Mountain of Black Glass

Mountain of Black Glass Best Read || [Tad Williams] - Mountain of Black Glass, Mountain of Black Glass The Grail Brotherhood has built the most powerful sophisticated simulation network imaginable At the same time they have manipulated ad injured the minds of thousands of children This proclamation f
  • Title: Mountain of Black Glass
  • Author: Tad Williams
  • ISBN: 9780886779061
  • Page: 142
  • Format: Ebook

Mountain of Black Glass Best Read || [Tad Williams], Mountain of Black Glass, Tad Williams, Mountain of Black Glass The Grail Brotherhood has built the most powerful sophisticated simulation network imaginable At the same time they have manipulated ad injured the minds of thousands of children This proclamation from the mysterious Mr Sellars confirmed what Renie Sulaweyo had feared to be true when she first broke into the Otherland network in a desperate search for the cause of he The Mountain of Black Glass Best Read || [Tad Williams] - Mountain of Black Glass, Mountain of Black Glass The Grail Brotherhood has built the most powerful sophisticated simulation network imaginable At the same time they have manipulated ad injured the minds of thousands of children This proclamation f
  • Mountain of Black Glass Best Read || [Tad Williams]
    142Tad Williams
Mountain of Black Glass

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  1. Tad Williams is a California based fantasy superstar His genre creating and genre busting books have sold tens of millions worldwide, in twenty five languages His considerable output of epic fantasy and science fiction book series, stories of all kinds, urban fantasy novels, comics, scripts, etc have strongly influenced a generation of writers the Otherland epic relaunches June 2018 as an MMO on steam Tad is currently immersed in the creation of The Last King of Osten Ard , planned as a trilogy with two intermediary novels He, his family and his animals live in the Santa Cruz mountains in a suitably strange and beautiful house tadwilliams mrstad

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  1. Well this book was really, really good again I think we can solidly say that Tad Williams is now a very firm favourite author of mine I did feel that although I really love the different worlds within Otherland and seeing our team exploring them, this one actually didn t give us that many answers in terms of the overall plot direction until right at the end I do think some of it could possibly have been cut to make it exciting, but otherwise this is just of the same super world from Williams.T [...]

  2. Executive Summary Things are really picking up in the 3rd of this 4 volume doorstopper.Audio book Another excellent job by George Newbern With books as long as these, it s important to have a good narrator, and thankfully they ve made a good choice Clear, good volume, good inflections and a variety of voices making the audio a good choice.Full ReviewBoth the previous two books in this series suffer from slower parts, and this one was no different However, I found this one to have the fewest numb [...]

  3. I don t know what it is about this series, but the second and third books have really been just travelling, travelling, travelling, with no real advancement of the plot The first book was spectacular but now it seems that Williams is content with showing the reader how cool each simulated world is rather than injecting any kind of mystery, intrigue, or hey an actual story Really disappointing as Tad Williams is one of my favorite fantasy authors At this point I m not even sure that I want to rea [...]

  4. This one was a pretty good installment of the Otherland series There were no numerous random simulations that plagued the second book so much and the plot seem to strengthen somewhat It was a bit long winded in the last 100 pages or so but still enjoyable Though it probably brought it down from 5 to 4 stars for me This was a thoroughly entertaining read I m looking forward to the next one.

  5. Mountain of Black Glass is the next book and continues the adventures of the very disparate gang from the previous book in which we see them start to come closer and closer together as they go through the various virtual world in an attempt to undo what the Grail Brotherhood are attempting to do and to healthy while doing it DAs in the previous book the characterisation is really great with all the characters feeling very different throughout D As the story progresses straight after the previous [...]

  6. Even though it took me a lot longer to read this one, I think I liked it better than the second volume, chiefly because stuff happened Through the middle of the book, the narrative remained plodding, the development of each random simworld being front and center of this story, but the end was exciting and the different pieces of the story began to fit together Paul Jonas finally hooked up with Renie and Xabbu, et al who were reunited with Orlando and Fredericks, and we know a little bit about t [...]

  7. Audiobook from Penguin AudioNarrated by George NewbernLength 27.25 hoursThe sequel to City of Golden Shadow and River of Blue Fire, this is the third installment of 4 in the Otherland series As with River of Blue Fire, Mountain of Black Glass picks up where the last one left off Where I rated River of Blue Fire 3 stars it was a solid middle book in a series , this one gets 4 because of the time spent in Greek mythology, something I ve always loved As a middle book in a series, it s hard not to s [...]

  8. Der 3 Teil der SCIFI Trilogie kommt nach dem spannenden Finale im 2 Teil in der Qualit t bei weitem nicht an die ersten beiden Teile heran.Erstens weil die Phantasie und Innovationskraft bzgl der beschriebenen VR Environments massiv nachl t Die Geschichte findet bis auf eine Ausnahme fast nur noch im alten gypten und in der Odyssee des Homer statt Der Plot ist daher sehr absehbar und ohnhin hinl nglich bekannt Zweitens bekommt die erneut zersplitterte Geschichte durch die getrennten Erz hlstr ng [...]

  9. This is my favorite of the Otherland volumes so far There s less hesitance in the story telling, and now that all the characters have been finally introduced and set in motion, this volume moves forward at a much better pace than the last two Also, there was an added sense of connection to this piece of the story for me because of so many references I recognize from Homer s classics.

