The Summer Without Men

Unlimited The Summer Without Men - by Siri Hustvedt - The Summer Without Men, The Summer Without Men And who among us would deny Jane Austen her happy endings or insist that Cary Grant and Irene Dunne should not get back together at the end of The Awful Truth There are tragedies and there are comedie
  • Title: The Summer Without Men
  • Author: Siri Hustvedt
  • ISBN: 9780312570606
  • Page: 333
  • Format: Paperback

Unlimited The Summer Without Men - by Siri Hustvedt, The Summer Without Men, Siri Hustvedt, The Summer Without Men And who among us would deny Jane Austen her happy endings or insist that Cary Grant and Irene Dunne should not get back together at the end of The Awful Truth There are tragedies and there are comedies aren t there And they are often the same than different rather like men and women if you ask me A comedy depends on stopping the story at exactly the right mome And who amo Unlimited The Summer Without Men - by Siri Hustvedt - The Summer Without Men, The Summer Without Men And who among us would deny Jane Austen her happy endings or insist that Cary Grant and Irene Dunne should not get back together at the end of The Awful Truth There are tragedies and there are comedie
  • Unlimited The Summer Without Men - by Siri Hustvedt
    333Siri Hustvedt
The Summer Without Men

About Author

  1. Hustvedt was born in Northfield, Minnesota Her father Lloyd Hustvedt was a professor of Scandinavian literature, and her mother Ester Vegan emigrated from Norway at the age of thirty She holds a B.A in history from St Olaf College and a Ph.D in English from Columbia University her thesis on Charles Dickens was entitled Figures of Dust A Reading of Our Mutual Friend.Hustvedt has mainly made her name as a novelist, but she has also produced a book of poetry, and has had short stories and essays on various subjects published in among others The Art of the Essay, 1999, The Best American Short Stories 1990 and 1991, The Paris Review, Yale Review, and Modern Painters.Like her husband Paul Auster, Hustvedt employs a use of repetitive themes or symbols throughout her work Most notably the use of certain types of voyeurism, often linking objects of the dead to characters who are relative strangers to the deceased characters most notable in various facits in her novels The Blindfold and The Enchantment of Lily Dahl and the exploration of identity She has also written essays on art history and theory see Essay collections and painting and painters often appear in her fiction, most notably, perhaps, in her novel, What I Loved.She lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her husband, writer Paul Auster, and their daughter, singer and actress Sophie Auster.

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  1. My latest for CCLaP I will admit that I can be very smug I ve been obsessively immersed in books for so long now that I tend to have opinions on everything literary, founded or un So of course I had an opinion about Siri Hustvedt, wife of Paul Auster, posed kind of ridiculously in her author photo, with her black turtleneck and piercing stare, writer of what I m not sure what I thought she wrote, mainstream ish fiction for smart moms, maybe Stuff like The Time Traveler s Wife or The Memory Keepe [...]

  2. When Mia s husband Boris asks for a pause from their 30 year marriage to go frolicking with a French coworker, Mia ups and leaves for her home town to spend the summer there while trying to figure things out In my first Hustvedt novel I was charmed, entertained and exposed to quite a lot of philosophy, feminism and neuroscience It was a successful mix To occupy herself throughout the summer, Mia teaches a poetry workshop for a handful of local girls She also visits her mother who lives in an apa [...]

  3. 3.5 starsSingle moments those moments you re having a conversation with someone and you get lost within the jumble of words because your mind wraps itself around only a few phrases, gingerly separating them from the rest Suddenly, these words hang in moments around you, sticking to your tongue like wet cotton candy, enfolding into word clouds Forget the conversation you only hear those succulent words as they nourish your brain s appetite While reading this book, I had quite a few of these singl [...]

  4. 4 and 1 2 starsThis is a mature novel that s very aware of itself as being a novel, though the fictional narrator is writing her own story It s also both and less than a novel, with discourses than plot which the narrator herself points out than halfway through and, going against what we ve been taught about fiction, it s telling than showing and it all works As Francine Prose writes in Reading Like a Writer using an an Alice Munro story as an example There are many occasions in literature i [...]

