The Kid

[PDF] Read · The Kid : by Sapphire - The Kid, The Kid Fifteen years after the publication of Push one year after the Academy Award winning film adaptation Sapphire gives voice to Precious s son Abdul In The Kid bestselling author Sapphire tells the el
  • Title: The Kid
  • Author: Sapphire
  • ISBN: 9781594203046
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Read · The Kid : by Sapphire, The Kid, Sapphire, The Kid Fifteen years after the publication of Push one year after the Academy Award winning film adaptation Sapphire gives voice to Precious s son Abdul In The Kid bestselling author Sapphire tells the electrifying story of Abdul Jones the son of Push s unforgettable heroine Precious A story of body and spirit rooted in the hungers of flesh and of the soul The Kid bringsFifteen years after [PDF] Read · The Kid : by Sapphire - The Kid, The Kid Fifteen years after the publication of Push one year after the Academy Award winning film adaptation Sapphire gives voice to Precious s son Abdul In The Kid bestselling author Sapphire tells the el
  • [PDF] Read · The Kid : by Sapphire
The Kid

About Author

  1. Ramona Lofton was born in Fort Ord, California, one of four children of an Army couple who relocated within the United States and abroad After a disagreement concerning where the family would settle, her parents separated, with Lofton s mother kind of abandoning them Lofton dropped out of high school, fleeing her abusive father, and moved to San Francisco, where she attained a GED and enrolled at the City College of San Francisco before dropping out to become a hippie In the mid 1970s Lofton attended the City College of New York and obtained a MFA degree at Brooklyn College Lofton held various professions before starting her writing career, working as a performance artist as well as a teacher of reading and writing.Lofton moved to New York City in 1977 and immersed herself in poetry She also became a member of a gay organization named United Lesbians of Color for Change Inc She wrote, performed and eventually published her poetry during the height of the Slam Poetry movement in New York Lofton took the name Sapphire because of its one time cultural association with the image of a belligerent black woman, and also because she said she could easily picture that name on a book cover than her birth name.Sapphire self published the collection of poems Meditations on the Rainbow in 1987 As Cheryl Clarke notes, Sapphire s 1994 book of poems, American Dreams is often erroneously referred to as her first book One critic referred to it as one of the strongest debut collections of the 1990s.Her first novel, Push, was unpublished before being discovered by literary agent Charlotte Sheedy, whose interest created demand and eventually led to a bidding war Sapphire submitted the first 100 pages of Push to a publisher auction in 1995 and the highest bidder offered her 500,000 to finish the novel The book was published in 1996 by Vintage Publishing and has since sold hundreds of thousands of copies Sapphire noted in an interview with William Powers that she noticed Push for sale in one of the Penn Station bookstores, and that moment it struck her she was no longer a creature of the tiny world of art magazines and homeless shelters from which she came The novel brought Sapphire praise and much controversy for its graphic account of a young woman growing up in a cycle of incest and abuse.A film based on her novel premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2009 It was renamed Precious to avoid confusion with the 2009 action film Push The cast included Gabourey Sidibe, Mo Nique, who won the Academy Award for her portrayal of Precious mother Mary, Mariah Carey, and Lenny Kravitz Sapphire herself appears briefly in the film as a daycare worker.Sapphire s writing was the subject of an academic symposium at Arizona State University in 2007 In 2009 she was the recipient of a Fellow Award in Literature from United States Artists.Sapphire currently lives and works in New York City.

One thought on “The Kid

  1. I m not sure why Sapphire insists on writing her characters at the absolute expense of the reader s patience I disagree with those who rated this book with one or no stars because it wasn t hopeful like Push How in the WORLD can anyone think Push was hopeful Because she learned to read and hate herself a little less That s supposed to be hopeful Please It wasn t I also think it s rather self indulgent and a bit ridiculous to expect the protagonist of this novel to become someone who didn t victi [...]

