Parnassus on Wheels

[PDF] Parnassus on Wheels | by ☆ Christopher Morley - Parnassus on Wheels, Parnassus on Wheels I warn you said the funny looking little man with the red beard I m here to sell this caravan of culture and by the bones of Swinburne I think your brother s the man to buy it Christopher Morley s
  • Title: Parnassus on Wheels
  • Author: Christopher Morley
  • ISBN: 9781414270654
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Parnassus on Wheels | by ☆ Christopher Morley, Parnassus on Wheels, Christopher Morley, Parnassus on Wheels I warn you said the funny looking little man with the red beard I m here to sell this caravan of culture and by the bones of Swinburne I think your brother s the man to buy it Christopher Morley s unforgettably weird classic tale of adventure on a traveling bookstore called Parnassus drawn by a steed called Pegasus Not to be missed [PDF] Parnassus on Wheels | by ☆ Christopher Morley - Parnassus on Wheels, Parnassus on Wheels I warn you said the funny looking little man with the red beard I m here to sell this caravan of culture and by the bones of Swinburne I think your brother s the man to buy it Christopher Morley s
  • [PDF] Parnassus on Wheels | by ☆ Christopher Morley
    230Christopher Morley
Parnassus on Wheels

About Author

  1. Christopher Morley was born in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania while his father was a mathematics professor at Haverford College Morley graduated from this same school in 1910 as valedictorian He then went to New College, Oxford University for three years on a Rhodes Scholarship, studying modern history Arriving home, he headed out to Garden City to begin his life of letters at Doubleday, where he worked as a publicist and publisher s reader About this time he married Helen Fairchild, and they lived first in Hempstead, and then in Queens Village Morley moved to Philadelphia where he got his start as a newspaper reporter and then columnist for various publications In 1920, he returned to New York City and took a job writing the column The Bowling Green for the New York Evening Post 1 He was one of the founders and long time contributing editor of the Saturday Review of Literature A highly gregarious man, he was the mainstay of what he dubbed the Three Hours for Lunch Club Out of enthusiasm for the Sherlock Holmes stories, he became the founder of the Baker Street Irregulars and wrote the introduction to the standard omnibus edition of The Complete Sherlock Holmes In 1936 he was appointed to revise and enlarge Bartlett s Familiar Quotations 1937, 1948 He was one of the first judges for the Book of the Month Club, serving in that position until the early 1950s.Author of than 100 books of essays, poetry, and novels, Morley is probably best known as the author of Kitty Foyle 1939 , which was made into an Academy Award winning movie Other well known works include Thunder on the Left 1925 , and The Haunted Bookshop 1919 and Parnassus on Wheels 1917 , his two novels of a fictional bookseller.For most of his life, he lived in Roslyn Heights, Nassau County, Long Island, commuting to the city on the Long Island Rail Road, about which he wrote affectionately In 1961, a 98 acre park was named in his honor in Nassau County This park preserves his studio, the Knothole , as a point of interest, his furniture and bookcases available to the historically interested public.

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  1. This is a pilot for a new feel good tv series Opening Credits It is a glorious morning on a deserted track somewhere in the rural Midwest Rolling on the lane is a long gypsy type wagon being pulled by a great big horse On the open seat up front holding the reins is a cheery man of middle years with kind brown eyes who is laughing gently in a conversational kind of way with a fat, rather plain but very jolly lady They are wearing clothes of the era when cars and wagons shared the roads, 1917.Intr [...]

  2. This is an old fashioned, sweet novella published in 1917, about a self described fat old woman she s only 39 who s never done anything but work as a governess and, later, cook and keep house for her bachelor brother, Andrew Helen is content with her existence until her brother decides to start writing books about the joys of country life he calls his first book Paradise Regained and unexpectedly becomes a celebrity author Suddenly he s a big literary man, traveling around looking for inspiratio [...]

  3. What is a good book A good book ought to have something simple about it And, like Eve, it ought to come from somewhere near the third rib there ought to be a heart beating in it Check, check and check.This is a simple, sweet story 160 pages about a bookstore on wheels called Parnassus, the woman who buys it, and the man who can t quite give it up.I love the heart in this story The woman is described as a fat, middle aged spinster who has spent her youth as housekeeper to her bachelor brother She [...]

  4. I ll admit to being sort of torn on how many stars to give this story At times I feel like I m a little too liberal with how I fling 5 stars around at book reviews In this case, the story wasn t anything so complex It was just a short, simple adventure vaguely reminiscent of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer if Tom Sawyer had really, really loved books And been a woman But I had so much fun reading it that I couldn t put the story down It was short, sweet, and didn t try to be anything other than a f [...]

