La Part de l'autre

[PDF] La Part de l'autre | by ☆ Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt - La Part de l'autre, La Part de l autre octobre Adolf Hitler recal Que se serait il pass si l cole des beaux arts de Vienne en avait d cid autrement Que serait il arriv si cette minute l le jury avait accept et non refus Adolf Hit
  • Title: La Part de l'autre
  • Author: Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt
  • ISBN: 9782253155379
  • Page: 105
  • Format: Book

[PDF] La Part de l'autre | by ☆ Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt, La Part de l'autre, Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt, La Part de l autre octobre Adolf Hitler recal Que se serait il pass si l cole des beaux arts de Vienne en avait d cid autrement Que serait il arriv si cette minute l le jury avait accept et non refus Adolf Hitler flatt puis panoui ses ambitions d artiste Cette minute l aurait chang le cours d une vie celle du jeune timide et passionn Adolf Hitler mais elle au octobre Adolf Hitl [PDF] La Part de l'autre | by ☆ Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt - La Part de l'autre, La Part de l autre octobre Adolf Hitler recal Que se serait il pass si l cole des beaux arts de Vienne en avait d cid autrement Que serait il arriv si cette minute l le jury avait accept et non refus Adolf Hit
  • [PDF] La Part de l'autre | by ☆ Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt
    105Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt
La Part de l'autre

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  1. A popular contemporary French author and dramatist, his plays are translated and staged in than 30 countries all over the world.He studied at the Lyc e du Parc in Lyon and was accepted at the famous cole normale sup rieure in Paris 1980 1985 , where he received a doctorate in philosophy As the theme for his dissertation, he chose Diderot and metaphysics He spent three years teaching in Cherbourg and at the university of Chamb ry.He is of Alsation extraction Both of his parents were physical education teachers Growing up under the influence of his parents atheist outlook, Schmitt eventually professed himself a Christian, after years of being an agnostic.Initially he became known as a scriptwriter for the stage His debut work, La nuit de Valognes , was produced a number of times in 1991 1992, both in France and abroad His breakthrough theatre work came with his second script, Le Visiteur , which won Moli re prizes for best author and best show in 1993.The following years were littered with theatrical successes such as Golden Joe 1995 , Variations nigmatiques 1996 , Le Libertin 1997 , Milarepa 1997 , Fr d rick ou Le Boulevard du Crime 1998 , H tel des deux mondes 1999 and Monsieur Ibrahim et les fleurs du Coran 1999.Schmitt covers a variety of themes in his work Golden Joe takes a look of the cynical attitudes to life of those involved in high finance In Variations nigmatiques , the author gives voice to two very different men, who discuss their own philosophies of life and love as it turns out, both were in love with the same woman Le Libertin is a historical drama about the life of philosopher Denis Diderot and a film version was released in 2000.In 2001, Schmitt was awarded the Grand Prix du th tre de l Acad mie Fran aise His plays have been performed in 35 countries and translated into many languages They show influences from Samuel Beckett, Jean Anouilh and Paul Claudel, among others.In addition to his plays, Schmitt has written a number of successful novels, including La Secte des go stes 1994 , Oscar et la dame rose 1999 , L vangile selon Pilate 2000 , La Part de l Autre 2001 , Lorsque j tais une uvre d art 2002 , L enfant de No 2004 , Ma vie avec Mozart 2005.World religions play an important role in Schmitt s writing In Le Cycle de l Invisible , Schmitt attempts a harmonization of religions and cultures Milarepa is the first issue in this series and depicts Tibetan Buddhism The second volume, Monsieur Ibrahim et les fleurs du Coran is dedicated to Sufism, a subset of Islam, also referencing Judaism Oscar et la dame rose the third volume concerns Christianity L enfant de No a comparison of Judaism and Christianity rounds off the series Monsieur Ibrahim et les fleurs du Coran English M Ibrahim and the Flowers of the Koran received the German prize for fiction in 2004 and a film version was produced in 2003, directed by Fran ois Dupeyron with Omar Sharif in the title role.Persian

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  2. This was an interesting book about an alternative future assuming Hitler had taken a different path Admittedly, I read it years ago, but I remember it making an impression on me Perhaps not as strong and currently relevant impact as The Plot Against America by Roth but nonetheless a curious reading of a puzzling what if.

