There Is No Dog

There Is No Dog Best Download || [Meg Rosoff] - There Is No Dog, There Is No Dog Meet your unforgettable protagonist God who as it turns out is a year old boy living in the present day and sharing an apartment with his long suffering fifty something personal assistant Unfort
  • Title: There Is No Dog
  • Author: Meg Rosoff
  • ISBN: 9780385668293
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Hardcover

There Is No Dog Best Download || [Meg Rosoff], There Is No Dog, Meg Rosoff, There Is No Dog Meet your unforgettable protagonist God who as it turns out is a year old boy living in the present day and sharing an apartment with his long suffering fifty something personal assistant Unfortunately for the planet God is lazy and frankly hopeless He created all of the world s species in six days because he couldn t summon the energy to work for longer He geMeet your unf There Is No Dog Best Download || [Meg Rosoff] - There Is No Dog, There Is No Dog Meet your unforgettable protagonist God who as it turns out is a year old boy living in the present day and sharing an apartment with his long suffering fifty something personal assistant Unfort
  • There Is No Dog Best Download || [Meg Rosoff]
    490Meg Rosoff
There Is No Dog

About Author

  1. Meg Rosoff was born in Boston and had three or four careers in publishing and advertising before she moved to London in 1989, where she lives now with her husband and daughter Formerly a Young Adult author, Meg has earned numerous prizes including the highest American and British honors for YA fiction the Michael L Printz Award and the Carnegie Medal.

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  1. I didn t get it.This is the third book I ve read by Meg Rosoff, fourth if you count my failed attempt to start Just in Case What I ve discovered to be most true about Rosoff s novels is that reading and liking one is far from a guarantee that you will enjoy the rest or, in fact, any of the others so I cannot offer words like if you enjoyed How I Live Now etc this will be your kind of book This novel is a million miles away from anything Meg Rosoff has previously written, and generally quite diff [...]

  2. Is this book offensive Yes, but not for the reason one might think I am not offended because of the religious aspect, I am offended because the writing, plot, characters, and everything else a book is meant to be comprised of, sucked At the beginning, before reading the book this was me Halfway through it turned into this And by the end

  3. What kind of God would make a world like this It s the question we ask when we start testing our theological chop in our teenage years a world of wars and rape and environmental disaster, of pimples erupting just before the school dance and turning up to the ball and seeing your arch enemy in the same dress as you but a size smaller.Meg Rosoff s answer A negligent, floppy haired teenage boy god irritable, distractable, sex mad and short tempered, yet also rather luscious and prone to the odd mom [...]

  4. The Good Stuff Best premise for a book ever Unlike anything I have ever read before Made me a laugh my ass off on many occasions Wonderful existential questions, moral lessons and other things that really make you think not being vague on purpose just don t want to give to much away , blind faith Love the various characters especially Mr B, Eck, Estelle and Luke God s name is Bob Thought provoking Love the Stephen King quote at the beginning of the book and the praise about the book from from Ma [...]

  5. Bob is 19, a lazy, undisciplined kid, but he has enough sense to want to escape his reckless mother Mona, who most recently has gambled away his pet Eck in a poker game On top of that, Bob s job is way over his head and his appointed helper Mr B has come to resent picking up after him Then Bob meets Lucy, a lovely young woman working at the zoo, and though Mona and Mr B and everyone else can tell no good will come of it, Bob decides he s fallen in love with her.Standard YA rom com Except Bob s j [...]

  6. Wat een chaos dit boek Ik snapte er helemaal niks van en heb echt met tegenzin gelezen Ja, er zaten wel wat ok stukjes in, maar heel eerlijk Bijna niks in dit boek sprak me aan, gaf me het idee dat ik ook echt naar een puberende God keek of wat dan ook Dit boek beloofde vanalles, maar heeft daarvan niks waar gemaakt.

  7. In which God is a teenager and a total asshole, honestly Whatever message this story may have had went completely over my head.

