Trade Wind

[PDF] Unlimited ✓ Trade Wind : by M.M. Kaye - Trade Wind, Trade Wind The scene is teeming Zanzibar just before the American Civil War when the Isle of Cloves was a center of African slave trade To it comes Hero Athena Hollis a Boston bluestocking filled with self rig
  • Title: Trade Wind
  • Author: M.M. Kaye
  • ISBN: 9780553253115
  • Page: 244
  • Format: Book

[PDF] Unlimited ✓ Trade Wind : by M.M. Kaye, Trade Wind, M.M. Kaye, Trade Wind The scene is teeming Zanzibar just before the American Civil War when the Isle of Cloves was a center of African slave trade To it comes Hero Athena Hollis a Boston bluestocking filled with self righteousness and bent on good deeds Then she meets Rory Frost a cynical wicked shrewd and good hud trader in slaves What is Hero to make of him and of her feelings forThe scene is teeming [PDF] Unlimited ✓ Trade Wind : by M.M. Kaye - Trade Wind, Trade Wind The scene is teeming Zanzibar just before the American Civil War when the Isle of Cloves was a center of African slave trade To it comes Hero Athena Hollis a Boston bluestocking filled with self rig
  • [PDF] Unlimited ✓ Trade Wind : by M.M. Kaye
    244M.M. Kaye
Trade Wind

About Author

  1. M M Kaye Mary Margaret was born in India and spent her early childhood and much of her early married life there Her family ties with the country are strong her grandfather, father, brother and husband all served the British Raj After India s independence, her husband, Major General Goff Hamilton of Queen Victoria s Own Corps of Guides the famous Indian Army regiment featured in The Far Pavilions , joined the British Army and for the next nineteen years M M Kaye followed the drum to Kenya, Zanzibar, Egypt, Cyprus and Germany.M M Kaye won worldwide fame for The Far Pavilions, which became a worldwide best seller on publication in 1978 This was followed by Shadow of the Moon and Trade Wind She also wrote and illustrated The Ordinary Princess, a children s book and authored a dozen detective novels, including Death in Kashmir and Death in Zanzibar Her autobiography has been published in three volumes, collectively entitled Share of Summer The Sun in the Morning, Golden Afternoon, and Enchanted Evening In March 2003, M M Kaye was awarded the Colonel James Tod International Award by the Maharana Mewar Foundation of Udaipur, Rajasthan, for her contribution of permanent value reflecting the spirit and values of Mewar.

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  1. This review did not want to be written Some reviews typically the snarky ones spring from your brain like Athena, pretty much fully formed others need to be mulled over for a while you grapple for the right words to explain what the book meant to you Trade Wind left me so conflicted that I wasn t even certain how to rate this book, much less what to say about it.But because I am strong and invincible and all that, and also because I promised myself I wouldn t pick up another novel until I wrote [...]

  2. Trade Wind is, bar none, my favorite bookriod.I first read it when I was 16 years old, and now I m 53 Even after 15 readings I ve lost count , I still love it I always hesitate to recommend it to friends, because it s almost like my baby I don t want people to think it s ugly It combines beautiful writing with in depth factual information about the history and island of Zanzibar of the mid 1800 s The plot is well maintained throughout the book Kaye s writing is both lyrical and strong painting w [...]

  3. A journey of ten thousand leagues has to start somewhere, and in this historical epic it starts in the kitchen of a grand mansion from Boston, in or around the middle of the nineteen century, prior to the american Civil War A small girl with a ridiculously ponderous name, Hero Athena Hollis, has her palm read by an old Irish crone named Biddy jason She spoke in a hoarse, low sing song, barely above a whisper There s sun in your hand, and wind and salt water And rain warm rain and an island full [...]

  4. This is the story of Hero Athena Hollis, an extremely independent woman of the 19th century, vehemently opposed to slavery and all of society s injustices and determined to use her wealth to stamp them out After Hero s father dies, she is invited to join her family in Zanzibar where her uncle is serving as the American Counsel Hero s family always expected that she would marry her aunt s son by a first marriage, even though she is not sure she s in love with him While on voyage to Zanzibar durin [...]

  5. At 553 pages, this isn t a book to read in one sitting but well worth the read however long it takes It s probably one of the most unusual books Ive read By that I mean, nothing is black and white The protagonists are neither all good or all bad.For example, the heroine, in her attempt to reform the world ends up doing harm than good at least at first She is impetuous, stubborn and naive But over the course of her experiences in Zanzibar, many of which were unpleasant, she learns a great deal a [...]

  6. Every bit as good the second time round In fact better, because now I was throughly prepared for how things would go and able to love it anyway Something I noticed that I hadn t before is that many of the characters that I started out with a dislike for, acquitted themselves by the end And, while some of them never do or never can as the case may be , make up for the past for the most part I am happy with how they all grew , even those who considered themselves well versed in the ways of the wor [...]

  7. Well, the best part was reading it with some great friends Now, as for the book.I wavered between two and four stars from one chapter to the next so I ll go for a final rating of three.On the plus side the wonderfully evocative descriptions of Zanzibar beautiful and terrible and fascinating historical details that seem very well researched While none of the main characters were particularly likable all had interesting though not completely believable character arcs There were some thought provok [...]

  8. I have been sick for a couple of days, and I really should ve been sleeping last night, instead of finishing this book But, instead, I was finishing this book.I am not even sure where to begin with the writing process here This book is a mass of contradictions problematic, beautiful, shocking, deplorable, and incredibly compelling The characters, even so, with no one character being all good or all bad, even while they are doing things that are horrifying.This book is about the slave trade in a [...]