  3. A adar, r ul cel mai mare nu are leg tur nici cu inteligen a, nici cu prostia Un idiot care se ndoie te este mai pu in periculos dec t un imbecil care tie Toat lumea se n al , i geniul, i arieratul, i nu eroarea este periculoas , ci fanatismul celui care crede c nu se n al Nu exist inten ie a r ului pur Fiecare este convins c face bine ce face Diavolul se crede ntotdeauna nger De asta mi e at t de fric Poate c ntr o zi va ap rea un biet individ frustrat p n la limita nebuniei, un biet individ ca [...]

  4. Okey, this book was exceptional, amazing and so well written.It s too bad that there s no traduction in english This book is about the history of Hitler, WWI and WW2 We all know that Hitler got rejected 2 times at the best National Fine Arts Academy in Vienna For Schmitt, the minute that changed the world is the moment when the jury announced that Hitler was rejected The moment where Hitler became crazy and became the dictator we all know.This book is about the other side of the story, what woul [...]

  5. Tutti noi sappiamo chi stato Adolph Hitler, quel genio del male che, espulso da giovane dall Accademia delle Belle Arti, si buttato in politica dando vita a quella macchina infernale che ha segnato una delle pagine pi buie della storia moderna d Europa Ma cosa sarebbe successo se Hitler fosse invece stato ammesso all Accademia delle Belle Arti e non fosse diventato quello che stato Cosa sarebbe successo se la sua vita avesse preso un corso differente Cosa ne sarebbe stato del suo paese, dell Eur [...]

  6. In theory it would have been a good idea to interweave two stories about the same person one about the real personality of Hitler and one about how it could all have turned out if only Hitler had been accepted at the art school and become a famous painter In my opinion, however, whereas the real Hitler is really well characterised and the true personality seems to pop out, the good Hitler is just overdone, I think He becomes a famous painter, is open minded and has no prejudices at all, and he m [...]

  7. This book is thought provoking and fascinating, and I can t say that I know how to start reviewing it There are so many things to say about this book, and it made me feel a lot of strong emotions Based on that alone, it should be obvious that I recommend it to everyone, but before you dive into it, you need to know what you are getting into, because this can be a very tough read at times.This is at once a historical novel, and a clever work of speculative fiction, or alternate history What if Hi [...]

  8. Mlle Alice, pouvez vous nous raconter votre rencontre avec La Part de l Autre Ce livre m a t offert par mon oncle, ce qui m a particuli rement touch parce qu il est tr s rare qu il nous fasse un cadeau personnalis , mais nous avions eu une discussion sur ce livre et il s en est souvenu No l Dites nous en un peu plus sur son histoire Eric Emmanuel Schmitt se pose une question que se serait il pass si Hitler avait t admis aux Beaux Arts Partant de l , il nous raconte tour tour la vie d Hitler, fut [...]

  9. Difficile commentare questo libro di cui apprezzo l idea originale, ma sul quale ancora non riesco a dare un giudizio convincente Basta una sliding doors perch un pazzo assassino esaltato non diventi tale Mi dispiace, ma ne dubito Comunque ben scrittoe al solito

  10. Lu le 14 octobre 2015.Critique crit le 16 d cembre 2015 comme t che Que se serait il pass si l Ecole des beaux arts de Vienne en avait d cid autrement J aime bien lire des romans historiques et l id e de lire une hypoth se sur la vie d Hitler m a s duite imm diatement Apr s avoir lu l histoire je suis contente que le roman r pond mes attentes Le roman est constitu de deux histoires, racont es parall lement et elles sont au moins aussi int ressantes D une part on a la vraie histoire d Hitler, le [...]

  11. Wow When it comes to evil people Hitler being the archetypal example I have always felt strongly that there but for the grace of God , or it could have been me under other circumstances And that not only DO I recognize tendencies in myself that might lead to great evil, but that it is absolutely essential TO recognize such tendencies, rather than deny them or focus on how we are different from the monsters Well, here s a book that speaks eloquently to those convictions, and is very well written [...]

  12. Schmitt si pone una delle domande pi banali della storia mondiale contemporanea e se il giovane Hitler fosse stato accettato all accademia Se avesse fatto davvero il pittore Non ho alcuna conoscenza della storia del giovane Adolf prima che diventasse il F hrer, tuttavia sono certa che l autore, dottore in filosofia prima che drammaturgo e scrittore, abbia romanzato con accuratezza la met del libro dedicata all Hitler storico Anche la parte totalmente inventata pi che plausibile, sebbene ci siano [...]

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