Hunting Human

[PDF] Hunting Human | by ☆ Amanda E. Alvarez - Hunting Human, Hunting Human For two years Beth Williams has run from the past and the beast that dwells inside her She is haunted by memories of being kidnapped and the savage attack that killed her best friend Now Beth finall
  • Title: Hunting Human
  • Author: Amanda E. Alvarez
  • ISBN: 9781426891434
  • Page: 422
  • Format: ebook

[PDF] Hunting Human | by ☆ Amanda E. Alvarez, Hunting Human, Amanda E. Alvarez, Hunting Human For two years Beth Williams has run from the past and the beast that dwells inside her She is haunted by memories of being kidnapped and the savage attack that killed her best friend Now Beth finally thinks she s ready to move onwith Braden Edwards a charming irresistibly sexy man who tempts Beth to embrace the present But the past lurks closer than Beth realizes For two years B [PDF] Hunting Human | by ☆ Amanda E. Alvarez - Hunting Human, Hunting Human For two years Beth Williams has run from the past and the beast that dwells inside her She is haunted by memories of being kidnapped and the savage attack that killed her best friend Now Beth finall
  • [PDF] Hunting Human | by ☆ Amanda E. Alvarez
    422Amanda E. Alvarez
Hunting Human

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  1. Amanda was born and raised in Texas and due to an unfortunate three year stint in Michigan doesn t plan to ever live anywhere where flip flops and sweatshirts don t constitute winter attire Often audacious and adventurous, she tends to find herself in a slew of dangerous and hilarious predicaments law school and fighting raccoons in dumpsters and thankfully has many friends ready to lend aid while they laugh When not lawyering, writing, or thinking about going to the gym Amanda is often caught sampling local cupcake offerings and planning to someday co open an evil bakery and sell dastardly desserts She currently lives in Dallas, Texas with one regular sized cat and one jumbo sized cat, and can be seen writing in public places frequented by hot guys strictly for research purposes, of course with her friends and fellow writers Killer Cupcake and Pantherista names omitted to protect the not so innocent.

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  1. Hunting Human is a very compelling emotional read Be warned this book can be brutal I truly enjoyed this book I couldn t put it down even though I found the story with a back in fourth relationship between the hero and heroine and the heroine Beth at times very shellfish I just had to keep reading about this human lady being put in a brutal situation with a pack of wolves Then after she meets Braden Beth is put in another dangerous situation that could cost her and hero Braden s relationship I d [...]

  2. It s always such a pleasure to come across an unexpected gem From the summary blurb of Hunting Human, I figured it might be entertaining, but from the very beginning, it exceeded my expectations.A few years ago, Beth and her best friend Rachel were kidnapped by werewolves during their backpacking trip across Europe Rachel didn t survive the ordeal Beth did, but she emerged as something very different And it s than the fact she was turned into the very thing that attacked her the trauma cut her [...]

  3. Hunting Human is at times your typical werewolf meets human he can t resist story and others an emotionally intense story about a girl who lost her closest friend sister from another mother in a brutal attack We are introduced to Beth Elizabeth Lizzy and Rachel through Beth s flashbacks of their trip through Europe Liz being the responsible one of the two As usual, she watched over Rachel while she partied a bit too hard at a local bar While there, they attracted the wrong kind of attention from [...]

  4. 3.5 StarsThis was a very decent wolf book and we all know how picky I am with my wolves The descriptions of the transformations shifting were very interesting and the details were fab I loved how the author explained things when the humans changed into wolves.I did think that they re minds should have gone all canine instead of retaining their human ones but that s just me It was still very nice.The only problem I had with this book was the romance part It seemed a bit rushed.Basically it s Girl [...]

  5. I really liked the first half of the book The action was intense and the storyline seemed to be going somewhere good, but then for me it seemed to fizzle out Braden was probably meant to be an alpha male but came across COMPLETELY as a beta male I was interested in his brother Chase s story, to be honest Beth flashed hot and cold and that irked me a lot I would have loved to have seen her written as a strong, take no prisoners woman but instead I felt like she was slightly wimpy, afraid of hers [...]

  6. Reviewed by Rabid ReadsA great, well rounded werewolf book full of non stop action with a few surprising plot twists that ll keep you guessing The characters are engaging and they each have their own unique traits that ll leave you feeling like you want to be their best friend The side characters are equally just as lovable and the bad guy in this novel is particularly dark and warped For me, the only thing missing was werewolf action but I m hard to satisfy on that front so I won t hold it aga [...]