  10. I have no problem with multivolume doorstop epics however Williams doesn t know where he s going and it shows Characters stumble aimlessly through worlds, Williams kills off the metaphysical side of the story, and substitutes imagery for substance.

  11. Ahhhhhhe deep sigh that comes from plugging away at a series because you hope it will pay off The pages start to weigh several pounds each and the effort required to keep turning them becomes a force of will.

  12. Whew Williams had worn me down with so many words 3 moves faster and gives character info, which is much needed if you ve gotten this far.

  13. Wer High Fantasy mag, wird von dieser Reihe sicherlich ebenso begeistert sein wie ich Im Grunde genommen ist diese Reihe auch genre bergreifend Sie hat Sci Fi Elemente, M rchen Anteile, aber auch anspruchsvolle Epen wie der Fall Trojas, und die Protagonisten m ssen st ndig Entscheidungen treffen, sind peprmanent in Gefahr get tet zu werden und entscheiden sich, als sie die Gelegenheit erhalten, aus dem Ganzen aussteigen zu k nnen, dennoch dagegen, wollen am gro en Ziel festhalten, ihre Freunde n [...]

  14. Fantastic Mountain of Black Glass is the third of Tad Williams four Otherland books, but it is definitely not least Paul Jonas finds himself in the role of Odysseus, confronting yet another incarnation of the winged woman who haunts his dreams His ultimate goal, given to him by the bird woman, is to find Troy, but soon he is thrown into a nightmare as he is forced to live through the tribulations of his famous character in reverse order Meanwhile, Rennie, Martine, Xabbu, Florimel, T4b, and Emily [...]

  15. We tell lies when we are afraid afraid of what we don t know, afraid of what others will think, afraid of what will be found out about us But every time we tell a lie, the thing that we fear grows stronger Tad WilliamsOne of my favorite modern speculative fiction writers is Tad Williams Best known for his groundbreaking fantasy series Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn, I first discovered his writing by reading his equally impressive science fiction series Otherland I m a big fan of myths and fairytales, [...]

  16. While book three rated the same stars as book two in the series, it is worlds better to read And the reason for that is there are fewer worlds Rather than just throwing as much of his imagination at us as he can, in this book Mr Williams actually only presents a few worlds, and time is left for some really decent character development and for plot formation It was really refreshing to have story once again become part of the, well, storyThree minor notations dispersed character and plot elements [...]

  17. Now that I m done with this volume, I can look back in awe at how many pages I ve turned to get to this point and yet I can t honestly say it should have taken this long I can still remember the sequence of the plot so far but the sheer amount of words seems too many for the amount of forward movement in the story Everything is epic, for sure, but it cooled my enthusiasm that diving into new worlds would again cause a slowdown in the narrative momentum, with new information or revelations sprink [...]

  18. 1,800 pages into William s 4,000 page sci fi virtual reality epic, I had to make a choice Did nearly two thousand pages of invested time mean I should finish the series, or did the fact that I was growing bored and I could devote 2,200 pages of my life to worthwhile literature mean I should just cut my losses I chose the latter Even though the main plot was getting and interesting, it was being spread out further and further apart, as and of the books were being devoted to wandering though [...]

  19. Tad Williams has a gift for the written word Or, accurately, a gift for about five qudrazillion of them because he writes in The Most Dense Fucking Prose Ever And uses far too few clever literary devices such as the preceding one Which is a shame, really, because the story is pretty captivating and has proven to be somewhat prescient But god to the damn, yo, my cat Nelly has a better chance of penning the next great Broadway musical than the average reader has of slogging through this entire se [...]

  20. Das Epos geht weiter, und die Handlungsstr nge der verschiedenen Gruppen greifen immer mehr ineinander Allm hlich deuten sich auch erste Hinweise auf die Hintergr nde an, und gegen Ende gibt es den ersten Knalleffekt Es, bleibt spannend, und man fragt sich, wie sich die Kontrahenten wohl am Ende schlagen werden Die wirklich gro e Frage bleibt jetzt, ob Williams es schafft, das Mammutwerk mit einem vern nftigen Ende zu kr nen.

  21. There needs to be an abandoned option in.Around the middle of book 2 I started losing interest in this series, but i finished book 2 I started book 3 hoping to get reinvigorated but it just never happened I learned a long time ago there are too many great books to slug through a story I m not engaged in.

  22. Tad Williams creates some bizzare words, both beatuful and horrifying, and I took particular joy in exploring each new setting that the characters came upon This series is a testiment to the limitless possibilities that lie within the human imagination

  23. The Otherland saga continues Gets a little slow towards the last quarter of the book At this point, I ve invested in three 700 page books so I m going to read the last book of the series either way I can t wait to see how this all resolves itself.

  24. One of the best sci fi series I ve ever read Just a warning to interested readers there are several books of over 1000 pages, and once you start you won t be able to put them down Make sure you have a serious block of time because these books are addictive.

  25. My favorite of the series so far Ratchets up the tension, answers some longstanding questions, presents new ones One to go, but I m going to take a break and read a few other books first so I can come back to the series with a fresh mind.

  26. Very long but for some reason I couldn t put it down Amazing that a fantasy author could put out science fiction of this caliber.

  27. You really start figuring out where all the different characters that are in this book fit into the scheme of things Another large on but still a very easy read.

  28. I really enjoyed these books, I got lost in the otherworld and found the descriptive narrative and details amazing.

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