Wicked Hot

Free Download Wicked Hot - by Patient Lee - Wicked Hot, Wicked Hot This group sex tale is about a married couple from Boston who shares fantasies in bed one night and carries out those fantasies with a couple from Arkansas they meet on vacation six months later Featu
  • Title: Wicked Hot
  • Author: Patient Lee
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Free Download Wicked Hot - by Patient Lee, Wicked Hot, Patient Lee, Wicked Hot This group sex tale is about a married couple from Boston who shares fantasies in bed one night and carries out those fantasies with a couple from Arkansas they meet on vacation six months later Featuring group sex bisexual lesbian sex outdoor public sex hand jobs exhibitionism and voyeurism blowjobs cunnilingus anal sex double penetration and this stoThis group sex tale is a Free Download Wicked Hot - by Patient Lee - Wicked Hot, Wicked Hot This group sex tale is about a married couple from Boston who shares fantasies in bed one night and carries out those fantasies with a couple from Arkansas they meet on vacation six months later Featu

  • Free Download Wicked Hot - by Patient Lee
    441 Patient Lee
Wicked Hot

About Author

  1. I have been a fan of well written erotic fiction since the early days of the Literotica website The first author that drew me in was Tx Tall Tales, particularly his hot group sex story, The Perfect Game I wrote my first piece of fiction at age thirty four It was a short piece of erotica, called Se or Sexy, handwritten on graph paper The story was so bad, I stashed in my pajama drawer where it rests to this day, buried under nightgowns I never wear and other assorted pajama drawer items Wink, wink I didn t write again until I was on the brink of forty, bored by the long term regular job project I was working on I started with two enhanced journal entries, stories that started with reality and ended up in fantasy land I didn t bother to tell my husband before submitting them to Literotica to share with the smut reading world, even though he played a starring role in both stories The feedback on the first two stories was encouraging, and I experienced a life changing revelation Making shit up was a helluva lotta fun When my first completely fictional story idea hit, I thought it was the only one It was Hurricane Season, a completely ridiculous story about a gullible woman who accepts a weekend in paradise as a prize, and finds that she has to play with the man and two women who planned the trip My favorite part of the story is the twist at the end As I wrote the story, I wondered what Tx Tall Tales would think of it It seemed to me to be similar to some of his early stories I had to wait two years, but I found out what he thought After that silly story, I surprised myself several times when new, completely different stories popped up in my head As someone that never envisioned writing a single story, having seven to my name was a thrill, but the long term real world project was still looming over my head, so I put my writer shoes away for a year and a half In the summer of 2013, I made my way back to Literotica, just in time for the Nude Day Contest I used that contest to pull a story out of me that had been playing at me for the whole year and a half between writing stints Bare Naked Skater s Waltz I was fixated on the idea of ice skating in the nude That story doesn t get a lot of attention, but it s still one of my favorites The most surprising part of the journey from reader to writer has been the quality of the education I ve found from a free erotica website I met authors there with skills as sharp as the pros, and they were willing to share what they d learned I ve learned a million things since the first time I sent a story to M.S Tarot for a beta read He had major revisions to suggest on my Halloween story, Jeffrey s Murderer The next story he read for me had half as many suggestions, and my storytelling skills continue to improve thanks to his help When I went back to writing in the summer of 2013, I put out a request to other Literotica authors to suggest stories for my reading list Tx Tall Tales shocked the hell out of me by asking if I d care to beta read his stories I m not impressed by celebrities, but I was star struck Not long after those early beta reads, TTT read my story Hurricane Season I was right He liked it With each story I write and TTT reads, I learn something new about tightening my writing.Countless others I met at Literotica have influenced my writing as well Second Circle, Bucky Duckman, AMoveableBeast, J Kendall Dane, JC Winchester, Privates1stClass, ILienBagby are just a few I wasn t surprised to make friends there I was surprised how much I learned I have a regular, mundane life with a full time job, a husband, three kids, and two cats Writing smut keeps me balanced.

