Wisdom's Kiss

Free Read Wisdom's Kiss - by Catherine Gilbert Murdock - Wisdom's Kiss, Wisdom s Kiss Princess Wisdom known as Dizzy longs for a life of adventure far beyond the staid old kingdom of Montagne Tips a soldier longs to keep his true life secret from his family Fortitude an orphaned m
  • Title: Wisdom's Kiss
  • Author: Catherine Gilbert Murdock
  • ISBN: 9780547566870
  • Page: 389
  • Format: Hardcover

Free Read Wisdom's Kiss - by Catherine Gilbert Murdock, Wisdom's Kiss, Catherine Gilbert Murdock, Wisdom s Kiss Princess Wisdom known as Dizzy longs for a life of adventure far beyond the staid old kingdom of Montagne Tips a soldier longs to keep his true life secret from his family Fortitude an orphaned maid longs only for Tips These three passionate souls might just attain their dreams while preserving Montagne from certain destruction if only they can tolerate each othePrincess Wisdo Free Read Wisdom's Kiss - by Catherine Gilbert Murdock - Wisdom's Kiss, Wisdom s Kiss Princess Wisdom known as Dizzy longs for a life of adventure far beyond the staid old kingdom of Montagne Tips a soldier longs to keep his true life secret from his family Fortitude an orphaned m
  • Free Read Wisdom's Kiss - by Catherine Gilbert Murdock
    389Catherine Gilbert Murdock
Wisdom's Kiss

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  1. I grew up in small town Connecticut, on a tiny farm with honeybees, two adventurous goats, and a mess of Christmas trees My sister claims we didn t have a television, but we did, sometimes only it was ancient, received exactly two channels, and had to be turned off after 45 minutes to cool down or else the screen would go all fuzzy Watching or rather, watching Alfred Hitchcock s The Birds was quite the experience, because it s hard to tell a flock of vicious crows from a field of very active static this might be why I still can t stand horror movies, to this day.My sister Liz, who is now a Very Famous Writer with a large stack of books, was my primary companion, even though she was extremely cautious she wouldn t even try to jump off the garage roof, which involved crouching right at the edge for ten minutes working up your nerve, and then checking each time you landed to see if you d broken anything and she learned early on that losing at games was easier in the long run than putting up with me losing Now, of course, she travels all over the world collecting stories and diseases, while I stay at home scowling over paint chips, and losing on purpose to my kids So the cycle continues Read an New York Times article by Catherine and Liz People sometimes ask if I played football in high school no I ran cross country and track, badly, but I have absolutely no skill whatsoever with ball or team sports Plus my high school didn t even have a football team Instead, I was part of the art clique taking extra art classes, spending my study halls and lunch periods working on my latest still life Please tell me this was not a unique experience I didn t do much writing my sister was the anointed writer but I read my little eyeballs out I was the queen of our library s YA section.In college I studied architectural history The formal name was Growth and Structure of Cities Program, but for me, it was all about buildings I ve always been fascinated with the built environment how spaces fit together, how streets work, how they read And curiously Warning Life Lesson approaching , it s paid off in the oddest ways For example, several of us in our neighborhood recently got quite upset about a enormous building going in across the street, and while everyone agreed that they didn t like the way it looked, I was the one who stood up at public meetings and used words like entablature and cornice line and fenestration all this architectural jargon I d learned back at Bryn Mawr and sounded like I knew what I was talking about And because of that, the building ended up getting redesigned, and in my humble opinion now will look much attractive and appropriate, which is nice because I ll be looking at it for the rest of my life So don t be afraid to study what you love, because you do not know now, and you may not know for twenty years, how amazingly it will pay off But it will Dairy Queen was my first stab at creative writing since high school, not counting several years as a struggling screenwriter which followed several years as a struggling scholar I unabashedly recommend screenwriting for mastering the art of storytelling just don t pin any hopes on seeing your work on the big screen But you ll learn so much in the process that this won t matter I also recommend, you know, living I ve been passionate about food pretty much my whole life first eating it, now preparing and then eating it And so it plays a pretty big role in my writing, and adds so much flavor not literally, of course, but the you can add that s true, whether it s emotion or geography or gardening that s me in the picture above , then the stronger that story is.