  5. Without friends I would never have been introduced to this utterly charming novella, written in 1917 Perhaps it is less known than other books which we classify as classics because Parnassus on Wheels does not bridge adult and children s fiction, as do Treasure Island or Huckleberry Finn And it certainly isn t a windswept anguished romance, peopled by lovely young women as do the Br nte sisters ilk But it certainly stands the test of time, and for that alone, I must award it five stars Think adv [...]

  6. when you sell a man a book you don t just sell him twelve ounces of paper and ink and glue you sell him a whole new life Love and friendship and humour and ships at sea by night there s all heaven and earth in a book I read this delightful little novella this afternoon I bought it at Parnassus Books in Nashville where they have loads of copies in stock at all times It s clearly a shop favorite Their own Parnassus on Wheels is a blue bus called Pegasus, Peggy for short.

  7. Not as smooth or clever as Morley s later writing, but very sweet and fun Come on, what book lover could hate a short novel about driving around in a horse drawn wagon bringing books to the bookless

  8. What absurd victims of contrary desires we are If a man is settled in one place he yearns to wander when he wanders he yearns to have a home And yet how bestial is content all the great things in life are done by discontented people Roger Mifflin of Mifflin s Travelling ParnassusThis is a tale of adventure, and although actual mileage is accrued and county lines are crossed, it s really a personal journey one woman s mission to travel outside her comfort borders For the past 15 years, all had b [...]

  9. Ah, delightful story I read it through in one sitting it isn t very long and loved every bit of the tale of Helen, Roger, and Parnassus the bookmobile Helen is growing deeply tired of tending her brother s affairs when she meets Roger Mifflin, who wants to sell Parnassus so he can go to Brooklyn and write his book in peace Helen, in a streak of adventure, buys the mobile and sets off to become a bookseller I loved the descriptions Helen is thirty nine and heavy but shows plenty of sense and indu [...]

  10. Solo me viene una descripci n a la cabeza sobre esta novela sencillamente encantadora Me ha atrapado desde el primer momento

  11. view spoiler Este libro me sorprendi un poco porque, si bien me esperaba que destilara amor por los libros cosa que lo hace muy bonito , no me esperaba encontrarme a una mujer de 39 a os con crisis existencial No que esto haya sido malo, para nada, pero s me sorprendi.El hombrecillo me cay divinamente bien, es un personaje bastante ameno y no pude evitar soltar m s de una carcajada con algunas de las cosas con las que saltaba.Lo que s me dej un tanto pasmada fue el insta love S , se or, el insta [...]

  12. There isn t much I can say about this book other then that it was a great read Brilliantly written, while still kept quiet simple and above all else, lovely.

  13. This was a delightful little treasure Miss Helen McGill, spinster of 39 years, did not realize how tired she was of keeping house for her brother, until the offer was made to buy the book wagon, Parnassus, and she began to count how many loaves of bread she had made over the years How Mr Morley wrote such an early feminist book is beyond me but it was well worth the read Parnassus according to the dictionary a collection of poems or of elegant literature Miss McGill and Mr Mifflin are wonderful [...]

  14. Charming, simply charming I don t believe in all my readings over the years I missed this author I m totally in love with this short and sweet gem of a novella, published in 1917, almost a hundred years ago I m going to read of Morley I m definitely reading the sequel The Haunted Bookshop as my 1947 edition of this book has both under one cover.Despite its low page count, Parnassus on Wheels incorporates two interweaved love stories a short, poignant romance of two middle aged, lonely people, f [...]

  15. Much can be said of our a collective our for those on this site love for books Especially when, we even read books on the topic of books That is precisely a theme in the well known novella penned by Christopher Morley, Parnassus on Wheels Parnassus on Wheels follows the interaction between a wagon bookseller Roger Mifflin Houghton Mifflin, anyone and country spinster Helen McGill Tired of being tied to the farmstead under her brother s eye and hoping to prevent her author brother from continuing [...]

  16. I discovered that this book was a prequel to The Haunted Bookshop so I just had to read it and it lived up to all my expectations It is a short but utterly charming tale of how the bookshop came to be and I enjoyed it totally I always like books about books and Christopher Morley is very good at writing them.

  17. This might be the most fun I ve had with a book in a long time Professor Mifflin is a book salesman and Parnassus is his book caravan that he takes from farm to farm, spouting the goodness that can be found in books A sprite little man, I imagined a leprechaun, quick on his feet with a twinkle in his eye and a love for the written word One day he happens upon Sabine Farm, where he finds Helen McGill, an overweight, nearly 40 year old woman who cooks and keeps the farm up for her brother Andrew, [...]

  18. What fun I wasn t sure what to expect except that several people whose opinions I respect have enjoyed this book so much Sometimes it s difficult to believe that I m reading words written so long ago, I guess because there is a modern sensibility rising I love this early 20th century time period and .I encourage all readers and booklovers to come and read about Parnassus on Wheels, the liberation of Miss McGill, the romance of life on the road.

