The Art of Love

¹ The Art of Love ✓ Ovid David Malouf James Michie - The Art of Love, The Art of Love De los cl sicos de la literatura Ovidio nos deleita con una l rica que habla del m s puro de los sentimientos El arte de amar Con este libro Ovidio nos ofrece en forma de poema unos consejos para
  • Title: The Art of Love
  • Author: Ovid David Malouf James Michie
  • ISBN: 9780375761171
  • Page: 430
  • Format: Paperback

¹ The Art of Love ✓ Ovid David Malouf James Michie, The Art of Love, Ovid David Malouf James Michie, The Art of Love De los cl sicos de la literatura Ovidio nos deleita con una l rica que habla del m s puro de los sentimientos El arte de amar Con este libro Ovidio nos ofrece en forma de poema unos consejos para obtener el amor de una mujer para poder conservarlo asimismo da consejos a las mujeres sobre el adecuado comportamiento hacia los hombres Utilizando ejemplos de la literatDe los cl si ¹ The Art of Love ✓ Ovid David Malouf James Michie - The Art of Love, The Art of Love De los cl sicos de la literatura Ovidio nos deleita con una l rica que habla del m s puro de los sentimientos El arte de amar Con este libro Ovidio nos ofrece en forma de poema unos consejos para
  • ¹ The Art of Love ✓ Ovid David Malouf James Michie
    430Ovid David Malouf James Michie
The Art of Love

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  1. Publius Ovidius Naso 20 March 43 BCE CE 17 18 , known as Ovid v d in the English speaking world, was a Roman poet best known for the Metamorphoses, a 15 book continuous mythological narrative written in the meter of epic, and for collections of love poetry in elegiac couplets, especially the As Love Affairs and Ars Amatoria Art of Love His poetry was much imitated during Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages, and greatly influenced Western art and literature The Metamorphoses remains one of the most important sources of classical mythology.Ovid is traditionally ranked alongside Virgil and Horace, his older contemporaries, as one of the three canonic poets of Latin literature He was the first major Roman poet to begin his career during the reign of Augustus, and the Imperial scholar Quintilian considered him the last of the Latin love elegists He enjoyed enormous popularity, but in one of the mysteries of literary history he was sent by Augustus into exile in a remote province on the Black Sea, where he remained until his death Ovid himself attributes his exile to carmen et error, a poem and a mistake , but his discretion in discussing the causes has resulted in much speculation among scholars.Ovid s prolific poetry includes the Heroides, a collection of verse epistles written as by mythological heroines to the lovers who abandoned them the Fasti, an incomplete six book exploration of Roman religion with a calendar structure and the Tristia and Epistulae ex Ponto, two collections of elegies in the form of complaining letters from his exile His shorter works include the Remedia Amoris Cure for Love , the curse poem Ibis, and an advice poem on women s cosmetics He wrote a lost tragedy, Medea, and mentions that some of his other works were adapted for staged performance.

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  1. Dear Ovid, You made me look like a sex pest.I was visiting a city for the day with a friend of mine it was cold outside and we d taken refuge in this really quaint bookstore It wasn t one of the chain ones, but a really quirky independent bookstore that had shelves packed with tomes and all sorts of literary marvels I spent a large amount of money in there Ovid I bought things at random without really paying attention to what they were I just wanted them all, you know how it is I saw this nice b [...]

  2. Short, sparkling, witty and sexy, this is a tongue in cheek comedy of the sexes dressed up as a how to guide It s best enjoyed on a hot afternoon, lounging somewhere comfortable with a fizzy cocktail in your other hand Ovid is great company a man of the world, funny and quotable and just the right side of disreputable He takes the would be lover through the whole process of finding, winning, and keeping a partner, covering such crucial areas as the perfect level of drunkenness, the trustworthine [...]

  3. I m a great collector of Folio Society books The choices in books are excellent and the quality of the books themselves is unsurpassed They are normally bound in full cloth and I m always so impressed with the vibrant colours of the illustrations as can be seen in this particular book.I came across this book purely by chance yesterday as I was dusting and noted that I purchased it in 1994 I vividly recall how impressed I was at the time both with the poetry and the illustrations.Looking at it no [...]

  4. Piacevole da leggere e sorprendente sotto vari aspetti, L arte d amare di Publio Ovidio Nasone un opera poetica che si distingue subito per contenuto ed eleganza stilistica, considerando la metrica utilizzata intreccio di esametri e pentametri e i copiosi e sempre affascinanti richiami al mito un poema che invita all a libero, c poco da girarci intorno Un vademecum per libertini, di libero stato civile o gi uniti in matrimonio che siano, uomini anzitutto ma anche donne dal momento che l ultima p [...]

  5. I was drawn in by the title and I feel cheated, so let me give you some title suggestions that will give you a truer idea of what this book is about 1 The Cheater s Guide To Cheat Some More 2 A Thousand Ways To Deceive 3 How To Make Fools Out Of Women 4 The Liar s Step By Step Manual 5 Cheating For Dummies 6 Bros Code 7 Cheating, said The Love Guru 8 Seduction Tips For Men And Slutty Women Too And the list could go on and on I know one needs to have in consideration the time period in which the [...]