  5. The front cover of the advanced reader s copy I hold in my hand depicts a woman, dynamically in flight, yet with an image of dismemberment, as the title takes the place of the woman s trunk Hustvedt is no stranger to dismemberment, both in fiction and in life If you peer into her history with novelist husband, Paul Auster, you will note that she has a stepson with a troubled past that features dismemberment, although once removed In THE BLINDFOLD, the main character, Iris Siri spelled backwards [...]

  6. Polymathic chicklit with a PhD something I d been hoping to find for ten years Some time ago I had concluded it just didn t get published as there wasn t enough of an audience.I d never read Siri Hustvedt before, assuming that her books were yet run of the mill English language literary fiction The rest of her work does still sound that way to me, TBH But a few weeks ago I idly clicked on reviews for this book, and among the negative ones, it was criticised by chicklit readers for being too pr [...]

  7. Muito diferente de Aquilo que Eu Amava, embora trate tamb m de assuntos muito s rios.Aborda ainda de uma forma encantadora o mundo de Jane Austen uma leitura agrad vel.

  8. I loved this book as much as all the other books by Siri Hustvedt I ve read, and didn t really find the ending all that abrupt, as I ve known situations like this in life The narrator returns to her home town for a summer as a kind of retreat, and engages herself with her mother and her four friends in Rolling Meadows East, and with a group of seven pubescent girls in a poetry class she teaches, and with her next door neighbor and her two children The comparisons of the various stages of life ar [...]

  9. Leyendo El verano sin hombres, uno percibe que Siri Hustvedt es una mujer muy inteligente, una narradora h bil y alguien cuyas inquietudes intelectuales abarcan infinidad de campos Sin embargo, esa necesidad de abarcar en un solo libro todos los mbitos del saber redunda en una falta de concreci n que perjudica los aspectos sobresalientes del mismo Entre ellos destaca el vivo y fascinante retrato que hace Hustvedt del universo femenino, en el que trata de englobar, una vez m s, al mayor n mero de [...]

  10. Ce livre c est une super belle histoire d amour de soi soi quand on prend le temps de se regarder et de s couter avec douceur Ca parle aussi d histoire d amour de 30 ans la beaut et la duret du temps qui passe ensemble , de f minisme, de d but de vie de femmes, de fin de vie de femme, de po sie et de folie.

  11. Thirty years on, poet Mia Fredricksen s husband Boris asks her for a pause in their marriage so he can explore his feelings for his young French lab assistant First things first Mia goes crazy and ends up in a mental hospital for a short time But then she sucks it up and goes back to her Minnesota hometown to teach poetry writing to teen girls for a summer, getting sucked into a bullying drama She also makes friends with her neighbors and her mother s cadre of old ladies I especially loved Abiga [...]

  12. I started this book with the feeling that I would enjoy it a lot I didn t It s not a bad novel and I can certainly see how many people enjoy it, but the problem for me was that the characters felt like they weren t fleshed out enough I didn t get a connection to Mia as the main character I thought the widows has potential to be interesting, but too little attention was paid to them to make me truly connect I thought that the young girls in the poetry class were the ones that were characterised t [...]

  13. Predictably, given Hustvedt s stature in the literary community, this novel has garnered extremely favourable reviews Unfortunately, the novel itself does not live up to the hyperbole The work of some authors you just really want to like For me, Hustvedt is one of these She can write well, she occasionally takes risks or what seem like them , and she is erudite and self effacing in person ok, i heard her read and talk once, and i was swooning.The narrator of this novel, Mia Frederickson, is an a [...]

  14. Firstly, I should note that a book called The Summer Without Men and a cover image of a woman with outstretched arms already seems like a noxious clich But if you think this is going to be a story of women affirming each other s womanliness and so forth in a pastoral setting or some such thing, think again.Rather, I got a beautifully vicious, snarky novel by one of America s finest living writers People are shitty Old people are shitty, young people are shitty, men are shitty, women are shitty, [...]

  15. Absences that can be felt Storms that can mirror the rage inside the psyche of a main character after going through a mental breakdown when, after 30 years of marriage, her husband decides he wants a break The break is French with limp but shiny brown hair Small things, objects that can come to signify a whole world of feeling The unspoken which determines and directs reactions Power that can be discovered in silences Nothing that does not speak of real life.Siri Hustvedt s prose in this book ha [...]

