The Secret of Shadow Ranch

[PDF] Read Á The Secret of Shadow Ranch : by Carolyn Keene Mildred Benson - The Secret of Shadow Ranch, The Secret of Shadow Ranch Nancy drew arrives in Phoenix Arizona eagerly looking forward to a fun filled vacation at Shadow Ranch but abruptly finds herself involved in a baffling mystery The ranch is being haunted by a phan
  • Title: The Secret of Shadow Ranch
  • Author: Carolyn Keene Mildred Benson
  • ISBN: 9780006925262
  • Page: 301
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Read Á The Secret of Shadow Ranch : by Carolyn Keene Mildred Benson, The Secret of Shadow Ranch, Carolyn Keene Mildred Benson, The Secret of Shadow Ranch Nancy drew arrives in Phoenix Arizona eagerly looking forward to a fun filled vacation at Shadow Ranch but abruptly finds herself involved in a baffling mystery The ranch is being haunted by a phantom horse and maliciously damaged by an unknown enemy Local people believe that the ghostly animal is carrying out the curse of Dirk Valentine the romantic outlaw who was k [PDF] Read Á The Secret of Shadow Ranch : by Carolyn Keene Mildred Benson - The Secret of Shadow Ranch, The Secret of Shadow Ranch Nancy drew arrives in Phoenix Arizona eagerly looking forward to a fun filled vacation at Shadow Ranch but abruptly finds herself involved in a baffling mystery The ranch is being haunted by a phan
  • [PDF] Read Á The Secret of Shadow Ranch : by Carolyn Keene Mildred Benson
    301Carolyn Keene Mildred Benson
The Secret of Shadow Ranch

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  1. Carolyn Keene is a writer pen name that was used by many different people both men and women over the years The company that was the creator of the Nancy Drew series, the Stratemeyer Syndicate, hired a variety of writers For Nancy Drew, the writers used the pseudonym Carolyn Keene to assure anonymity of the creator.Edna and Harriet Stratemeyer inherited the company from their father Edward Stratemeyer Edna contributed 10 plot outlines before passing the reins to her sister Harriet It was Mildred Benson aka Mildred A Wirt , who breathed such a feisty spirit into Nancy s character Mildred wrote 23 of the original 30 Nancy Drew Mystery Stories , including the first three It was her characterization that helped make Nancy an instant hit The Stratemeyer Syndicate s devotion to the series over the years under the reins of Harriet Stratemeyer Adams helped to keep the series alive and on store shelves for each succeeding generation of girls and boys In 1959, Harriet, along with several writers, began a 25 year project to revise the earlier Carolyn Keene novels The Nancy Drew books were condensed, racial stereotypes were removed, and the language was updated In a few cases, outdated plots were completely rewritten.Other writers of Nancy Drew volumes include Harriet herself, she wrote most of the series after Mildred quit writing for the Syndicate and in 1959 began a revision of the first 34 texts The role of the writer of Carolyn Keene passed temporarily to Walter Karig who wrote three novels during the Great Depression Also contributing to Nancy Drew s prolific existence were Leslie McFarlane, James Duncan Lawrence, Nancy Axelrod, Priscilla Doll, Charles Strong, Alma Sasse, Wilhelmina Rankin, George Waller Jr and Margaret Scherf.

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  1. This continues my series of comparative reviews of the 1930s and 1950s editions of the Nancy Drew books.Shadow Ranch was the mystery with the biggest divergence of story so far I ve been trying to read them or less in parallel, but that was pretty much impossible here they re basically two distinct stories with different plots entirely.In the 1930s version, there are two main mysteries what happened to Alice s father, and what s the deal with the little blonde girl who lives with the mysterious [...]

  2. As I began to read, I sensed something different in this fifth volume in the Nancy Drew mysteries In fact, there are several differences First, the book starts with Nancy in Phoenix In the previous books, Nancy is at home in River Heights, or at least not too far away, and the mystery comes to her She is sought out for her sleuthing skills and to solve the mystery In The Secret of Shadow Ranch, she goes to Arizona to meet up with friends and discovers the mystery at hand That brings us to the in [...]

  3. I would love to see another edition of this book In the order of the series, this is number five, but Ned Nickerson, Nancy s longtime and long suffering boyfriend gets several mentions Too bad he doesn t make his first appearance until book seven I have the purple editions, the double editions that were published two books to each volume as a collectible set The books have, over the years, gone through a lot of edits to update them I d love to know if this quirk is particular to a certain editio [...]

