Free Read Remembrance - by Theresa Breslin - Remembrance, Remembrance Scotland A group of teenagers from two families meet for a picnic but the war across the Channel is soon to tear them away from such youthful pleasures All too soon the horror of what is to be
  • Title: Remembrance
  • Author: Theresa Breslin
  • ISBN: 9780552547383
  • Page: 430
  • Format: Paperback

Free Read Remembrance - by Theresa Breslin, Remembrance, Theresa Breslin, Remembrance Scotland A group of teenagers from two families meet for a picnic but the war across the Channel is soon to tear them away from such youthful pleasures All too soon the horror of what is to become known as The Great War engulfs them their friends and the whole village From the horror of the trenches to the devastating reality seen daily by those nursing the woScotland A Free Read Remembrance - by Theresa Breslin - Remembrance, Remembrance Scotland A group of teenagers from two families meet for a picnic but the war across the Channel is soon to tear them away from such youthful pleasures All too soon the horror of what is to be
  • Free Read Remembrance - by Theresa Breslin
    430Theresa Breslin

About Author

  1. Theresa Breslin was born and brought up in Kirkintilloch, a small town in central Scotland She is the recipient of the Carnegie Medal, Britain s most prestigious children s book award, for Whispers in the Graveyard, and her books for young people receive critical acclaim and appear regularly on children s book award short lists in the United Kingdom A longtime librarian, Breslin was awarded lifelong honorary membership in the Scottish Library Association for distinguished services to children s literature and librarianship.

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  1. 4.5 stars Loved, loved, loved this So many emotions and unique characters And just downright realistic It was sad, but yet wonderful all at the same time I took a half star because I didn t like Maggie s attitude women s right and all , but thankfully she wasn t as big on it by the end of the book and it added a different POV to the story I loved the complexities that Francis had with the war and his struggles that were shown in his letters to Maggie And then that scene with Alex toward the end [...]

  2. I think I read this last year or the year before that when doing some research for WW1 and I honestly can t remember it all that well, so my rating isn t definite I think I remember liking it, and yet being made miserable by it Of course, that was also back when I liked every book I read because I never read books by modern authors, so yep.Yes, I will write an actual review some day maybe P

  3. This is a book that I would like to own The story mainly follows the lives of two families with five children, aged 15 to 21 when the story begins They live in Scotland and all deal with World War I in vastly different ways The book begins by focusing on two of the five, then switching over to a different two, then adding two , and finishing with a focus on four of the original five So, you read firsthand opinions of all of them There are references to many works of literature and art that exist [...]

  4. Remembrance is written by Carnegie Medal winning author Theresa Breslin, who has rather a lot of titles to her name Its story is centered around the First World War, beginning as it does in the summer of 1915 and spanning the remainder of the conflict The premise is that in a small Scottish village named Stratharden, the Great War is to alter the course of five young lives for ever.A group of teenagers, all of whom live within the village, are brought together at a picnic and become firm friends [...]

  5. I was completely bowled over by the Audio version of this book sadly, abridged It was so tastefully written and so beautifully read by Frances Thorburn and Gary Bakewell I shall definitely keep this to listen to again and intend to read the full written version at some time too The five main characters are aged bewteen 14 and 23 at the time of WWI, The Great War We meet them as the guns of war are starting to be heard over the chanel, yet picnics on a sunny day are still a glorious option All fi [...]

  6. THIS BOOK SO many rereads So many memories curling up in bed with these characters whoops that came out wrong and so much love for this book It was my first grown up book, and the first book I remember crying over I must have reread it 20 times and I reread it yesterday and it was still just as good I still cried at the last page and sighed over the darling scenes and I still kinda have a crush on Francis and John simultaneouslyAD IT Definitely one of my favourite WW1 books ever.And my heart is [...]

  7. This is a powerful novel of how WWI affects two families, one upper class and one working class Young men dream of war and of peace two young women must figure out whether their destinies lie with the traditions of their families or somewhere greater Though this book was sad, I really liked the coming of age stories of the two young women and the honest portrayal of war.

  8. An amazing account of World War I which covers with sensitivity and realism almost every aspect of the conflict from the eyes of four teenagers For anyone who enjoyed reading A Rose For The Anzac Boys this book is a must read In my opinion it may even be slightly better

  9. World War 1 through the eyes of teens who went with optimism and returned with a very different view This book brings home to the reader just how much was lost by so many and how radical changes came to women s working lives.Recommended to Y9 13 ages 13 18 waning to read of historical world events.

  10. Actual Rating 3.5 starsI received this free from the publishers via NetGalleyCharlotte knew that in times like this there was no difference in class or wealth or religion or race that people cried, and wept, and broke with sorrow in Britain and in France, in Belgium and Russian, and in Germany too.Remembrance follows the lives of four teenagers Francis, a pacifist who opposes the war Charlotte and Maggie, two young nurses who tend to the wounded, wanting to help and find themselves John, who wis [...]

  11. Review first posted at Quite Spectacular The year is 1915 and the war has already gone on longer than predicted Two sets of siblings become friends in the unlikeliest circumstances just before the realities of the war begin to permeate their lives Focusing on the fighting and life back home, the story follows the friends through the thick of it and the aftermath Remembrance was stirring, thought provoking, and heartbreaking I rarely read anything about World War I the last being The Last Summer [...]