  7. So let me just say YUM That s what this book was for memmy There were parts I devoured There were parts I savored In the end I almost always found myself asking for seconds As most of you know I have a thing for my wolfy s, I never imagined I would, but I do You also may note that I have a thing for most things paranormal, but that s a story for another day Point in case This book only aids to my love affair with these beautiful weres.Beth, a.k.a Liz, has a terrible past One that has left her no [...]

  8. Beth Williams is haunted by the memories of the night she and her best friend were attacked by beasts, only to be the only one to survive Beth has finally found a place she feels secure and thinks maybe life will settle down some for her until she meets Braden Edwards, who charms her with his sexy smile into falling for him Then like always the past catches up with her, Markko Bolvek finds her He wants revenge for his brother Beth killed when she escaped them Then to make all matters worse she f [...]

  9. Hunting Human was a gripping tale, start to finish, every page left me craving for Beth and Braden are fabulous characters that I fell in love with right away.Beth has a lot of emotional baggage from a tragedy that changed her life forever Through out the entire novel she has a lot of internal conflict with herself and the world around her She struggles to come to terms with the monster inside of her the same monster that killed her best friend and who she fears and constantly fights against It [...]

  10. 3.5 5What a great Debut Novel Very promising shifter series It had a few FBOS First book of series issues, but they were minor.We start out in the past by a few years.Our heroine Elizabeth, has a spine built of steel While on a vacation with her best friend Rachel in Europe, they find themselves kidnapped and at the mercy of monsters Literally Men who turn into wolves, and force them to run for their lives through the woods while they hunt human instead of deer.Flash forward to present day.Our h [...]

  11. This book packed a surprising wallop Beth s emotional journey as she deals with the aftermath of the brutal attack that left her a werewolf and killed her best friend is hard and sometimes ugly She s walled herself off from the world around her as she tries to come to grips with what she is Her attraction to Braden, which she fights with everything inside her, begins to thaw her out some but she has a hard time trusting anybody but herself.While there was a strong focus on Braden and Beth s blos [...]

  12. A brilliant 4 or even 5 star unexpected horror of a beginning and the events surrounding that, which slipped with the romantic relationship After Braden assumed the worst and dumped his traumatised and tasered lover in the trunk of his car Beth hates him, as did I and then all previous chemistry between the characters plus his personality disappears He just becomes man she must eventually wind up He falls into the background becoming scenery as Chase comes to the foreground whose personality was [...]

  13. This is a Quickie Review For the full review, please visit The Romanceaholic.You know I adore a good werewolf story, and if one of the main characters was changed against their will Well that s merely icing on my literary cake.Overall, I think this was solid addition to any werewolf romance collection While there were certainly personality traits that made me want to stab Beth with a rusty spoon on occasion, I did feel that a lot of her confusion and reactions did fit rather well with her PTSD d [...]

  14. Interesting story and unique take on the werewolf theme I liked the romance, at first I thought it was going to be predictable, but it took an interesting turn The writing flows quickly, good secondary characters and a great bad guy I m looking forward to following the series.

  15. It takes a pretty special shifter book to hold my attention in a market that s been glutted with shifter books This one did to the point that I thought about it when I wasn t reading it, and wanted to be reading instead of doing pretty much anything else That s not to say the book was perfect, it wasn t But it was pretty darn close.We start with a strong, independent heroine who s clearly a nurturer and protector in the beginning, she s taking care of her less strong best friend in a situation t [...]

  16. GENRE Adult, Paranormal RomanceBOOK THEME WerewolvesBLOG seeingnight DATE POSTED ON BLOG March 14thQUICK THOUGHTS A young woman and her friend are kidnapped one night in Europe by two men both dangerous and not human, only one survives Beth is trying to restart her life but her past forever haunts her, until she finds a man who tries to help her live again Great paranormal romance with the usual werewolf backstory but has a high emotional storyline that makes you really connect with the characte [...]

  17. Publisher Carina PressPublish Date 3 28 11How I got this book NetGalleyCarina Press has been a little hot or miss for me, with many of their books being absolutely amazing and incredible, and some not so much, But I have to say, Hunting Human was one of the better stories I ve read from them this year.Beth has been on the run for some time now She is settling in Oregon, wanting than anything to make it her home She has a job she loves, a home she likes, and a city that appeals to her human and [...]

  18. Beth has been on the run ever since she was on vacation with her best friend in Europe and was attacked by the werewolf, Markko Bolveks Her friend didn t make it, and Beth has not felt safe in any city she has chosen Having once gone to college with high hopes to be an architect, that is all history after the attack For the past few months she has been working in Portland at a local coffee shop She has finally found real girlfriends, and although still on edge, she can take a deep breath and app [...]

