[PDF] Schooled | by ✓ Gordon Korman - Schooled, Schooled Homeschooled by his hippie grandmother Capricorn Cap Anderson has never watched television tasted a pizza or even heard of a wedgie But when his grandmother lands in the hospital Cap is forced to
  • Title: Schooled
  • Author: Gordon Korman
  • ISBN: 9780786856923
  • Page: 357
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Schooled | by ✓ Gordon Korman, Schooled, Gordon Korman, Schooled Homeschooled by his hippie grandmother Capricorn Cap Anderson has never watched television tasted a pizza or even heard of a wedgie But when his grandmother lands in the hospital Cap is forced to move in with a school counselor and attend the local middle school While Cap knows a lot about tie dyeing and Zen Buddhism no education could prepare him for the politicsHomeschooled by his [PDF] Schooled | by ✓ Gordon Korman - Schooled, Schooled Homeschooled by his hippie grandmother Capricorn Cap Anderson has never watched television tasted a pizza or even heard of a wedgie But when his grandmother lands in the hospital Cap is forced to
  • [PDF] Schooled | by ✓ Gordon Korman
    357Gordon Korman

About Author

  1. Korman wrote his first book, This Can t be Happening at Macdonald Hall , when he was 12 years old, for a coach who suddenly found himself teaching 7th grade English He later took that episode and created a book out of it, as well, in The Sixth Grade Nickname Game , wherein Mr Huge was based on that 7th grade teacher.Korman moved to New York City, where he studied film and film writing While in New York, he met his future wife live in Long Island with their three children.He has published than 50 books.

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  1. I loved this book This boy, Cap short for Capricorn has all the perfect ideals we all think we have, but really don t, and he remains true to himself despite being the weirdest and most tortured kid in school It s dramatic, and unrealistic, but has kind of awakened the hippie in me I think I ll tye dye shirts this week with the kids

  2. 4.5 STARSI probably would never have picked this book up on my own I have a bit of trepidation with books about homeschool so far, I haven t been that comfortable with how homeschoolers are portrayed in various forms of media and this one, with thirteen year old Capricorn Anderson being raised alone in a farm commune by his hippie grandmother, Rain, sounded like another book about some off the wall family that didn t represent at all what homeschool is like for most of us But, my husband really [...]

  3. Ok, first off I m a home schooled, so I was immediately mistrustful of this book But Gordon Korman is one of favorite authors, so I gave it a try It was insulting It played off of every stereotype of homeschoolers That we re social misfits who don t know anything and are really freaks who need to conform to the social standards and just go to school Excuse me The main character of the book is Cap, who is a hippy who s been raised on a farm, homeschooled by his grandma, and has never watched TV o [...]

  4. For my December book project, I chose the book, schooled, from a list of a variety of different books I had absolutely no idea what the book was about until I actually got it, and it turned out a whole lot better than I thought it would be Schooled is basically about a thirteen year old hippie who goes to a public school for the first time after being home schooled by his grandmother until she s sent to the hospital due to a bad fall But, when Capricorn Anderson Cap joins the new school, almost [...]

  5. This is one of the enjoyable books I ve read in a while, and it s one I think Jr High kids will love I hope I can sell it to my secondary kids, becaues it s definitely worth reading and provides a great platform to discuss bullying, cruelty, cliques, and stereotyping The only problem is that the narrative is centered on younger kids, so they may feel like it s too immature for them The only disturbing thing I found in the book was its heavy reliance on stereotypes the cowardly nerd who kind of [...]

  6. I loved this book even though it wasn t what I was looking for.I was looking for books with realistically written modern homeschooled characters, and this one was recommended to me Unfortunately, Capricorn Anderson is not a realistic modern homeschooler at all This book takes the stereotype of homeschoolers as weirdo hippies and puts it on steroids This kid has grown up on an abandoned commune with only his grandmother and no friends his own age at all, and he understands nothing about the moder [...]

  7. This was an amazing book about a kid who was stuck in the 80 s and comes to reality when he leaves Garland farm and goes to middle school.