  8. So although this book can be seen as religiously offensive, I put that aside and when into it with a completely unbiased mind worse mistake ever The writing is simple, too simple, and I m not sure if there was a message in this book, but ,whatever that may have been, it just wasn t there The plot was almost lazy and I felt nothing but boredom throughout the book I was angry at how weak the character development was and how baseless the whole book was The two stars are for the following reasons t [...]

  9. Originally reviewed on The Book Smugglers HEREAs we all know, in the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth But the preferred candidate for God withdrew at the last minute because the Earth was so badly positioned, off the beaten track in a rundown part of the universe Time was passing and since no one would apply to the job, the administrators decided to offer the position as part of a bet on a game of poker The winner promptly turned it over to her temperamental and inexperienced teen [...]

  10. Kurzbeschreibung Stellen Sie sich vor, Gott hei t Bob, ist ein 19 j hriger Schn sel, der ein paar Stra en weiter wohnt und den halben Tag verschl ft Vor einigen Jahrmillionen hatte er seine kreativen sechs Tage, aber seitdem hat er am Schicksal der Menschheit das Interesse verloren Vielmehr interessiert er sich f r die h bsche Lucy Mit ihr will er zusammensein, koste es, was es wolle Doch wenn Bob sich verliebt, versinkt die Welt im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes im Chaos.Zur Autorin Bevor sie anfing [...]

  11. Let me start by saying that I haven t wanted to like, marry, a book this much in years.Seriously, THERE IS NO DOG is actually that good You will want to kiss it and hug it and sleep with it under your pillow and make it a little blanket fort.Look, there are a lot of reasons you will love this book But I m going to give you the basics because there are so many delightful surprises and, you know, Meg Rosoff is too genius for words that I can actually make So Here is what you need to know 1 THERE I [...]

  12. At first, I found this book hilarious and was spending time laughing than reading Let s pretend that God is really a teenage boy who s really horny and every time he falls in love with a chick, a mortal chick, the earth is destroyed by crazy weather Every time he forgets to turn off the water in his bathtub, the earth is flooded And this is a very lazy, self centered, God named Bob who s mother won the planet earth in a galaxy poker game The author gets a star for uniqueness alone LOLBob is yet [...]

  13. I remember picking this up and thinking it sounded really interesting so I put it on my to read list and that s where it stayed for a while I saw that there was a talking book edition available through the library so I decided to get it.I hate to give this 2 stars because I ve heard great things about this but unfortunately it wasn t for me I found myself becoming bored with the characters Bob didn t really irritate me or make me feel anything about him at all Lucy was also boring, the character [...]

  14. This and other reviews are featured on my blog Book Blog BirdI picked There Is No Dog up as part of a recent library haul because it looked amusing and irreverent, which are two qualities I admire greatly in books I ve just finished it and I m not really sure what to make of it It s either a work of such staggering philosophical and existential brilliance that it would take a lifetime to fully comprehend, or it s a vaguely unsatisfying paranormal romance I m not sure which.The premise is that Go [...]

  15. 2.5 5who is god is god a man or a woman or a fish or a goat is god old or young fat or thin is god invisible out to lunch listening carefully or just a very silly idea does god live in heaven on a cloud somewhere in outer space in our heads in the bible or no place at all maybe god is a toad or a crow or a dream or a tree or an idea someone thought up ten thousand years ago or all those things or none of them why not no one can really tell us who or what god is, or even if god exists at allme pe [...]

  16. No arguing about what god would be like and if there even is a dog Meg Rossoff settles all the hubbub once and for all This book is something that will defiantly get banned, and I can see why some people would be againstt a book like this You make a parody of Twilight Sure Harry Potter Why not But god I m not so sure making fun of god is a good thing, and I think a lot of people would get rather angry about this book Though if they actually read it, they d find out it isn t that bad, just gentl [...]