  2. This book is awful It takes the kitchen sink approach used in Push everything bad that can happen to the protagonist does But in The Kid, Sapphire removes the heart and characterization that made Push shine in spite of the bleakness of the subject matter Abdul is a cipher His motivations are a mystery And while the opening sequence broke my heart, I quickly lost sympathy as Abdul grew into a sociopath and rapist He is a monster, and impossible to root for His supporting characters fare no better [...]

  3. What a terrible, awful book It s not the writing Sapphire s writing is amazing But Abdul is such a terrible, unlikeable, awful person And being in his head is so disturbing and unsettling, and that is why this is such a terrible book.My friend Kassie wrote a review over on BlogHer that I agree with completely This is nothing I can add to what she s put so well Please visit her review here.As Kassie put it, T hese lessons don t make for easy reads This is not a book I would read a second time Th [...]

  4. Once again, Sapphire put me through pure reading hell and once again, it was totally worth it If you can stand reading page after page of violence and rape and manipulation, you will be rewarded with a new understanding of the cycle of rage and rape Maybe that doesn t sound appealing, but I promise you The Kid is an enriching read The Kid follows Abdul AKA JJ from age 9 to about 19 He is at best, an antihero, who is possessed by sexual demons and night terrors as well as a deep appreciation for [...]

  5. It amazes me that many reviewers of this book are disappointed because this work isn t uplifting, hopeful, redeeming, etc It further astounds me that readers feel as though The Kid rapes the memory of Push First, these are two separate books Yes, there is a bond between them of Precious, but she is not a living, breathing character in The Kid She is alive only as much as she is remembered by Abdul JJ This is not her story, it is her son s I, personally, don t find Push that uplifting But this re [...]

  6. This IS a DNF book, and the full length explanation of why I chose to set this one aside was originally written up for my blog, Books from Bleh to Basically Amazing The Kid by Sapphire is a novel I really should have liked I read and reviewed Push on the blog last year click to read my review and while I can t say that I loved the book, I definitely understood the point and was left with an overall feeling of purpose The Kid, however, did not leave me feeling any of that I am not going to give t [...]

  7. This is the absolute worst, most nauseatingly horrific book I have ever read I d give it negative stars if I could This is the story of Precious Jones son, and while her story of abuse and her rise above it was inspiring and heart wrenching, this was no than a glorification of pedophilia and sexual abuse.It is no surprise that many victims turn perpetrator when they are finally big enough to dominate others, but the protagonist seemed to revel in his abuse, take pride in what he did to others, [...]

  8. I have mixed feelings about this book but overall am going to give it a very good rating Sapphire is a writer, she takes the reader through alot of emotions as we follow the hellish life of Precious son, Abdul At the age of nine, Precious dies from HIV and life changes forever for her son He goes from boarding with a friend of Precious to a foster home While in the home he suffers abuse and after an injury lands him in the hospital, he is taken to St Ailanthus, a Catholic orphanage There he endu [...]

  9. I read Push for a class While I can t say I would have ever voluntarily picked it up, I lost count of how many times I looked up a passage for the paper I was writing and found myself, yet again, at the end of the book This, however, I just didn t care for I picked it up at the library, largely because Sapphire had created such a compelling character in Precious that I really wanted to know what happened next, seeing as how this was the sequel and all I have to admit that it really bothered me t [...]

  10. It took me a long time to figure out how to review this novel, and a long time to figure out exactly what I thought of it Make no mistakes this is not an enjoyable book in any way, shape or form But it is an extremely brave piece of writing, a remarkable novel, and an important story which, in my opinion, needed to be told Sapphire took a huge risk with this one and, while The Kid has gotten largely negative reviews, I feel that this bold novel is absolutely a triumph.For those who have read Pus [...]