  9. No doubt a lot of people will be able to enjoy this story I enjoyed it myself for about 300 pages or so It s adventurous and intriguing, although not as good as The Far Pavilions or Shadow of the Moon There s just one sticking point that dropped this book down for meThe reason for the one star isn t because of the quality of writing but because of a turn in the plot that made it difficult for me to stomach anything that came before or after it view spoiler If there s a rapist in a story I feel l [...]

  10. Group read November 2014 Trade Wind is panoramic historical romance, in the style of M.M Kaye s others, Shadow of the Moon and Far Pavilions, both of which I read years ago, before and made it possible for me to find of her books Trade Wind is still out of print, but I was able to obtain a used paperback copy Despite the yellowing pages and the cheesy cover, it was easy to sink into this story it s vivid, sensory writing, delivering the harsh and sometimes absurd historical realities with deadp [...]

  11. M.M Kaye has a beautiful way with words I finished this book faster than I have ever finished a 551 page book And yet, I can t quite bring myself to give it five stars Maybe I can manage a 4 1 2 Just.Batty a sailor on Captain Rory s ship who was a rogue through and through, was still a likable sort because he had a heart Clay, I thoroughly disliked as he was a selfish blackard Whille, Hero the heroine was a leap and then look sort of person She was full of good ideas, but she didn t think them o [...]

  12. All the sea is not deep enough to wash away blood relationship What is written is writtenVisit those you love, though your abode be distant,And clouds and darkness have arisen between youThis is the extraordinary story of Hero Hollis and Rory Frost which is settled in Zanzibar The author did a splendid work by describing the story of this not well know island during slavery in the 19th century, showing the unfair game between France and England in order to profit of these workers.For further inf [...]

  13. Hero Hollis is adamantly opposed to slavery Falling overboard and finding herself rescued by a sea captain who himself participates in the slave trade, she finds that all of her zeal and attempts to reform the society of the island of Zanzibar will not only be greatly challenged but largely unsuccessful The author presents the slavery dilemma realistically and looks at all sides of the question, examining it from the standpoint of both the slaves that are well cared for and provided for, and tho [...]

  14. Last summer I became acquainted with M.M.Kaye reader heaven in The Far Pavilions and Shadow of the Moon I got a second hand copy of Trade Wind right afterwards, but I have been saving it up This summer again I gave way.We are now in a different universe, Zanzibar at around mid nineteenth century, and our heroine is an American heiress heading there to become reunited with relatives and a man whom she may marry or not she hasn t quite made up her mind yet And from very early on the reader and the [...]

  15. Update after finishing listening to audio book version.I cried over the half caste girl s death Strangely, it wasn t so infectious when I read this book for the first time in Chinese Maybe it s because the translation isn t very good Maybe it s because reading is emotional than written words Karen Chilton did a very good job in mimicking various accents and tones Have read Chinese version a few years ago and reread in the original in the form of audio book while commuting Listening Kaye s work [...]

  16. The best thing about this book was the colorful and descriptive history of the island at that time I enjoyed that part of it, and much of the adventure at the beginning of the story The love story, however, was disappointing and unsatisfying, in my opinion Whoever heard of a moral woman which this main character was strong self image which she had choosing between two rapists, and marrying the one who had actually raped HER Sorry, I don t buy it.

  17. Starting off on a strong note, I found it virtually impossible to put down The plot itself is captivating, while the characters are brought right off the page Hero ironically named is very easy to relate to Who knew Therese was such a skunk When Clayton s true character was revealed by Rory, I was quite shocked Here I was thinking Clay loved Hero and only Hero tsk tsk tsk Maybe I m just too trusting of characters in books such as this, but shame on him This book had four major parts to it 1 Hero [...]

  18. This is one of those books where you feel like giving the heroine a real good smack In fact nearly all the women in this historical romance are portrayed as silly, gullible and incapable of rational thought processes Having said that, it s a book full of romance and exotic locations, and the author has incorporated interesting historical events The attitudes to slavery are brutal and disturbing but representative of the age I think that if I had read this in my late teens or early twenties I wou [...]

  19. Could have been an ok book IF IT WASN T FOR MAKING THE MAIN LOVE INTEREST A RAPIST I m sorry but no, I can t get past that I don t care if he claimed he loved her all along, he raped her I just could not get on board with this Did not finish.

  20. This book was entirely not what I suspected yet I loved it anyway Eventually Trade Wind was a slow read for me I can t remember the last time it took me six weeks to finish a book And it wasn t that I was putting it aside to read another book when it started to get dense which I often do , I just read it sparingly in my free time, slowing chipping away at its many pages For most of the read, I was impatient with both the characters and the plot and waiting for the real action to build I was wond [...]

  21. Trade Wind is one of those delightful books that you can tell belongs to another decade, just from the sentence structure and style of storytelling I couldn t quite tell while I was reading whether the historical setting was meant to be a device to advance the story, or whether the main characters lives were an opportunity to write about the political and social situation in Zanzibar Yes Zanzibar.Hero Athena Hollis our heroine is on her way to her uncle s family in Zanzibar when she manages to g [...]

  22. I enjoyed this book except for view spoiler the face that our heroine falls in love with her rapist That is an unacceptable message for anyone hide spoiler

  23. I read this soon after reading my favorite MM Kaye book Shadow of the Moon I did like this when I first read it, but it hasn t aged as well This history of Zanzibar is interesting, but the main character, Hero, is kind of an irritating fanatic Also, as a grown up, I find the idea of non consensual sex leading to true love kind of distasteful.

  24. 6 stars What am I going to do now that this book has ended I don t feel like reading anything else at the moment.

  25. I read this book in high school 40 years ago Loved it then and I am not sure I have read many books I liked as well in all the years that followed.

  26. First book I read of this author To say it was enthralling would be an understatement Has power and passion with everything else thrown in Brilliant read.

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