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  1. Wisdom s Kiss is a children s fairy tale akin to Shannon Hale s and Jessica Day George s There is a princess, magic, a scheming villain, a suspiciously smart cat, romance and a happy ending.What distinguishes this tale from others in the genre is the book s format Wisdom s Kiss is an assemblage of letters, diaries, a play, memoirs, encyclopedic entries, etc Generally, I am quite fond of such narrative, as long as all formats are essential to the story and do not create redundancy Here, however, [...]

  2. I d like to start off by saying that this is the first book I ve ever read by Catherine Gilbert Murdock I have Dairy Queen on the way to my house, a book I ordered after reading than enthusiastic reviews by fellow GoodReaders and which I know is YA So when I saw Wisdom s Kiss on NetGalley, I decided to give it a try.I m pretty sure I can tell you that this is nothing like Dairy Queen, because this is a children s book And a really weird one at that.In the little town of Bacio lives Trudy aka Fo [...]

  3. I love Catherine Gilbert Murdock s writing because it is intelligent, highly unconventional and always makes me laugh Wisdom s Kiss is even unconventional than her other books, and I would highly recommend it for brave readers The storytelling is unusual with each character narrating their part in 2 3 page chapters, alternating between the script of a stage play, letters from one character to another, diary entries and heirloom stories passed on to a younger generation The characters are distin [...]

  4. I love this author s contemp YA s so was eager to try her fantasy I am very sorry to say this book drove me crazy I m 2 3 of the way through and it s been a constant struggle The story is told in an epistolary form one of my favorites but there are too many POVs EIGHT And a lot of it is a redundant telling of the story, which makes a very thin, weak plot unnecessarily long There was quite a bit of humor and wit in the story, but it didn t make up for the weakness of the story or the characteriza [...]

  5. I wanted to love this book It had a cute format, told through letters, autobiographies, encyclopedia entries, etc and each character had a unique voice However, the format also served to distance me from the characters a little, and while the external plot was fairly sound, the characters themselves didn t seem to go through much transformation at all I would recommend this book to people who are fans of diary style fiction and lighthearted reads, but there s not too much substance here.Also Lea [...]

  6. Overexcessive stylistic writing, a lack of plot movement, characters who seem to be concerned with the number of curlicues they can insert in their writings than in being complex and likable It s a shame that the straightforward and heartfelt charm of her D.J Schwenk novels has never translated into her fantasy forays Tone down on the epistolary cuteness and focus on giving readers a good and engrossing story

  7. Trudy is a young orphan with a gift for seeing the future Tips is also an orphan, who struggles with the oppressive hate of his older brothers and the dismal future of running the family mill They ve been best friends since infancy, and Trudy hopes Tips is her future When a man comes to take Tips as his apprentice to become a soldier, Trudy hates to see him go but knows it s for the best.Six years later, when both are grown and waiting to be reunited, fate and politics intervene Suddenly, Trudy [...]

  8. I loved this book Its gorgeous cover caught my eye, and then the way it was told, through letters, diaries, plays etc, was just enough to entice me to read it It is such a cute story, and I enjoyed all the different perspectives of the same events I found many parts funny and romantic I had not read Princess Ben yet, but I did after reading this I prefer this book I just had such a blast reading it.

  9. Although not obviously apparent for most of the book, this is actually a reimagined fairy tale The whole thing does read like a fairy tale, with princesses and betrayal and cats and magic What makes this book really stand out is the method that Murdock uses to tell the story Most of the plot unfolds through characters memoirs written ex post facto, diary entries or letters written to others There are also little snippets of plays interspersed between the other formats These generally depicted a [...]