  8. I truly enjoy reading Korman s books, especially titles such as No More Dead Dogs, Swindle, Son of the Mob, and Born to Rock Schooled was just as excellent and definitely fit the bill of a 5 star Gordon Korman book Schooled introduces readers to an extremely sheltered 13 year old boy, Cap When the story begins, Cap and his grandmother, Rain, live on an isolated farm commune where they live an alternate lifestyle Cap is not sent to school, he does not watch TV, and he definitely does not speak on [...]

  9. Gordan Korman has brilliantly brought to life an unlikely hero in this book about a young man who enters school for the first time in his life He has been raised by his grandmother, a leftover hippi with definite ideas about right and wrong, and homeschooled on a ranch in the middle of nowhere He brings the story to life by engaging opposites characters to throw life into a pendulum of good bad outcomes I thought the story was charming, touching and thought provoking He is a stargi Gordan Korman [...]

  10. Capricorn has had a sheltered childhood growing up on an isolated old farm commune with his hippie grandmother When she is injured and cannot care for him for two months he is forced to enter the real world and attend middle school in town At first all the kids treat Cap terribly because he is so different He is easily confused by the strange, foreign environment of middle school His innocent, kind and peace loving nature help him to acclimate and eventually even win the kids over It was interes [...]

  11. No matter where your from,or who you are,always stay true to yourself People will like you for who you are on the inside Schooled is a book about a teenage boy named Capricorn Anderson who doesn t know very much about the outside world He lives with his grandmother hundreds of miles away from the nearest city But when his granny has a little mishap and he has to live in the city and go to a local public school,he is gonna have to face the real world and the new things from it How will he last Yo [...]

  12. SchooledSchooled is a very good book for people that just transferred a new school because of any reason But just to have a heads up the book starts off with a different person every chapter so you get every ones perspective This book is about a kid named Capricorn Anderson also known as cap He lives with his grandma in community for hippies One day his grandma falls out of a tree and brakes her back, so cap has to go and live with someone else and go to school until his grandma gets well He goe [...]

  13. This has been one interesting book to read Its very unique I love how each chapter someone speaks whats on their mind, not just one person saying the whole book Although it kept me confused at times but overall it was a pretty good book Capri Anderson has been homeschooled ever since he was 13 until his grandma Rain falls out the tree He is currently staying with Mrs Donelly and her daughter Sophie He has never been to a public school so it might be a little awkward for him Now he has entered th [...]

  14. I love Gordon Korman This book is a true, extreme fish out of water tale of Capricorn Anderson, raised on a commune by his hippie grandmother, where he is homeschooled and, really, indoctrinated When Rain his grandmother is injured, Cap spends six weeks at a publich middle school, where he is immediately elected class president a dubious honor always given to the biggest loser But as Cap, who has never used a phone or handled money before in his life, struggles to learn the ropes, the people aro [...]

  15. I love this book it is an awesome book about a hippie named Capricorn or Cap who is homeschooled by his grandma, Rain.It has self love, respect for self and other, family values, thinking of others, looking deeper than the surface, and never giving up.I had never read any of Gordon Korman s books until now, and I look forward to some excellent and creative works that reflect how people effect each other This book will appeal to both boys and girls, I think.Great book

  16. For some reason I suddenly remembered this book and how much I liked it back in middle school So, here s a rating from 2009 Aila P

  17. Capricorn Anderson has been homeschooled by his hippie grandmother, Rain, who seems to still be living back in the 60s, on a commune whose population has dwindled down to just the two of them When Rain is injured, Cap must attend a public middle school, but he is not remotely prepared for life in the 21st century, as he has never seen a TV or a cell phone In fact, there is no telephone at all on the commune And he has never handled money.Cap is definitely a fish out of water in a hostile environ [...]

  18. Capricorn has been raised on a commune, by his grandmother, Rain He has no experience in the real world , but when Rain is injured and needs time to heal, Cap is taken in by a social worker and has to go to the local middle school Cap, the new kid, is nothing like anyone s ever seen before this weird hippie kid, who doesn t understand the first thing about middle school or kids his own age Because of this, he s an easy target to pick on.This was really good Meant for a younger audience, it s pre [...]