  11. I m going to be completely honest here This book needs to simmer for a while longer before it is published The base story is incredible, the ride is harrowing but it loses a lot of it s power in some of the scatter.Written in first person, as was Push , you are taken right into the mind of her son right after she dies He is young, he is swept into a foster home with little understanding of the implications or his future or why he can t have his stuff He is dissociated on his mother s death, thin [...]

  12. Still reeling from this book Interestingly enough, I feel I have a better understanding for the fluidity, repetitiveness and paranoia of an insane persons thoughts The writing is excellent, but it is a mentally exhausting read Sapphire definitely has a gift, but I would not recommend THE KID to anyone without warning them about the disturbing content Before reading THE KID, I had heard it was a story about a dancer with a troubled past I love dance, and can handle troubled stories or so I though [...]

  13. I am forever scarred from reading this book I have read many books in my life, but none have caused me so much pain, anguish, and terror as this one I loved Push because despite the horror of Precious life, the ending was uplifting and hopeful This, book, however provides nothing but agony and damage Why Sapphire would choose to create a life like this for Precious son is beyond belief I know that I cannot be the only reader who questions Sapphire s motives for writing this book she has destroye [...]

  14. Worst Book Ever The Kid, which I had to FORCE myself to finish, gets zero stars I m stunned to discover it had an editor, the story was so bad If I could be the editor now that it s published inexplicably , here would be some of my notes 1 Consider making at least one of the characters likable Like maybe the main character 2 Consider making at least one of the characters a non cliche.3 The kid s great grandmother barely talks to him his whole life and then lays out her life story for him in 20 r [...]

  15. This is the bleakest book I ve ever read Bar none The author doesn t just break your heart She rips it out of your chest, stamps it with her boot, and then rubs your face in it There s not a glimmer of hope, no hint of redemption Just ugliness.The book starts with Precious dying of AIDS, and Abdul taken to foster care where he is repeatedly physically and sexually abused In graphic detail Over and over again.More disturbing is that Abdul himself becomes an abuser and rapist against other boys In [...]

  16. The Kid was a book that of course, was highly advertised as an epic follow up to Push , the acclaimed story of Precious and her struggles I received this book as a birthday gift and eagerly tore into the pages expecting a harrowing tale of a boy left orphaned by the death of his HIV mother and a journey of growth and struggle escaping the ghetto life he was destined for.Instead, this book disappointed me, disgusted me and even made me shut the pages and put the book down several times There is n [...]

  17. SPOILERS AHEADJust like his father grandfather and his great grandfather, Abdul becomes a rapist but constantly denies he is anything but a great kid I like that Sapphire shed a light on his great grandmother because we can see that the system failed that entire family Here is a mini flow chart Tootsie Johnston Originally from the south and was abandoned by her mother Was raped at the age of 9 10 and gave birth to Mary Not loving towards Mary in anyway and even tried to kill her once Named her M [...]

  18. Just totally unsatisfying I loved Push and had wanted the best for Precious, but this book just took Precious s struggle and stomped it into nonexistance Precious wanted to shield Abdul from the life she had endured, but at the end it was all for nothing I had to slog through this book, force myself to finish because I don t like to give up on books But this was just a wasted read I couldn t make sense of Abdul s thoughts, tell fantasy from reality, or even bring myself to like him This book was [...]

  19. This is a hard book to review The sexual violence in this novel is so raw and disturbing that I d have a hard time recommending it to anyone Stylistically, the stream of consciousness narrative especially when the protagonist is younger, 9 and 13 reads annoyingly gratuitous for long stretches at a time On the other hand, the book makes such an important point about the systematic and layered vulnerability to physical and psychological violence confronting kids, especially those of a racial minor [...]

  20. I made it only to about page 65 in this one, so no star rating from me because I don t have enough basis Too much abuse, bad language, things that are too hard for me to read I don t usually have a problem with bad language and can soldier on through the violent and rough parts of a book, even gravitate towards some horror, some very dark books, but this one hurt me to read The author s book Push on which the movie Precious was based, was also an emotionally hard read, but I thought it was excel [...]