  10. Orphaned Trudy and the miller s son Tips have long been friends when Tips is offered an opportunity to become a solider He becomes an apprentice to Felis el Gato and spends years away from Trudy, communicating only by mail Trudy, who has a gift of foresight to a certain extent anyway , stays in their village, hoping for his return When Princess Wisdom, on her way to her wedding, and her grandmother, Nonna Ben, stop at Trudy s inn, they enlist her to become a lady in waiting, as their ladies in w [...]

  11. I m surprised by Catherine Gilbert Murdock This is completely different from her Dairy Queen series It took a while to get into and understand all the people and introductions they had when it was their chapter I got into it about a quarter or of the way in I thought it was a good story but there was too much confusion on my part by the way everything was layed out I also didn t enjoy completely the way it was written but other times I did Longer review to come.

  12. Now this is what I call creative writing Some people take issue with Murdock s use of multiple P.O.V s eight in all However, as detailed in the author QA at the back of the book, Murdock did what a writer s supposed to Tell the story If the P.O.V being used isn t serving the story, then change the P.O.V or do as Murdock did and add new P.O.V s Perhaps eight points of view seems excessive to some, but it works and what results is a richly layered and deeply nuanced tale And even though this is a [...]

  13. Original review posted on The Book Smugglers HERE This is the true story of the event known as Wisdom s Kiss in which a Kingdom was saved, hearts were broken, a Circus flourished, magical shenanigans were deployed and true love was found.In the Kingdom of Montagne, Princess Wisdom wishes for a life of adventure but finds herself about to settle down and get married Fortitude, an orphaned kitchen maid, awaits for her childhood sweetheart to return from his travels Tips, a soldier, misses his love [...]

  14. Originally posted at longandshortreviews.cThe cover of this book has the words A Thrilling and Romantic Adventure Incorporating Magic, Villainy and a Cat These words say it all Princess Wisdom Dizzy becomes engaged to the man who has arrived to court her sister, Queen of Montagne She travels with her grandmother Ben Queen Mother of Montagne to her betrothed s home Crisis after crisis delays their arrival, eventually stranding them in an inn in Bacio with their ladies in waiting suffering from fo [...]

  15. Catherine Gilbert Murdock said that she enjoyed Wisdom s Kiss than anything she d ever created Of the five books of hers I have read, I have to admit it was my least favorite I adored her modern day teen Dairy Queen series It s not that I don t like fantasy I really do very much It s that WisK the author s shorthand title was told from eight EIGHT viewpoints, which, while allowing for varied perspectives and dramatic tension, made it a bit hard for me to keep track of what was what, at least un [...]

  16. Had this book ended differently, it would have been a 4, maybe even 5 star book in terms of my personal enjoyment, but, it ended the way it did which added a level of frustration that marred my enjoyment.This book is basically a re telling of Puss in Boots with a smattering of other fairy tale references thrown in, so I get why Tips ended up with the princess that s what happens in the story What was the point then, of having a love triangle which is not part of the original story My frustration [...]

  17. 1.5 starsThis book had a lot of great potential, but it ended up falling flat in a lot of ways It took me a while to get into it because of all the different characters and perspectives, but eventually the action picked up a bit and I was intrigued Then something specific happened with two of the characters which I can t reveal without being spoiler y and I seriously began to resent this book I kept hoping it might get better, but it really didn t.My first major complaint is all the different pe [...]

  18. Wissdoms kiss By catherine Gilbert MurdockDo you like fairytales If you do like fairytales like I do this is the book for you Wisdom kiss is a story that is romantic and like a fairytale You might also like it if you really like fairytales.The setting in my story is old kingdom the old of Montagne This is important in my story because it is where it all takes place The main characters in my story are Princess Wisdom, known as Dizzy, a soldier Fortitude, a cat and an orphaned maid The conflict in [...]