  19. 3.95 Stars Witness to her friend s murder after being hunted down in the woods like prey, Hunting Human gives new meaning to The Most Dangerous Game in this sexy romance by Amanda Alvarez Upon her return from Eastern Europe, shell shocked and on the run, Elizabeth Williams tries to evade the predator on her tail after that horrifying night in the woods Markko Bolvek is after revenge for Beth killing his brother he wants her blood and he plans on making her suffer painfully Finally able to settle [...]

  20. Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyWith the seemingly never ending deluge of werewolf books released each month, it is harder and harder to find werewolves that are written in new and exciting ways In her paranormal romantic suspense novel HUNTING HUMAN, Amanda E Alvarez distinguishes her werewolves from the rest of the pack with a unique mythological origin story and age old feud between rival clans that has endured to modern day.Reminiscent of Patricia Briggs Alpha and Omega series, HU [...]

  21. Hunting Human was a very good werewolf book In this book, Beth is trying to make a life for herself after a vicious attack left her scarred physically and emotionally, and her life forever changed Beth winds up in Portland, working at a coffee house, and thinking about actually settling down for a change When she meets Braden she is at first unsure, but happy Suddenly, Beth s violent past catches up to her, and she has to come to terms with the monsters of both her past and present, and decide i [...]

  22. Wow This book was a pleasant, enjoyable surprise Hunting Human by Amanda E Alvarez is a story about learning to heal past emotional injuries, learning to love, and rising above the past Beth Williams and her best friend, Rachel, were kidnapped by demented werewolves who took sport in hunting humans while the two friends were backpacking through Europe During their sojourn, Rachel was killed by the lunatics who tormented them and Beth became the nightmare that chased them.Two years later, Beth fi [...]

  23. My thoughts Fantastic story I fell fast and didn t put it down until it was over I love the fresh new take on the whole werewolf idea If this first book is any indication of how great future books will be I can t wait Incredible characters Each of the characters has been well thought out and lovingly designed It was easy to become completely engrossed in the lives on the page I was fully invested by the time I had turned the page a couple times If you are into shifters this book is for YOU Eliza [...]

  24. A really good shifter book is hard to lay your hands on and I ve got to admit, it s been awhile since I ve read one Except for one thing, I would have given this book a 5 star rating I felt like the author did not follow through on the ending Mostly, I felt like Braden was intelligent than Alvarez gave him credit for I know there needed to be a dramatic ending but that s all it was, a dramatic ending that just felt rushed and a bit out of character Now, what I loved about the story, everything [...]

  25. It s been a while since I read a paranormal that felt fresh For that reason, I was especially happy to read Hunting Human as I dove into the paranormal side of paranormal or romantic suspense for this month s TBR challenge This book is a 2011 release from Carina Press, and after reading it, I was rather disappointed to find that author Amanda E Alvarez has apparently not released any other books That s a real shame because even if Hunting Human isn t perfect, I d give it a very solid B My romanc [...]

  26. I had a couple of friends recommend this book to me, so I thought I better check it out and I ended up being glad that I did.I liked Beth, you knew she was running from something bad, she was so skittish you wanted to know what it was I liked how Braden didn t come on strong with Beth, she wouldn t have responded well to that Their romance at the start had me smiling with how sweet it was.I also really liked Braden s family They were fun and I loved how they didn t have very many boundaries and [...]

  27. 4 and a half stars This book completely suprised me I thought it was a great take on werewolves The first half of the book is just about two people getting to know one another We know that Beth, the heroine, has a very frightening past, but it is slowly revealed I liked the progression of their relationship There was no seeing you at first sight and the next day they are in bed that is getting old The second half of the book drug to me but the fact that both hero and heroine make mistakes is ref [...]

  28. Book Hunting HumanAuthor Amanda AlvarezPublisher Carina PressReceived NetGalleyI really enjoyed this book It is a story about a girl who must learn to overcome her past to embrace her future While on vacation with a close friend, they are abducted and forced to flee for their lives While she makes it out, her friend isn t so lucky She is forever changed and has a hard time dealing with the events so much that she never fully allows herself to get comfortable in one place Until she meets Braden a [...]

  29. The shifted dynamics here really worked for me Even though I was angry at Braden for the way he treated Beth at first, I understood his reasons for being suspicious of her Likewise, Beth s anger and mistrust worked in context What didn t work was the way Beth blew hot and cold She d snuggle up to Braden willingly enough, then push him away, disgusted with him as much as her own reactions to him That made no sense.

  30. Romantic suspense with a dark paranormal edge but so well balanced with friendly, humorous supporting cast that it was a totally enjoyable read Think Harlequin category romance crossed with urban fantasy Yup, exactly my cup of tea Nice take on werewolves and lots of potential to develop a series here s hoping

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