  12. I ve not read anything by this author before, but I was drawn to this book because of my interest in reading novels about World War 1 It felt familiar, like I d read about it before somewhere It turns out that I had it on my Wishlist I must have added it at least 3 years ago I bought it in a charity shop and it was in the adult section the cover, whilst pretty, doesn t make it look like a childrens book.As I started reading this book, I was rather surprised by the tone of it It felt almost like [...]

  13. Even though the writing was good and solid, this book was kind of blah to me Was definitely left with a deep impression of how much life was lost during the World War I era and how pointless that war seemed I will say that the author did a great job creating a high degree of authenticity you can tell she did a lot of research Other than that, the book didn t seem to really resolve a lot of issues or make any important points Seemed like something was missingbut not sure what it was.

  14. I found it hard for me to get into this book and I found the feminist outlook shown through it rather annoying However I did enjoy the story of the characters and of their growth Although I liked him I was glad John Malcolm died I also loved Francis and Maggie s romance through their letters.

  15. Meh, didn t really grab me at all I found it a bit of a trek to read Wouldn t be my cup of tea now.

  16. Sadly didnt love this book as much as I wanted to I didn t find any of the characters pleasant or interesting in the slightest Meh.

  17. I can t believe how long it took me to read the 303 pages of this book was amazing though definitely recommend to everyone.

  18. This cover is so freaking gorgeous xkdkdka bfkj slnvlngvsn Although I know a fair amount about it, I haven t read many books about the First World War I think the Second World War was so big that most of the stories tend to be set there, which is a real shame because the First World War was just as horrific and just as important Remembrance covers lots of things, from women finding their feet in this new era to post traumatic stress disorder, something that wasn t known about at the time.There s [...]

  19. Theresa Breslin s Remembrance focuses on five teenagers from two families, exploring how World War I shaped and formed them, or else broke and ruined them, The novel takes place over a four year time period 1915 through to 1918 and many facets of the British experience of WWI are covered in the lives of these five teenagers.John Malcolm Dundas, for example, stands as the ordinary soldier, who thought of war as doing his duty His sweet heart, Charlotte Armstrong Barnes has lived a privileged life [...]

  20. You smug faced crowds with kindling eye, who cheer when soldier lads march by, sneak home and pray you never know the hell where youth and laughter go Siegfried SassoonI first need to thank the author, Theresa Breslin and the publishers at RHCP Digital, for allowing me access via netgalley to this book, in exchange for an honest review.I requested this book specifically, because this year I wanted to read some fiction non fiction relating to World War 1, since 2014 is the 100th anniversary of th [...]

  21. Remembrance Memorable or Not Book Review of Remembrance World War One is perceived by most as a ruthless conflict between nations around the globe that dragged on far too long, but some may argue that it was necessary and pushed countries tired economies, societies, and technologies into the future Remembrance, by Theresa Breslin, is a historical fiction novel whose characters explore the two sides of the Great War, and experience its unimaginable horrors as well as its hidden benefits The chara [...]

  22. This book proved to be the catalyst for a good discussion at our meeting and, because of the conversations we had, we raised our rating from 3 to 4 stars Some members struggled to get through the book for various reasons it sometimes felt a bit old hat, it was sometimes a bit preachy, the storyline felt quite obvious, and the narrative was a bit plodding We felt that it was worth keeping going to the end, however, because the final chapters were some of the strongest When we chose the book, we w [...]

  23. Although it might be said this novel has a light touch it is no less affecting and deserves to take its place as one of the great novels written about the First World War A compelling read not a searching analysis of the psychological impact of war on human lives as in Pat Barker, nor a visceral recreation of the full horror of close combat as in Seb Foulkes Birdsong but a compelling personal testament of the dislocation of young lives, the loss of innocence and broken families The stark contras [...]

  24. Remembrance is non fiction book by Theresa Breslin Remembrance is a heart warming book with a bit of romance and a lot of passion.This book is about a 15 year old girl named Charlotte who is desperate to change the world as the World War II is taking place She has had the passion and always wanted to be a nurse Her brother out to war, she is longing to help the wounded and to show her medical talent Charlotte is eager to save lives so she applies to be a nurse in a hospital to care for the sick [...]

  25. Iv e not read any books about world war 1 and didnt know what i should expect startin this one and it started of slow at the begining and i wasnt sure if i was enjoying it urned out it needed it learn about the main characters and get a sense of who they are This is a story of 2 families living during world war 1 in one family you read about charlotte and francis and from the second it was maggie, john and alex, their lives become linked during the first part of the storyThe boys were in the fro [...]

  26. This book, this graceful slow burn of a book is rather glorious in how it creeps up on you It is the story of two families and how their fortunes intertwine during the first world war And it is a story of doubt, I think, of doubt and of fear and of the odd tremor that comes when you find out that this is who you are and this is the world that you now live in.And this is what you can do.You can go to war, burning with the need to defend your country, or you stay at home, lost in your shades of gr [...]

  27. I ve always had a soft spot for historical fiction, particularly about the world wars Whenever I get to read them I devour them This story was heartbreaking, told through five perspectives of four teenagers and technically one adult during World War I.What I love about this book is the character development and the journey they take you on You see Charlotte, the girl who seems to have all of the fine things in life, grow up very quickly into a mature and loveable young woman who isn t afraid to [...]

  28. This historical novel examines war and peace from the varied points of view of five friends and neighbors coming of age during World War II John Malcolm gets enlists with enthusiasm, while pacifist Francis resists as long as he can and young Alex lies about his age to get into the army Charlotte gets involved in nursing in spite of her family s disapproval, while Maggie takes advantages of new opportunities for women and for her own self education Amidst the social and political upheavals, life [...]

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