York Join Emily astride the magnificent winged stallion, Pegasus, as she embarks on [...]

  10. Emily went through an epic adventure and it seems to be that the time has come to start yet another one Just recently Emily was reborn into The Flame of Olympus and with it came some powers that she cannot handle Everything was peaceful until the Nirads invaded Olympus yet once again Matters in the past that were settled have been brought up again and new enemies are being discovered At the same time Emily yearns daily for her father who is still a prisoner at the CRU s facility someplace in New [...]

  11. OMG why did that happen to, I was reading this in class and I was like no no wait then it was like what the fuck Just happened This book is really great but it was a bit slow to start with but it one of my most liked for the year

  12. I thought it was a great book because it had a lot of action and it was fantasy which I like so if you like stuff like that I recommend this book,

  13. Fantastic with lots of action and that twist of mythology that we all love Can t wait to read the next book.

  14. I have to be completely honest and say that the best thing about this book was the Pegasus on the front cover I am a lot older than the target audience and while reading it is very obvious that this is a YA book That s not to say it was bad, just a bit too simplified for my tastes.That said, it was a good story Emily, the Flame of Olympus, returns to our world when she realises that her father has been kidnapped But in trying to free him, she comes across old enemies of Jupiter and an even older [...]

  15. No spoilers It s the best book I ve ever read before Along with the rest of the series The Pegasus series is the best series I ve ever read and no other series or book can beat it If you love mythology and powers this is the book for you When I started reading the first book I couldn t stop and it took me 4 days to finish it I read the series twice it was so good I wish the stories could actually happen in real life That would be amazing

  16. Her father is still trapped at the C.E.O base and she is determined to save him She is now reborn though as the flame of Olympus and now has powers that she cannot control This time a new god comes with them, Cupid They go down on earth but the C.E.O is looking for them and is everywhere How will they get to their father at the new and highly secure base Will they make it to their father And will they find out why the Nirads attacked And who is really behind the Nirads attacking

  17. I loved this book because of the journey and that I love this author and her writing style The book continues the story from the first book and in the book they go back to earth and get Emily s dad back I can t tell much because I don t want to spoil the book for people I love that the book in fantasy because it is my favorite type of books to read.

  18. This tied up lots of the loose ends left by the other book, and it gives you further insight into some of the characters that were rather superficial and 2D in the first book, it is a good lighthearted read if you are looking for something to pass time but not get attached to, though I must confess I did have a slight fangirl moment during this book, which is to be expected with any good book.

  19. This book was amazing It is a step up from the first book This book now focuses on the Greek Myths, and puts a big twist on it that makes it full of exciting adventure This story also uncovers all the secrets from the first story This story begins with our main character Emily, who now lives in Olympus, and lives a great life This story took me on a wild ride I love this book

  20. the second book i loved it and i honestly feel like the books are getting better as i progress the book includes something different or unique from the book before and i am very happy i found this series.

  21. Another great Pegasus book It s an awesome read for anyone who likes Roman, or even Greek mythology, adventure, action, romance and family This one was better than the first one and I think each one will just keep getting better and better

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