  19. 4,5 5 Me ha encantado Me gusta mucho la metaliteratura y este cl sico norteamericano con las divertidas peripecias de sus entra ables protagonistas lo he disfrutado Una historia bonita y dulce, de estas que te dejan buen sabor de boca, la segunda que leo del autor y que he devorado del tir n.

  20. Le doy la puntuaci n est ndar Hay lecturas mucho mejores, pero cumple su cometido de entretener Adem s como es cortito Lectura r pida, corta, f cil y tierna Sin florituras en el lenguaje ni mensajes filos ficos intensos.Con peque os toques revolucionarios para una mujer de la poca.Su personajes predican con su amor por los libros y te anima a leer m s.Los personajes inspiran mucha ternura por su inocencia y por su esp ritu aventurero.En el blog en el que colaboro hemos hecho una lectura conjunta [...]

  21. El libro me sorprendio bastante, no me esperaba lo que encontre view spoiler aqui salio el padre de todos los instaloves, aunque supongo que es por la longitud del libro hide spoiler Me encanto el personaje de Roger, una persona que ama los libros y anda por ahi educando a la gente sobre ellos ya no tiene que hacer nada mas para agradarme jajaja.Me gusto que Helen sea decidida y valiente, pero me enojaba que ella recalcara tanto lo de que era vieja y gorda, me enojo eso.En general, el libro nece [...]

  22. I might have enjoyed this had I read rather than listened to it Much as I love Nadia May, and she does a credible Yankee accent, narration weighed heavily on the book s rather evanescent charms Just the same, I ll get to the sequel eventually, even though I see it s not nearly so well liked.

  23. This heartwarming little book about an itinerant bookseller is sure to put a smile on your face Delightful

  24. Helen McGill, liebt das Farmleben Ihr Bruder, mit dem sie den Hof, bewirtschaftet schreibt Erfolgsromane und ist leicht von der Arbeit im Stall und auf den Feldern abzulenken Ihr wird eiskalt ums Herz, als pl tzlich Roger Mifflin mit seiner fahrenden Buchhandlung auftaucht und das Gef hrt samt Hund und Pferd an ihren Bruder verkaufen will Kurzentschlossen, kauft sie den Wagen und begibt sich in das Abenteuer ihres Lebens.Ich habe das Buch sehr gerne gelesen Der Charakter der Helen ist mir schnel [...]

  25. I love short little books that are easy to read but full of all kinds of happy fun This is just one of those books Helen lives on a farm with her brother She spends plenty of time doing exactly the same thing every day, for 15 years When a book wagon named Parnassus drives up with an offer to buy, she decides it s time for an adventure and jumps in the driver s seat Bookish fun ensues, along with a little dose of love This little novel was just a blast I loved every second.

  26. A charmingly cozy autumnal read, perfect for book lovers Why has it taken me so long to dive into this one The audio was spectacular, too.

  27. I was amazed to learn that this delightful novella was written as long ago as 1917 The heroine and narrator, Helen McGill, could be any thoroughly modern woman who becomes fed up keeping house for her brother and takes off on adventures of her own Helen was rescued by her brother Andrew from a life as a governess to settle down with him on his farm She is a placid soul who happily washes, tends the chickens, cleans and cooks for 15 years she calculates that she has baked 6000 loaves of bread in [...]

  28. Actually finished this one late last night, so it counts for the last of my Classic Bribe Challenge Reads Parnassus on Wheels 1917 is the first novel by Christopher Morley It tells the story of Helen McGill who is getting tired of taking care of her older brother Andrew who has recently become a famous homespun author and who is spending less and less time doing the farm chores that are supposed to be his end of the bargain One day Roger Mifflin, owner of the Parnassus on Wheels traveling booksh [...]

  29. Helen McGill lleva una existencia mon tona dedicada al cuidado de su hermano Andrew y a los quehaceres de su granja hasta que se convierte en la propietaria de una librer a ambulante, junto con el Profesor Roger Mifflin, antiguo due o del negocio emprende una peculiar traves a por los senderos rurales del medio oeste norteamericano que se convertir en una aventura inolvidable para ambos Divertida, entretenida, reflexiva y deliciosa historia que habla del poder de los libros y su influencia en lo [...]

  30. 3.5Esta historia me gust mucho Me pareci m s bien cute El profesor Mifflin, no era un simple vendedor de libros, le apasionaba la lectura y todo lo relacionado a eso, m s que vender le interesaba que la gente conociera los libros, porque el que no lee se pierde de muchas cosas y de vivir muchas vidas Solo sto se lleva la mayor parte de la puntuaci n.Helen Mcgill me pareci un personaje interesante Una Bridget Jones en una granja Lo de su quejadera de la gordura lo encontr repetitivo Andrew Mcgill [...]

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