  17. This was both fun and funny at times, but I was so disappointed by the general trend of things and the end Why exactly did I just waste three hours of my life reading about a kid who didn t change, grow up, realize anything He was abusive and uncaring and I was ready to stick with him but really really why on earth didn t we have Estelle, or Mr B as a main character Then the story could have been framed meaningfully and I wouldn t be left with such a nasty taste in my mouth.Interesting thought [...]

  18. OK folks There s some good news and some bad news The good news is God exists The bad news God is an arrogant, insolent, lustful, forgetful teenaged boy named Bob Bob s mother won our corner of the universe in a poker game and pawned it off on her underage son Bob had some fun creating our world, but grew bored rather quickly and let things get tremendously out of control The only thing really holding it all together is Bob s personal assistant, Mr B Mr B is sick of dealing with Bob and has alre [...]

  19. Hmmm This eagerly anticipated by me book left me scratching my head a bit It is a fantastic flight of imagination, to be sure God aka Bob, is a hormonal adolescent boy who loves to create but isn t so great at following up on the problems left in the wake of creation That job falls to his assistant secretary, Mr B Mr B tries, but fails, to get Bob interested in the problems of Earth Bob, however, is quite interested in a lovely young lady that he has just discovered, and like the sex starved tee [...]

  20. I love books that have existential questions in them, and this one does not disappoint Arising naturally from the narrative are such topics as the purpose of God, the level of his involvement with mankind, and what people expect from Him It includes characters of all levels of belief, and Gods of all levels of goodness and maturity I think it is fascinating to see how the idea of God has evolved since ancient civilization and compare that to the immortal characters in this book I also think it i [...]

  21. Bob s mother won Earth in a poker game, and gave it to Bob to get him out of her hair He s a terrible God, lazy and selfish and foolish, but he does have flashes of brilliance Luckily for Earth, he also has an assistant, Mr B, who is as responsible, far seeing and wise if a bit stodgy as Bob is not Between the two of them, Earth mostly manages to putter along.But then Bob falls in love with a human girl again you d think he d remember what happened the last few times he tried this and Earth goes [...]

  22. Eck God save the Eck What a refreshing and hilarious take on the story behind creation and how all things came into being Rosoff tells of our planet earth being overseen by a hormone hopping teenage boy named Bob and his ever weary assistant Mr B Together they experiment and create all that is beautiful and all that is aghast on earth When sulky Bob gets into another one of his bouts of lusty, amorous moods and falls for a human girl, all hell, literally, breaks loose on a biblical scale with fl [...]

  23. This is definitely NOT a typical Meg Rosoff book I ve read a few, and this one is completely different from any of her other novels That being said, this was not a bad book Just don t go into it expecting something as beautiful as How I Live Now or The Bride s Farewell Rosoff is making some kind of statement here, I think, although didn t figure out what that was, but it was highly entertaining And, I want an eck

  24. This just didn t cut it for me.I found it to be a poor attempt at comedic blasphemy without any underlying message that had be deduced or inferred It was a surface story with nothing to it After getting past a few chapters, I started to become frustrated for not seeing the hidden message It must be somewhere right , I thought to myself But after getting at least 1 4 of the way through, nothing was clicking in place I didn t get it.

  25. Clever, but not necessarily enjoyably clever I also felt it was a little condescending to teenage boys, although it seems some teenage boys have read it and not felt that way.

  26. In the beginning there was Bob And Bob created the heavens and the earth, and the beasts of the field, and the creatures of the sea, and twenty five million other species, including lots of gorgeous girls And, all of this, he created in just six days Six days Congratulations, Bob No wonder Earth is such a mess Imagine that God is a typical teenage boy He is lazy, careless, self obsessed, sex mad and about to meet Lucy, the most beautiful girl on Earth Unfortunately, whenever Bob falls in love, d [...]

  27. Given her views on diversity in literature and my inability to separate art from artist, Rosoff is a hard no from me.

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