  19. 2.5 starsAdequate and occasionally charming in its language, the varying styles can be a bit jarring It moves from the third person memoirs of Trudy to history book entries on the places and characters to letters from Ben to her granddaughter Temperance Temperance is at home while Ben and her other granddaughter Wisdom Dizzy travel to Farina for Dizzy to eb wed to Duke Roger Then there are Dizzy s own diary entries and excerpts from a play detailing the events by an anonymous author and the over [...]

  20. I liked this book enough to finish it and there were a number of things I thought Gilbert Murdock did well The plot was excellent as was the world building and the characterizations The novel was, in essence, a screwball comedy of people falling in love with each others boyfriends minus the jokes.What I didn t like was the style The author told the story of Wisdom Trudy Queen Ben The Cat with 8 different POVs, one of which was written in screenplay form Note to the author plays are to be preform [...]

  21. This was was entertaining to read It is told from various viewpoints diaries, letters, histories, some true, some perhaps embellished I lilked the style of it with those various voices Unfortunately, it didn t quite all add up to a great story It seems that the sum of the parts are far less than the whole in this case It feels as if without the literary gymnastics, which are fun so I m not complaining, this wouldn t be much of a story Maybe because of the various focuses, it didn t feel that the [...]

  22. To be fair it warns you that it is written in many different voices And most times I don t mind books written in differ POVs however, this became tedious.There are many different players and many different parts and the ending isn t at all as I hoped it would be The main characters Trudy, Tips Tomas and Wisdom aka Dizzy Not to mention Nonna Ben, Teddy, Felis and the list goes on.The book is largely clips from Trudy and Tips life from childhood to approximately 18 would be my guess There is a lar [...]

  23. Upon reading this book, I felt the same way I felt finishing Princess Ben lukewarm There is just something missing from Murdock s fantasies I loved her realistic series Dairy Queen, etc though This new title is a mix of diary entries, encyclopedia articles, memoirs, and third person storytelling, in an attempt to tell the story of three young people whose destinies intersect Trudy is a beautiful servant in a village inn Tips is her adored friend, with whom she is in love, but he s off with the c [...]

  24. Oh where to start I really did not enjoy this book at all.No seriously, there is nothing about this book I can talk up.It was that bad.How many different points of view are too many Three, four, five Try eight.Yes EIGHT Once you take into account the diary entries, the encyclopedia entries, the letters, the play, the main characters, blah, blah, blah.FAR TOO MANY voices and often overlapping storytelling makes for very confusing and boring reading.It was a real CHORE to get through and to be hon [...]

  25. I wanted to love this book Catherine Gilbert Murdock s Dairy Queen series is fantastic, with one of my favorite heroines She has such an authentic, realistic voice Truly, I had great expectations when this book caught my eye last time I as at the library.And not that the writing is bad I just couldn t get into it Most likely it was the variety of formats that threw me off I never felt as if I got invested in any one character because things constantly shifted as far as view point and method of n [...]

  26. This is one of the best examples of gutsy writing I have ever seen It is told from 8 different points of view and it completely worksyou couldn t imagine it told any other way The vocabulary is very sophisticated, the literary references are abundant and sometimes a little obscure, but I d be surprised if either of these elements makes a single reader skip a beat Also, the author included a glossary which is almost as entertaining as the story I found the ending to be oh, so slightly unsatisfyin [...]

  27. First, I have to say that I have really enjoyed other books by this author, so I was very much looking forward to reading this one However, the style of writing, while clever at first, started to drag the story down By the middle of the book, you are dealing with 8 POV, some through letters, some through diary entries and there is even a play in there I found that I was just getting annoyed and that the writing style made it so that I was not invested in any of the characters or the story.

  28. This book was amazing It was funny, intelligent you know you re dealing with an educated author when you find yourself looking up words in the dictionary, clever, witty, and even suspenseful The format of the book is fresh and different, and keeps the reader laughing all the way through.A definite recommend to anyone

  29. I don t even know what I just read That was not a book, or even a story That was a bunch of random accounts thrown together There was very little plot, and what exsited of it was developed very poorly I hate to say it, but this book was a failed attempt at originality.

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