  4. Well, of the four I ve recently read, The Secret of the Old Clock 1 , The Bungalow Mystery 3 , The Mystery of Lilac Inn 4 and this one, The Secret of Shadow Ranch 5 , this is by far the best I can t find my TWO copies of The Hidden Staircase 2 , so haven t re read and reviewed it yet This mystery, considering it s the world of Nancy Drew, is well written, and contains clues, evidence, and a storyline that seems natural than the others and less forced Nancy does move from one dangerous situation [...]

  5. A patron let me borrow a copy of the book in its original 1931 form, and it was such a fun throwback I particularly liked how when Nancy and Co couldn t get a man to accompany them on their hike into the mountains, their aunt thought they should at least take a revolver to keep them safe And spoiler alertNancy ends up shooting an animal that is now on the endangered species list because she is one badass beeyotch.

  6. Wow, I somehow never read this Nancy Drew canon entry in my youth, but I loved the HerInteractive computer game based on it and this book definitely did justice to my high expectations Wild West roping, riding, treasure, danger, a great background history love story, and phantoms I m barely started in my series read project so I feel it s entirely too soon to name a favorite, but I bet this will be a serious contender 13 year old me would have been crazy about this.

  7. Nancy Drew leaves the big city, but uncovers a mystery in the Arizona wilderness Another great addition to this book series.

  8. This is my fifth Nancy Drew Book in a month Although I m not sure who really wrote this book, it s obvious it s a different writer Nancy s engaged friend Helen Corning is gone and the cousins George and Bess have replaced her This book takes Nancy to Arizona far from River Heights and her family Her father, Carson Drew and housekeeper Hannah Gruen are only mentioned in passing and play no part in this book Also we hear for the first time of a boyfriend Ned Those who have read other Nancy Drew bo [...]

  9. I d never read a Nancy Drew, because, you know, I was a boy and it would have been unthinkable and all As an adult, I always thought I should at least read The Secret of the Old Clock Nancy Drew 1 But when I came across this original text version of 5, I knew the universe was speaking to me.Nancy and.ducing Bess and George so I m told , and a cousin Alice go to a ranch for the summer several day train trip to the west and go than a third of the book not even knowing what mystery there was to so [...]

  10. Whenever I need a filler book one that I know won t take very long to read , I tend to reach for those from my childhood I have several Nancy Drew mysteries on my book shelf and I ve read each of them many times to the point where, as I am reading it, I pretty much know exactly what s coming next This particular one is a favorite Nancy, along with her faithful companions Bess and George, find themselves on a ranch in Arizona helping Bess and George s aunt and uncle discover who is wrecking havoc [...]

  11. Nancy Drew arrives in Phoenix , Arizona , eagerly looking forward to a fun filled vacation at Shadow Ranch , but abruptly finds herself involved in a baffling mystery The Ranch is being huanted by a phantom horse and maliciously damaged by an unknown enermy Local people believe that the ghostly animal is carrying out the curse of Dir k Valentine , the romantic outlaw who was killed many years ago at Shadow Ranch , where hee had gone to fulfill a promise to his sweetheart Suspecting that a treasu [...]

  12. I love this particular edition of The Secret at Shadow Ranch, because it s completely different to The Secret of Shadow Ranch Having read this one first and then the revised edition I can see that it changed way then just some editing.In this one it is about a kidnapped child, in the revised it is about a shadowy horse Big editing, right Like chop out the whole plot and write a new one Both are good, but while the older is Imo superior, the later was just okay I think Nancy changed too much, sh [...]

  13. This book was where Bess and George were first introduced even though no references were made to them in the first four books.I liked the setting of the story, in which they solve a mystery in a ranch in Arizona owned by Bess and George s aunt and uncle, but the actual mystery didn t really do anything for me I thought it was laughable how naive writers in the 1930 s were about Native American and Latino culture Nancy and her friends dressed up in Indian costumes, i.e imitation dresses from Nati [...]

  14. While these classic Nancy Drew stories are certainly NOT realistic, I do like the fact that Nancy is a strong, smart, independent young woman who tackles any challenge, is not afraid, does not let any man boss her around or walk over her, and who is always victorious at the end of the story So while the plots can be a bit silly, I am enjoying sharing this character and her good qualities with my daughter as we read these stories together at bedtime.My daughter also enjoyed the fact that this boo [...]

  15. This book was a very good book about Nancy and her friends going on vacation but stumble upon a mystery and end up in the middle of it trying to solve it I love these bacause Nancy is always geting into a mystery and danger but always finds a way out of it like all good detectives do I love the whole Nancy Drew series bacause I love mysteries and this one is awesome as well I love mysteries and think Nancy always shows good perservirence and never gives up.