  6. The art of the translation is so difficult When I was at the high school I studied Latin One day we had an extract of this book to translate I remember my incredulity to know if I had well understood Remove the dust of her chest even if there does not have dust I m still remember That changed us from Cic ro.For teenagers, it was exciting It was like erotic to discover the signification So I read the book but it was not the same pleasure to discover the text by translation.

  7. yaz ld d nemde bile ele tirilere maruz kalm bu eseri hele bir de bug nden bakarak okursak pek bir keyifli oldu u s ylenemez ancak eserin ne kadar eski oldu unu d nerek okursak heyecan vermiyor de il.

  8. If you don t know the art of love, read on after this poem, you should be a don Ovid is so cool I have the copy translated by Tom Payne published 2011 You can also read the version translated by Julian Lewis May 1930 here May translation sounds oldish but still is easy to understand Payne translation all quotes in this review come from Payne translation consists of pairs of lines that rhyme, so it has musical quality This is love before Christianity severed love and sex, a sad cultural tradition [...]

  9. This slender volume is perhaps the wittiest, most sophisticated, outrageously amusing instructional handbook of all time It is a parody of a didactic treatise, a three book exposition on how to play the game of love and come out a winner Ovid is a literary provocateur, a skillful subversive whose ironic gamesmanship never lets up Similes comparing women at Roman theaters to swarming ants or bees turn Vergil s Aeneid along with the Roman values it celebrates upside down, and the tale of Romulus a [...]

  10. I read this for class recently, and I have to say I m somewhat impressed and somewhat confused What I can t work out is the relationship between what I found to be the overtly satirical tone and the carefully crafted series of analogies imparting what seems like literal advice Either Ovid was poking fun at what he considered an absurd game men and women play to socially justify their sex lives, or he was concerned about something darker and intended to approach it with a bit of levity I can appr [...]

  11. Roma imparatoru Augustus taraf ndan yasaklanan ve ozan Ovidius un s r lmesine neden olan Ars Amatoria The Art of Love A k Sanat , nl ozan n ne kadar yetenekli oldu unu okuyucuya g stermesine ra men i lenen a k temas ndaki ahlaki a dan sorunlu tutum eserin zerine g lge d r yor Zaman n n artlar na g re de erlendirildi inde bile yazar n b y k tepkilerle kar la t n d n rsek eseri g n m z artlar yla incelemenin ok da yanl olmad ortada Erkek ve kad n genellemeleriyle cinsiyetler aras nda sava karma po [...]

  12. 5 stars to The Art of Love, The Cure for Love, and Treatments for a Feminine Face This was fantastic, my only regret was that I didn t read it in the summer If you ve read Shakespeare s Venus and Adonis, the feeling is the same It s hard to explain Anyway, this was quite possibly the funniest, AND most useful book of love advice I ve ever read Nearly everything he wrote with some obvious, hair pulling and garment ripping exceptions can be applied to the 21st century Casanova This translation was [...]

  13. There is no need for anyone to write about the art of seduction, or to travel the world as a pick up artist Ovid revealed all about two thousand years ago, at times with explicit detail Some sound advice using Roman mythology to illustrate his points, and while some advice seems well and truly inappropriate, in other parts he seems very progressive, and he advocates a good sex life for both men and women.

  14. I think I understand why Ovid got exiled On a separate note, I ll keep Book 3 in mind when pursuing potential partners especially his advice for short girls Who know Ovid was a beauty guru too

  15. Many contemporary chess Grandmasters consider almost useless to study games from the old masters due to computer engines being far stronger than any chess player that has ever played the game Magnus Carlsen disagrees, and he is the best chess player in the world What I mean with this is that I highly recommend this book to contemporary sociopaths, pick up artists, etc despite their knowledge of NPL, every guru of seduction from the last two decades and both indirect and physical game.Picking up [...]

  16. Passano i secoli, cambiano i vestiti e le case Migliorano i mezzi di trasporto e di comunicazione Le lingue mutano, le distanze si accorciano La scienza e la medicina fanno passi da gigante Migliorano la condizione di vita Ma l uomo no N l etica che gestisce i rapporti interpersonali Alla faccia dei social network, alla faccia del Ma oggi si fa cos , alla faccia delle gonne lunghe o corte, del topless si oppure no, della pillola e del preservativo, dei matrimoni gay e della fecondazione assistit [...]

  17. E strutturato in tre libri i primi due sono dedicati agli uomini, come individuare e far cadere l amata ai tuoi piedi e come tenertela.La terza parte rivolta alle donne, stesso tipo di argomenti.Mi aspettavo qualcosa di decisamente pi poetico, la parte per gli uomini pare scritta da un uomo con la clava la parte delle donne farebbe impallidire cosmopolitan.Ok, ho esagerato, per Per spiegare i concetti introduce nella narrazione parecchi miti, descrivendoli molto piacevolmente, per esempio la sto [...]

  18. This is a fine translation in modern English It s not colloquial, but it s readable The one problem I have with it is that it uses a rhyming scheme The sense of the Latin is there, and all the Greco Roman myth is there, but the English takes a lot of liberties with the Latin The choices the translator makes are generally good, but don t expect a word by word translation.

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