  16. ste es el libro que m s he subrayado en la vida Zurita dijo en el lanzamiento de Black out, de Mar a Moreno la literatura es siempre autobiogr fica porque relata la vida de quien lee y no puedo parar de pensar en eso Hace un a o este libro no hubiera significado lo mismo Nada, en realidad ste es el ltimo libro que me regal mi ex y prefiero no encontrarle sentido ni explicaciones a eso S lo pensar que es una casualidad bac n, porque el libro es perfecto para acompa arme en lo que empieza ahora.En [...]

  17. we are all dying one by one warning weird seemingly irrelevant review ahead, but it seemed relevant at the time A long time ago I was a child Okay not that long ago I was a weird child, who grew into a weird adult But back when I was a child once my aunt showed me my IEP For those of you who didn t spend any time in the special ed room an IEP is an education plan that, well it says what the special ed department intends to do about your particular annoyingness and what they think caused it Well [...]

  18. I know it s an early call, but this might just be my favourite book of 2011 It is hilarious, intensely moving, beautiful, ugly and honest It struck home on so many occasions I came out feeling like I d been run through with hundreds of perfectly realised spears.It surprised how I think about narrative The effortless way Hustvedt jumps from introspection to narrative, from explication to description, is endlessly inventive and almost always successful She writes like a novelist should write poetr [...]

  19. Perdeu um pouco de sua for a no final e confesso que n o me agradou o desfecho, mas foi um timo primeiro contato com Siri e sua mordacidade Vale muito ser lido.

  20. Originally posted on Snapshot Inkblot WhatnotEven before I had a copy of any book by Siri Hustvedt, I was already keen on liking her prose mainly because Bennard said I would love her Which, for all I know, is a contrived effort to make Hustvedt my new favorite author Hustvedt that is wife to Paul Auster, one of Bennard s favorites Well, planned or not, it appears that he is right I loved Hustvedt instantly, the love at first few pages kind.Aside from being my first novel by new favorite author, [...]

  21. Esta novela habla, y abarca, sobre la tradici n Las tradiciones, literarias, hist ricas, filos ficas, antropol gicas y un poco m s Este verano sin hombres va de la vejez, no entendida nunca como decadencia, no, va m s bien del transcurrir del tiempo, de aquello que se mueve en una direcci n Va del recuerdo, de lo vivido, pero no del olvido, sino m s bien de lo comprendido Lo asimilado.Las relaciones interpersonales tienen su complejidad, sus aristas y sus vac os El amor es una expresi n que pued [...]

  22. Pausa No existe peor palabra para una mujer casada Pausa, qu demonios significa eso Acaso es un te quiero pero Una promesa impl cita de que volver despu s de un tiempo Una forma de dejar una puerta abierta a tu coraz n Es incre ble que una simple palabra pueda hacer tanto da o Como bien dice el inicio de la sinopsis del libro, cuando su marido Boris dijo la dichosa palabra Mia se volvi loca En todos los sentidos de la palabra Durante un tiempo no fue la misma mujer Hasta que decidi que no pod a [...]

  23. 4.5 stars I enjoyed myself so much while reading this Another great novel by Siri Hustvedt and maybe even the one I d recommend to pick up first.

  24. libro da spiaggiaUn libro in regalo fa sempre tenerezza Poi anche breve Me lo leggo subito L argomento, devo ammetterlo, mi sembrato di primo acchito il solito, un po trito, abbandono della vecchia si fa per dire moglie trentennale, nel senso degli anni di matrimonio da parte del marito sull orlo dell andropausa per la collega indovinate un po giovane, fresca, e ben carrozzata Si preso una Pausa, insomma, mentre la moglie per uscire dal momento inziale di pazzia, si riprende ritornando nel paese [...]

  25. Actual rating 4.5Very intelligent.So very intelligent in fact, I wasn t sure in the beginning if I would get it or if it would be too much hard work.Rest assured, I did, and it was brilliant.My first try at Siri Hustvedt spotted it on a libraryshelf and got it because I had seen it on bookstagram just the day before.Something just has to be said for curiously entering a novel without knowing anything about it.The narrator, Mia, was distinctly different to other narrators I ve encountered, as som [...]

  26. to be honest this book was kind of weird and inconsistent and also v different in tone from hustvedt s other work tempted to call this her orlando in a way , but i just liked reading about the secret amusements a lot

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