  21. Clearly, one of the most disturbing stories I have ever read The writing was tricky to say the least, the story jumped all over and there were too many run on thoughts for my liking.I love agonizing stories This delivered But not really my style.

  22. A very thought provoking and engaging book But ultimately confusing and some what unsatisfying This is a sequel to Push, Sapphire s 1996 novel which was made into the 2009 movie Precious While you can read The Kid without having read Push, I d do them in order If you have not read Push, or seen Precious, this review will have spoilers.Push ends as as the main character leaves her abusive life behind and creates a new life with her toddler son, Abdul The Kid begins when Abdul is 9 and his mother [...]

  23. The sequel to Sapphire s Push, which became the acclaimed movie Precious, tells of what happened to Precious s son, Abdul, after her passing Orphaned at nine, Abdul is taken from one abusive to put it mildly environment to the next, hardening him and distorting much of his sense of reality.It s not a book that one enjoys, really, and it s a difficult book to review I m sure, sadly, there are real life stories just like Abdul s that should be told and brought attention to, but it still feels too [...]

  24. First off, the rating I really want to give this book is 2.5, but since doesn t allow that, I d say it has to be closer to 2 stars This novel was hard to read Because of its stream of consciousness style and because of the rough at times PERVERTED content Abdul, the main character doesn t get any breaks in life After his mother Precious finally succumbs to AIDS when he is 9 years old, he is put into foster care and every horror that kids in the system are known to endure, Abdul contends with He [...]

  25. Hard to believe, but this was violent, sickening, bleak than it s predecessor Push I was horrified in the beginning and then angry and finally depressed by The Kid s story In my work as an RN and Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner SANE I touched on the nightmare lived by children in the system the abuse and neglect and torture they suffered first from blood family and then from foster family Family history and individual identity become too horrific to live with These damaged children grow into ir [...]

  26. I had so many expectations for this book because it was the sequal to Push, which I loved so much Sapphire outdid herself with Push and brought Precious Jones into your heart and you were rooting for her and felt so bad for her This story began with Precious s funeral It was to be expected, but still sad and Abdul her son was destined to have a hard life by the way he came into the world The book was sad, it was raw, it was shocking at times, at times it was confusing It was a very depressing st [...]

  27. I was not disappointed that Abdul did not change his ways, but the fact that I began to think OKAY, I GET IT sexual abuse now let s move on was not good To put it simply, I thought the narration was awkward and that the graphic aspects of the book were just a tad TOO MUCH It seemed as though if someone had not been sexually abused, that they had sexually abused someone in their past The rape presented in the book was thrown into the reader s face FAR too much, as I said, the intensity levels wer [...]

  28. This is not an easy book to read Much like her previous book Push the basis for the movie Precious it is graphic The Kid picks up not quite where Push ends with Precious dying of complications from AIDS Abdul her son is nine With no other family in sight he is introduced into the foster care system From here on in Abdul is both victim and perpetrator of horrible acts of violence He is both victim of rape and rapist His voice is at once wizened and juvenile The book is jarring as it moves back an [...]

  29. The book was beyond disturbing for me I only read the whole thing because I kept waiting for Abdul to redeem himself While Push was a difficult read, there was hope alive within the novel This book was just shock for shock s value Abdul had no redeeming qualities and believed that because he was a victim, that gave him the right to victimize others He had no remorse And, the end of the book still has me completely confused I have no idea what happened Much of the book was confusing because of al [...]

  30. This is the deal, I loved Push by Sapphire and was interested in reading The Kid by the same author Of course, Push was difficult to read in places but I could stomach it becuase it was a beautiful story and well written However, I had to quit reading the Kid at page 53 I cannot finish this book and would NOT recommend this to book to anyone The violence in so horrific and so ghastly that my stomach actually did a flip and I felt ill The sad part is that the horrendous and sick nearly pornograph [...]

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