  16. A fun mystery that takes Nancy Drew to a ranch with a phantom horse mystery Although I have to admit that my favorite character is Chief the dog who politely asked Nancy if he could ride on a horse with her, to get across the river too cute.

  17. A Quickie ReviewGood for what it isbut not as good as the other entries in this series, in my opinion.Score 3 5

  18. I read the 1930s version Nancy carries a revolver and shoots a lynx and a rattlesnake She clearly hates Bess as with all Nancy Drew books It was fascinating to see a glimpse into literature of the 30s and even fascinating that the 1950s version had an entirely different plot This was about a little girl being kidnapped and the 50s version is about a ghost horse

  19. I just picked the books for our summer neighborhood book group The theme is Female Sherlock, and what better way to start than Nancy It has been so long I refuse to say how many years since I read one of these Fun to go back and see their appeal 2nd month will be Enola Holmes and 3rd month will be an Elizabeth Peters novel Should be lots of fun.

  20. 1931 versionNancy and her gal pals learn to ride horses and on the following days get lost on the dangerous trails five million times They do not know the 6 C s of survival Combustion tool, Container, Cordage, Cover, Cutting tool, and Compass And yes, the compass had been invented 2000 years ago, so they had No excuse not to have one Also, they meet a super nice little girl who for some reason is being forced to live with a mean ol hag ooooh, mysterious 1957 versionNancy and her gal pals meet cu [...]

  21. I thought it was a really good book because, it was a little scary but not to intense I also found out that there was two problems Alice s Father has gone missing and A ghost horse keeps on appearing and causing mass destruction Come join Nancy Drew and solve this mind boggling mystery in The Secret Of Shadow Ranch

  22. Nancy has just finished a case headed for a much needed vacation with her best friends Bess and George in Arizona at Shadow Ranch However her vacation may be short lived because upon arriving she learns that a mystery is unfolding at the ranch that could force all the girls home early Before the girls can even leave the terminal they encounter a stranger warning them away from Shadow Ranch, as if that s not enough they have car trouble on the way to the ranch As the girls arrive at the ranch Nan [...]

  23. Nancy and her friends go west to Shadow Ranch with Bess 15 year old cousin Alice and her Aunt Nell who owns the ranch While there, she becomes intrigued by the cranky and dangerous neighbor Martha Frank and her charge Lucy Brown who is obviously not Frank s daughter and is terribly abused by the woman Nancy and her friends, on vacation ride about the mountains having adventures among the wildlife and the rugged landscape, but constantly are drawn back to the squatter s hut and the poor little gi [...]

  24. This instalment is tricky to reflect upon I m bestowing three stars because it entails several exciting events that elevate the interest and pace I like that it is a fresh setting to dig into away from Nancy Drew s River Heights neighbourhood although I don t know which American state that s in The desert evokes inspiring terrain and mood setting history as does the ranch.The nocturnal horse does not contribute the spooky atmosphere it should Nancy clarifies from the start that she predicts a no [...]

  25. mariesbookgarden Can you believe that I ve never read a Nancy Drew book This was my first I read it because of a delightful little second grader daughter of a close friend who s obsessed with them at the moment.I m glad to be able to say I have read Nancy Drew she was a plucky detective but she was awfully concerned with her looks and her friend s weight But I understand that many of the original Nancy Drew books were rewritten in the 1950s to make her feminine I d love to read the actual origi [...]

  26. Helen Corning ceases to exist while Nancy gets new friends that she s apparently had all along It s Bess and George, of course Nancy ventures to Bess and George s aunt and uncle s ranch for a vacation and finds a mystery to be solved of course Well, there s like 3 mysteries going on One is the phantom horse and the sabotage that follows at Shadow Ranch Then there is Bess and George s younger cousin s missing father And then there is the missing treasure of outlaw, Dirk Valentine Of course, the s [...]

  27. I totally had a crush on Dave the cowboy At one point, I was hoping that he and Nancy would get together but it was not meant to be Anyway, plotwise, it was exciting albeit not as much as the previous installment The villains were being obvious from the start but as usual, the good guys could not do anything about it without solid proofs The lack of Hannah Gruen and Carson Drew from the book seemed to give way for George and Bess as Nancy s assistants I liked the idea though More girls rather th [...]

  28. this is a realy good book out of all of her books that i have read im on pg 93 and i would recomend it to any one who likes mysteries the main charictors name is nancey drew and she is a young detective and this one is about she gose to this ranch with her two best friends george and bess and her best friends relatives own the ranch and the relatives think the ranch is like being sabotaged and she also hast to solve a old legand about the ranch and so yea its a realy good book.

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