  19. Capricorn Anderson was a homeschooled hippie teenager living with his grandmother Until she had to take a long surgery The result He would have to go to a public school filled with kids trying to torment him.Of course, on the other hand, Cap Anderson is actually a pretty smart kid Read this hilarious book filled with friends, bullies, mistakes, and Although this book is a tad bit unrealistic, I thoroughly enjoyed it Personally, I would recommend this book to kids ages ten through twelve I reall [...]

  20. A cute and funny story Really well written Each chapter is told from different characters viewpoints The main character, Cap short for Capricorn , has been raised in isolation on a commune with his grandmother, a 60s hippies When she breaks her hip and has to go to a hospital for 6 weeks, Cap has to go into foster care and attend public middle school He is a target for bullies, but he perseveres and becomes the most popular kid at school because of his honesty and unique outlook on life.

  21. I liked this book because it was a quick read I also liked that each chapter came from another character s perspective That style brought all of the characters, good and bad, into the reader s sympathy and perspective.

  22. Schooled by Gordon Korman is about a 13 year old boy who knows nothing about the outside world Capricorn Anderson, or better known as Cap, was raised his whole life at Garland Farms because his parents had died when he was little and he needed to live forever with his grandmother There had been people at Garland, but they had all left after a while and now it was just Rain his grandmother and Cap They were getting along just fine until Rain fell out of a tree while picking plums and broke her h [...]

  23. This is one of the funniest, most heartfelt books I have ever read, and I read it at age ten Schooled follows a boy named Cap who moves from his peaceful life as a hippie to public school I loved the life lessons presented here This is a book about being yourself despite the thoughts of those around you It s a book about how many people will like you if you act like yourself, but not necessarilly all It s a book about the good in people The multiple points of view really helped this book Cap s s [...]

  24. Schooled by Gordon Korman was very fun to read It is about a homeschooled boy named Capricorn Anderson who is now forced to go to public school He grew up on a farm commune with hippies his whole life His grandma, Rain, is in the hospital and that leaves Capricorn alone He has to live with the guidance counselor from school until his grandmother gets better Cap gets elected class president as a traditional joke for the new kid at school He wins over the students at first but then all comes tumbl [...]

  25. Why I picked it up On next year s middle school battle of the books list and was a contender for the annual collaborative book discussion at the middle school.Cap short for Capricorn Anderson has lived his entire life on a commune with pretty much just his grandmother for company When Rain grandma falls while picking fruit and has a lengthy hospital stay, he ends up staying with a social worker and going to the public middle school The school has a tradition of nominating and electing a complete [...]

  26. This book was one of the best Gordon Korman books I ve read.Cap becomes a celebrity in the school, and becomes popular than Zach Powers Zach was a really popular guy until Cap became a celebrity Zach wanted to overthrow Cap, so he gets a nerd who doesn t like Cap to put him in an arch rival s jersey, for football The team tackles him and Cap gets hurt Also, one of Zach s best friends, Darryl, punches Zach because he figures out that he tried to hurt Cap Cap gets in the way because he doesn t li [...]

  27. Facing the real world is scary Capricorn Anderdon finds that out when his grandmother, Rain, falls out of a tree and is in the hospital He has to stay with a guidance counselor and her cranky teenage daughter, and attend a public school for eight weeks Cap will face relentless spitballs, teasing, and torture from the school s most popular kid, Zach Powers and his friends Can Cap survive middle school, or will he prevail I liked this book because Cap never let anything that happened to him get in [...]

  28. Schooled by Gordon Korman is about a boy Capricorn Cap Anderson, a Hippie as some people might call him When his grandmother Rain Gets injured and must go into rehab he must go to real school and learn new non hippie things such as take test, learn things, watch television, and other things Cap has to get friends and survive being bullied and getting wedgies He has many things to learn and many things to forget Can Cap survive and learn how to become like a real person.I think this book is reall [...]

  29. Cap Anderson is from a hippie place He hasn t done many things that average people have done average people like eat pizza or gone to a party etc When his grandma falls and breaks her back things change for Cap Cap becomes school president and has to organize a dance By the end of the school year Cap becomes the most popular kid in the school I picked up this book because Bianca Chen was reading one day and she told me about it and I said Oooo I want to read that I decided to finish the book bec [...]

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