One thought on “Wicked Hot

  1. Erotica is certainly not my first choice of reading material, but after being gifted Wicked Hot, by Patient Lee, perhaps I should be asking why not Wicked Hot is exactly what the title implies it is wicked hot The author points out that the use of the word wicked to describe the activity is a colloquialism that means incredible or amazing I would suspect that it is in pretty common usage these days and didn t need the explanatory, but I get the point and this book is both Wicked Hot and wickedly [...]

  2. The cover says it all, if we were still in the 70s this would be entitled Confessions on a Camp Site.The quick over view of the story is a happy, mildly advertuiours couple go to a camp site for the long weekend to attend a wedding There they first spy a younger couple having sex in the lake while engaging in a bit of outdoor rumpy pumpy themselves, before meeting the fair in the flesh the next day The pair envoke something in the older couple that reaches it s climax in the break of a heatwave [...]

  3. Aptly NamedWicked Hot by Patient Lee is, well, wicked hot Amy and Kevin go out of town for a wedding and to save money they camp rather than stay in a hotel At the campground, they meet Tina and Deacon, a couple open to swinging You get the feeling that Amy and Kevin s first foursome won t be their last.I loved the realistic discussion between the main couple about their fantasies and the sex scenes are hot This is a great erotic story.

  4. First off I love this cover That butt dang.Amy and Kevin are an awesome couple They re in love, they re sweet together and they still have hot sex despite being together, like, forever, really They aren t old, just, you know, they ve been together since high school so they ve been around the block a few times with each other And for them to still enjoy sex, speaks to their love Which I m a sap for Shut up, don t judge me Patient Lee did a fantastic job with Amy and Kevin A better couple you can [...]

  5. This is a hot story You know how old horror films used to be about building suspense and fear and tension, and modern horror is about gore and shocking the audience to scare them Erotica is the same way Old school erotica was about building sexual tension, and modern erotica is about throwing porn words into a story about billionaires, alpha males, and perfectly formed female bodies with nothing better to do than submit to the jerks It s like sex without foreplay.Patient Lee remembers foreplay T [...]

  6. Another great read from Patient Lee Amy and Kevin are a sexually adventurous couple, but on the other hand with three kids and many years together they are really just high school sweethearts who haven t done much with anyone besides each other Until they meet a couple from Arkansas who encourage them to live their deepest fantasies.I loved the dueling accents aspect, and the realism of a weekend away from the kids, camping and enjoying nature The story brings a personal connection, based on the [...]

  7. Over the edge This is a super hot slide into sexual fantasy land A real life couple with perfectly normal typical fantasies about doing things they just don t do Taboo ideas to imagine while getting off Ideas we probably all have but aren t about to confess to There s a clever set up here with the contrasting opposition to development of a local strip club Then we have the rest of the real life picture with getting the kids off to their vacation All good build up for our everyday married couple [...]

  8. Erotica continues to not be a huge favourite of mine when it comes to genres but Patient Lee delivers hers with a certain finesse I would ve given this a higher rating but considering the book is less than 50 pages it didn t feel right to give than 3 stars to the book as a whole So this is a 3 out of 3 star review if Erotica is your thing this book has all the right titillation and plot to hook the reader and entice them.

  9. Turning fantasy into reality That s the theme here, and it works The best part about the story was the ordinary nature of the couple The relationship is longstanding and funny They are comfortable laughing and joking during sex, and yet still very passionate about each other It really worked It s a very good fantasy quickie.

  10. Whew This story was hot I read this first, and then the prequel Wicked Cold afterwards Amy and Kevin are such a good couple It s nice to see a story about them sharing their fantasies and being comfortable enough in their marriage to follow through on them You see such few romance books written about married couples, let alone a hot menage story like this one.

  11. Title is accurate There s a lot to love about this story The characters feel real and their banter is amusing but still very real The erotic escalation in this story is perfect The details of the sex scenes are wicked hot Don t miss this one.

  12. A very naughty little tale A campground frolic with some very willing sexual collaborators turns into a sprited adventure for a young couple The prose is as hot as the weather was Wicked hot, for sure Good read.

  13. This was a very quick look into the lives of a married couple whose confessions of fantasy come to life The story is relatable and takes you into their intimate moments and into their erotic awakening with another couple This was a sexy and exciting read.

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